How many times have I been asked, “can you back it up with scripture?”  And then I have to explain that I don’t require that from Father.  Whoa, that annoys them!

I’m completely aware that it’s been done this way for a hundred years, but like so many other traditions, Father eventually tips them over.  And then I stand in fear and amazement at what He’s done.

Some years ago, when Father showed me a new insight or revelation, I’d put my hand up and stop Him from going too far.  Looking back I think it was a horrible response.  But, He didn’t seem offended. He waited patiently while I scoured scriptures and commentaries for confirmation.  Only then could I embrace His gift and experience the thrill of receiving it.


It was quite a time-consuming process that delayed my joy.  And eventually, it occurred to me that I could pick and chose scripture “at will” to fit any slant of any subject.  It was a game.  Like a puzzle.  And I was the mastermind.  Somehow that didn’t taste very sweet, but that was how it was done.  It was the accepted process.

Then came revelations that opposed accepted theology.  And I couldn’t find anything to back them up.  It would appear that I was creating my own version of Christianity, which was not my heart.  37 thousand denominations were quite more than enough for everyone.   So immediately I suffered a crisis of faith, wondering if I had been duped by satan all along thinking it was God’s voice I was hearing.

Oh, the heartbreak and tears as I begged Him to save me from this horrible pit.  For days, my heart churned.  I’d trusted Him.  And now this.

Now I wondered.  I doubted.  Who was I talking to and would Father save me?  Slowly I asked questions full of suspicion and mistrust.

But He still wasn’t offended, and He quickly responded with information.  It explained why my revelation wasn’t common knowledge.  And as this happened time after time, a pattern developed.   It was usually fairly simple.

Sometimes a translation wasn’t accurate.  Sometimes the context wasn’t considered.  And sometimes, the history of society wasn’t understood.   Behaviors of a period change the meaning.  Words and phrases change quickly.  Our own society has new words and phrases that were unknown 50 years ago.  All these factors change things.  Scripture isn’t simply black and white.

Here are a few examples.  “When pigs fly.”  “That’ll cost an arm and a leg.”  “You let the cat out of the bag.”  “Break a leg.”  Or “That’s a piece of cake.”  We know what they mean but imagine someone from 600 B.C. reading one of them.   What a wrong concept they would have simply by reading what we wrote in black and white.

“It’s right there in black and white” is the response when I explain how quickly words change.  And Christianity has great tunnel vision in this regard.

Imagine if you “wrote on someone’s wall” even a 100 years ago or “had a troll on my thread”.  A pioneer would think you were crazy!

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that “turning the tables” was an everyday occurrence in the temple.  Merchants turned their tables to the wall to indicated they had closed up shop for the day.

Well now, that puts a whole new twist on Jesus’s actions.  Maybe He didn’t have a temper tantrum after all.


And imagine my surprise at discovering the everyday phrase for Nero, the emperor, was “The Beast”.  Is it possible John in the book of Revelation, was talking to people who’d know exactly what he meant?  That could totally change our doctrine.

And what if, Father never meant for us to make scripture superior to hearing His voice?  Maybe it was meant for inspiration and guidance, but not in place of God, Himself.

Time after time, the overwhelming evidence of our flawed theology stunned me and I’d sit staring out the window at the mountains.  It was beginning to appear that almost nothing about our doctrines was constructed appropriately.  And this revelation put me at odds with most of my fellow believers.  If I ever opened my mouth, I was going to be explaining myself rather than sharing a revelation.

Then I had an epiphany, after once again asking Father to wait while I researched.  He always said, “Take your time.  I’ll be waiting.”  But suddenly I realized I was stalling my moment of joy.  Not only that, I was slowing down my progress.  And for what?

How quickly might I progress if I stopped putting the brakes on Him every time?  And how important was it for everyone to understand me before I continued?  Did I really need anyone to agree with me at all?

It was certainly a light-bulb moment.  And to top it off, Father had proven Himself to me so many times that I was completely, and absolutely confident He was able to prove everything He said, anytime I needed Him to do so.  He wasn’t able to lie.  And He obviously knows a whole lot more about everything, than I do.


I stopped worrying about who’s voice I was hearing.  We’d had so many conversations that I recognized His voice now. I had no more doubts about His identity because His most overwhelming trait is that Love that becomes apparent in every one of His conversations.  It is most assuredly the greatest Love ever imaginable and it’s never superficial, or vain, or trite.  Nothing evil can imitate it.  It truly is the ultimate proof of Him.

That moment was like taking the training wheels off a bike and trusting gravity to work the same way every time.  It’s completely freeing, and wild.  I knew it looked dangerous and reckless to those watching me.  So how would I convince them that God was really holding the bike up?

I didn’t know.  So, I continued searching scriptures for confirmation in an effort to convince and assure others.

But it didn’t last long.  It was quickly clear that those were very dingy, controlling reins.  And they don’t work.  No matter how much proof I could gather, there would always be people who wouldn’t buy it.  They would always think bad things and say mean things about me.  Always.

That’s because people do 2 things when presented with an idea contrary to their normal beliefs.  They accept it instantly.  Or they reject it instantly.  Neither of these decisions requires proof.  It is simply a human trait.

One group will dig deeper and the other will be long gone.

Father gave me one more insight.  It isn’t my job to make sure people believe me.  The truth is placed in front of them so they can pursue proof on their own.  That’s what He wants – our undivided attention, reaching for truth.


So when I share, it’s not to convince anyone or make them follow me. It’s to coax them to come searching on their own.  Father doesn’t need my assistance holding their hand because He didn’t need anyone holding mine.  He used all sorts of people along the way, speaking messages they sometimes weren’t even aware He was using.

Ironically, I thought Father was guiding me toward ordination.  I took courses from 2 bible schools and I smile at the wonderful things I learned.  And I chuckle at the things Father proved wrong in the process.  Eventually, I understood He wasn’t heading me toward formal theological education.  And for a minute I was heartbroken.  But He said, “I want to teach you, myself.”  And I couldn’t resist.  It’s like the most intimate invitation from the best teacher in the universe.  How special could I possibly feel?

I loved the first time He gave me a message through an atheist lady.  She had just finished telling me why God didn’t exist and her very next sentence was the answer to a question I had asked Him earlier.  It didn’t fit into her conversation and I’m not sure she was aware that she’d said it.  Had Father just abused her free will?  Actually, I think He had only abused that ugly spirit that was riding on her.

Anyway, I’ve seen Him lead a woman all her life, who’s never stepped inside a church.  And I’ve seen Him speak through someone who didn’t believe in Him.  He doesn’t need my help to fix others.  He simply wants me to share my stories and revelations.  He’ll take it from there.

“Study to show thyself approved” isn’t instructing us to memorize scripture and argue effectively with each other.  It’s a compliment to “Seek and ye will find” because there are billions of “pearls of great price” worthy of attaining.  They are all inside His presence.


“My sheep know My voice, and a stranger they do not hear.”

So how does it happen that someone hears Father say something and another person hears something different?  That’s pretty simple.  It’s maturity and intimacy.  A 5-year-old child doesn’t get the same answer from their Dad that a 15-year-old gets.  That doesn’t mean the 5-year-old’s answer was a lie.  It was appropriate.

A stranger doesn’t get the same answer from a man that his wife will get.  That’s because his wife is not only intimate with him, but she has a history with him and knows things about him that the stranger couldn’t know.  Father wants that kind of intimacy with us, where He can share His heart and we’ll understand what He means simply because we know Him so well.

It’s how a relationship works.  And it’s so much better than scraping together a bunch of scriptures to prove what I just saw.  Father is still the greatest teacher of the Universe and He always will be.

Thank you for sharing my journey and I send blessings with you on yours.




hope and fear


On the way home from work the other night, I had an intense encounter with hope and fear.

This trial and testing had begun with a horrible sound around my back right tire just as I was getting to work.  Nervously, I asked one of the guys to take a look but he saw nothing of concern.  So I said, “Well then I’m going to assume it was a build-up of slushy snow in the wheel-well that iced up and was clunking around in there.”

So for the evening, fear lurked just over my head, periodically interjecting his thoughts and torments.  I did my best to ignore him and hold on to my one hope.

Finally, at the end of my shift, I started the ignition and sat for a moment with Father.  Then I said, “Father, it’s You and me as usual.  And I’m asking that my car is perfect, and my ride home is without any unusual incidents whatsoever.  You know my trust is completely on You, as always.”

After my little prayer and a deep, cleansing breath of peace, I slowly proceeded out of the parking lot and onto the road.  It was deserted except for the half moon peeking in and out along the 8 miles of desolate countryside.   A bitter 6 degrees resulted in 2 pairs of gloves on my cold hands against the frozen steering wheel.   Smatterings of sand interspersed the snow packed icy roads and I held my breath as I headed for home.

Thoughts of a broken down vehicle in the deserted desert were frightening pictures floating across my imagination.  Dangerous animals and even more dangerous humans entered those pictures punctuation by a cell phone that sometimes cut out in the area.

Torment was doing a good job.  But even as he worked his terrible magic, I also remembered Joyce Meyer in a conference.   She’d said, “Do it afraid” and those words had stuck with me, like a mantra.  Every time I was up against that wall of fear holding on to a slim thread of hope that Father would never let me down, I remembered them.

Minutes seemed to take hours but finally I pulled into my dry carport, safely within seconds of my recliner.  It was one more time in the millions of times, that He’d cared for me.  He’d answered my request.  I arrived home, warm and toasty without a single variation of an incident along the way.  My wheels had not slipped on the ice, nor had the horrible sound come from the wheel-well.  Not even an animal had darted out from behind a bush.

I was safe and overcome with thankfulness.  Fear had played his hand and pulled the Torment card once again.  But also once again I “did it afraid” and Father kept His promise to never leave me or forsake me.

Fear comes sometimes.   It taunts me sometimes with horrible unbelieving thoughts.  But I know where they are coming from.  And I know these are the moments of endurance where I hold on to one hope – HIM.

And it works.  Every time.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  Blessings on yours.



Cause and effect


Let’s talk about Cause and Effect.  And maybe about Gravity, too.

It’s true I don’t take cause and effect very seriously anymore. After all the years of miracles and favor and such, I don’t expect everything that goes UP, must come DOWN.

For instance, for every financial mistake I make, I don’t have to live in financial hardship. For every virus I contract, I don’t have to be sick. And for every heartbreak I receive, I don’t have to live with woundedness. But here’s the biggie – for every sin I commit, I don’t have to pay a price.

Does that mean I choose to sin? Not at all, and yet I’m like everyone else. Sometimes I go over the speed limit. Sometimes I get frustrated with people at work and respond impatiently. Or sometimes, I’m grouchy at home. And for sure, I’m often sarcastic, everywhere.

So do I expect to get a speeding ticket? No. I did that once a few years ago and afterward, I said, “Never again!” And I meant it. Now I expect I will never again get a speeding ticket. Not because I never go over the speed limit, because sometimes I forget and have other things on my mind. But Angels heard my mandate and I actually live in The Kingdom. So, no, I do not expect to have consequences.

You may think that’s unrealistic and that I’m leading people down a primrose path only so they will be hurt. Well, unfortunately here is one Cause and Effect that I DO believe. If we don’t try, we’ll certainly never succeed.

Call it Grace, or Mercy, or Favor, or whatever. I’ve come to take it for granted in a way. Not because I’m arrogant but because I’m so confident that it’s going to always be with me and always take care of me. Father has proven this to me so many times over through so many years that I don’t remember when it began and how it started.

I only remember asking preacher after preacher why we don’t live in miracles like the early church did.  Most of them just shook their heads.  Some of them wanted to but didn’t know how.  A few had seen some.  I simply decided that if God was real, then this was mine and I wanted it.

But I want you to know that I’m not much different from you, and I’m not lying when I tell you that there really is a way to live with Him that puts you in a sweet spot. It’s amazing and it’s full of Love. If you aren’t living there yet, then I recommend it. If you think you aren’t worthy, or it can’t happen for you, then those are lies from hell.

Just keep going forward listening to His voice. Do everything He tells you to do. Experiment, He doesn’t mind. He loves you. Trust Him.

And … someday I may even defy Gravity, just because I want to.

Thank you for letting me share my journey.  I bless you on yours.



financial freedom


Yes, Father gave me a simple key to financial freedom by changing the way we handle our tithe.   It also changed our scrambling to pay for unexpected expenses and ending up in further debt.  No, we didn’t win the Lotto or gain an unexpected inheritance.  At the time, we were suffering financially and desperate.

Because we’d been financially faithful according to the teachings of most churches, we were sure the windows of heaven would open up.

But it didn’t happen.  Year after year it didn’t work.  Now in despair, it was time to let Father out of the box and listen only to Him.   He is a good Father and we simply don’t believe this is an example of His good plan.

Right off the bat, He stressed the fact that we are The Temple of the Living God.  So the first thing we had to do was accept who Father says we are and then agree with Him.  We are The Temple and there is no other temple in existence.

Yes, it was difficult not to think of our church as a temple.  And we worried that we were on the edge of unforgivable heresy.  But it’s still a fact that the church is not the temple.  No matter how popular that perception.

Next, He pointed out that the 10 percent tithe is for the temple and had always been so in the Old Testament.  This made me wonder what Jews were doing with their tithe these days.

So, I asked a Jewish friend how they handle this scenario today and he said that Jews pay no tithe simply because there is no temple.  Paying the tithe to the synagogue would be sacrilegious to God, who made that law.

He also explained that his local synagogue sold pews to the congregation.  Each family bought the pew where they would sit all year.  It’s a fairly simple solution to acquire the support they need.

Old Testament scripture says that the Jews bought food with their tithe in order to celebrate the goodness of God with their families in the temple.  They had a big thanksgiving meal.  They also used it on the journey to the temple, not only for needs but also for wants.

Some part of the tithe supported the Levites (ministers) because they had no other source of income, but it wasn’t for making them wealthy.  They lived inside the temple and traveled the countryside.  They didn’t need houses or servants.

The Old Testament Jews and New Testament Christians believed in supporting their orphans and widows, or those financially struggling.  There was no Welfare Assistance or SSI.  However, this support came from free will offerings garnered from financial surplus.   It did not come from the tithe.

We began to realize that the tithe is not a hardship promoted by guilt and fueled by fear of a curse.  The scriptures so often quoted from Malichi are actually an urgent plea on behalf of rebuilding the temple so they could celebrate the goodness of God again.  It was meant to wake up the lazy who’d forgotten what it was like to have a temple.

Now that we embraced our identity as The Temple of God, we opened a savings account and began putting our tithe into it.  We did it with all the faithfulness and diligence we had used when we’d given it to churches and ministries before.  Father also pointed out that we are ministers unto the Lord and the tithe was not put there to make us wealthy.

It was a mighty paradigm shifting in our life.

Something miraculous began happening almost immediately.  While we had previously struggled, we now seemed to have extra money even without touching the savings account.  If there had been a curse connected to tithing, then it’s evidence was fully obvious now.  We had been living under it before we made the shift.

Now, when unforeseen expenses arose, the funds were available in our savings account and it became a blessing we celebrated each time.   The goodness of God was finally obvious and apparent.

This simple shift turned our finances around and for 12 years we’ve been doing it this way.  And Father has proven Himself constant in His blessing.

We believe this was the key to financial freedom He intended for Believers.  His plan was to keep us out of debt and free from the guilt of forced obeisance.  We are His temple, and His kings and priests.  We now accept that identity and honor it.

It’s not about self-absorption, greed, or foolishness but about respecting His great Love toward us.

Thank you for sharing our journey.  Blessings on yours.





Hunny had a dream in which God wore a plaid shirt and looked like Andy Griffith.  It was an oddball answer to a couple days of illness.  And I want to share it with you because I enjoy the way Father performs uniquely in our life.

Tremendous pain coaxed him to call me home from work but my Hunny wouldn’t concede because he’s a tough guy.   So upon my arrival, we began the process: vitamins, herbs, and prayer.  I tried to visualize him well, but it was a weak vision at best.

For 2 days we struggled with an impending spirit of sickness and even death.  We were saying things like, “I’ll always thank Father for our perfect life together.”   Sure it’s a loving comment but it held a subtle goodbye.  Those nasty demons, Fear and Panic, were knocking loudly on our realm’s door.

I promised him the Emergency Room or an ambulance, but he adamantly refused, saying, “I’d rather die at home than in a hospital.”  And yes I know that’s a distrusting perception of the medical profession, and it’s pervasive in our home.  Of course, we’ll have to address that sometime.  But whether we are right or wrong, Father doesn’t seem to care much.  He always comes to our rescue.

Drained by the 2-day battle, we went to bed early but I woke about 2:30 a.m.  My arm hurt from sleeping on it wrong, and as Hunny lay next to me, I heard the words “healing, healing, healing.”  It flowed through us both and I basked in its warm glow not wanting to move away and disturb it.  Finally, I could clearly see the vision of Hunny healed.

Then during coffee this morning, Hunny told me his dream (which I believe happened at about the same time I was hearing “healing”).

Father God was wearing a plaid shirt and looked like Andy Griffith. The setting was a stage.  God came in and sat down to watch the show.  On stage was Satan as a very handsome man, along with Hunny, and several other unknown believers.  Center stage a couple cowered on the floor while Satan threatened to destroy them with his bucking horse.  As the bucking horse descended, Hunny said, “Let’s lay on top of them. He can’t destroy us because we are Children of God.”

While forming a huddled mass, the horse bucked around them and then turned black.  Satan also transformed into his true evil looking character. “Now what do you think?!” he asked Hunny.

“You’re not scary,”  Hunny responded, and God laughed from His seat.

“You’re supposed to be scared of me,” Satan replied.

“Well, I don’t know a whole lot about the bible but I don’t think that crap’s in there.  I think you’re supposed to be scared of me.”  Hunny retorted while thinking that even if he got it wrong, Father God would defend him from His seat.

The dream ended there but its lasting effect was that Hunny felt healed.  Only soreness remains today.

Of course, I believe overcoming is our normal status in The Kingdom.   And I don’t believe Father expects us to have everything figured out correctly in order for us to live in miracles.  Sometimes it involves a bit of endurance for a moment, but Joy always comes in the morning.  And in His presence is always our victory.

So if you dream of God wearing a plaid shirt, don’t blow it off as simply the pizza you ate last night.  Let Him operate outside the neat box of our own perception.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.  Blessings on yours.






how to love


In spite of how far we’ve come as new creatures in Christ, most of us still struggle with how to love evil people.  While Father has been teaching me how to create Heaven on Earth, one tiny step at a time, He recently revealed that creating also has an effect on evil  people and the result makes them a whole lot easier to love.  So here goes some sharing.

I’ve faced my fair share of evil people bringing devastation and destruction into my world and I’ve handled it the same way most of us have been taught to handle it.  Learn to understand them, then forgive them and finally love them.  It seems logical.  And it’s a very long arduous road that may lead to a moment when we love them.  But it’s difficult to maintain and we may have to repeat the process many times over and still fall short.  This process isn’t necessarily going away, but there is another option sometimes.

It began with a moment while creating, I discovered that I don’t need to know the path Father will take to turn my creative vision into reality.  I only need to imagine the end picture.  It doesn’t have to be logical.  It doesn’t have to make sense.  “Logical” and “sense” are my intellect trying to control things and it prevents me from imagining miraculous things.  If I can’t figure out how to get an ugly point A to transform into a fabulous point B, then I can’t create point B.  So,I had to throw out the intellectual process of figuring out how to get to point B.  I had to let Father God be smarter than I am and believe that He can simply perform anything.  My task is only to paint the picture of point B.  He didn’t ask my advice on how to get there.

So, once I stopped trying to figure out how to get there, creating got a whole lot easier.  All I need now is to put point A on a shelf or ignore it.  Then I can take a blank canvas and paint the picture of what it should look like if it were perfect.  There are no rules to create.  Only imagine.  And believe me, we are doing this every day and we don’t even know we’re doing it.   For instance, when I go to the grocery store, I make a list and when I write an item on that list I can see exactly where it is located in my store.  I’ve been to that store hundreds of times.  I can imagine it.

Truthfully we image every single thing we do, every moment of the day.  We don’t function without imagination which is vital to our existence.  Sometimes we are creating ordinary things like chores and sometimes we are creating amazing new things.  But then there are other times that we are creating horrific pictures from our fears.  The awful part is when we believe them so strongly that we cause them to manifest.

We were made in His image, like our Father, as a creator.  Everywhere we look around us we see the results of what we have created.  And no, we don’t have the right to blame someone else for what we see.  Why?  Because even if it was created by others, it remains in existence because of us.  As believers, we have a responsibility to create Heaven on Earth.  If we aren’t doing that, then we need to pay attention to what pictures we are allowing to remain in our imagination.  Point B must be simply perfect.  Nothing else is Heaven.

After creating the perfect picture,  I place it in Jesus’s hand and He agrees with it or simply says, “Yes.”  Then I leave it there and Father gives it life.   There is always a moment in the future when I look around and suddenly realize that I’m miraculously living inside the perfect picture.  This was actually how I was living for two years.  The perfection, and peace, and beauty were like living a charmed life.

Then one day, evil people began intruding into my paradise and messing up the perfection.  That’s when Father told me to create another picture with them in it, only this time paint it the way it would look if they behaved perfectly.

He said I didn’t have to understand their behavior.  I didn’t need to understand evil to simply know it is evil.  I don’t need to know how it got into a person’s mind and changed them.  It got there the same way it gets into any mind, through trauma.  And trauma is simply another definition of evil.  I didn’t have to study their life or the abuse they’d suffered because it didn’t matter if I understood.  I only needed to see that their picture is displaying evil.  And it should display agreement with Heaven on Earth which is perfect.

Father explained a profound truth about this kind of creating.  When I create an environment or a situation, it’s not just about the environment or the situation.  The scenario involves and affects people besides me.  Therefore when my picture manifests, it changes something about those people.

When we create Heaven on Earth we create perfection, and there is no evil in the picture.  There can be no evil or it wouldn’t be perfect.  It wouldn’t be Heaven on Earth.

I know people have difficulty with the word “perfect”.  They feel it is a wrong word to use because it places too much pressure on humans to perform in an impossible way or to produce an impossible thing.

Well, Father also explained this.  We think we are imperfect beings.  We see the mistakes, the flaws, the bumblings, and we count them one by one.   Father told me to look at one square foot of the forest floor and tell Him what I saw.  I said it was naturally beautiful.  He asked if it was perfect and I said “yes” because of the beauty of its randomness.  Then He said that was the way He sees us and that He’d like us to stop seeing our randomness as imperfect mistakes and flaws.  To Him, we are beautiful and perfect because of our randomness.  He made us that way so we can fit together with Him like a glove and together we are perfect.

He told us to be perfect as He is perfect.  It wasn’t an instruction for us to mold ourselves into something without random fumbling or mistakes.  It was an invitation to join Him and see ourselves as He sees us, without evil.  With Him, we make everything perfect, in conjunction, in agreement, one step at a time, every day.

Evil is an entity that steals, kills and destroys perfection and it wants to destroy us by invading us with trauma bringing twisted abuse, brokenness, sickness, and death.

When we create a new picture and it is brought to life, then the people inside that picture are affected by perfection.  They are touched by God and inside that perfection, they become free, just as the atmosphere and the environment become free from evil.  THIS is how Heaven comes to Earth.  And this is how my world became a little piece of charmed paradise.

Father told me not to focus specifically on people but on the whole scenario, the atmosphere, the environment, and how the whole thing flows together inside beauty.  In doing this, I’m creating Heaven scenarios on Earth.  My motive is not to manipulate and change people to suit me and what my opinion is of them, but rather to see Heaven before me.  Of course, it helps tremendously to spirit travel and see Heaven regularly.

When I create like this, one of two things happens.  People who are normally agitated, irritable, mean, and impossible, are suddenly calm and pleasant. Or they leave my environment quickly and that serves the same purpose.  Heaven displays around me and I enjoy it.

No, this is not witchcraft and that may be another article.  But for now, I’d simply ask you to check your spirit.  If you are in a relationship with Father, then your spirit knows the difference between light and dark, good and evil, love and hate.  It knows the difference between the Father of Light and the father of lies.

But there is one more question.  Doesn’t creating pictures that affect the behavior of others, negate the free will of mankind?  Actually, I believe people, situations, or environments influenced by evil have already had their free will warped and they don’t know it.   When we (the sons) create Heaven on Earth it sets mankind free to enjoy their unadulterated free will once again.

Creating isn’t just the act of making something new and beautiful, it is also a powerful weapon that can uncreate something ugly and damaging.  It sets men free.

I’m sure there’s more.  There always is.  😀

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Blessings on yours.




Eliab: Why have you come down here? Who is watching your tiny flock in the wilderness? I’m your brother, and I know you—you’re arrogant, and your heart is evil. You’ve come to watch the battle as if it were just entertainment.

David: What have I done now? I was just asking a question.

David ignored him and asked another soldier the same question, and the people gave him the same answer.
I Samuel 17:28-30 VOICE


The first time I read this scripture years ago, it became precious to me because the condemnations of others had wounded me and kept me defeated in a back corner of life.  At least that’s what I thought.

This scripture tells what David’s older brother said to him when David asked a question on the battlefield. I imagine his brother’s words had wounded him many times in the past and had kept him defeated in the back corner of their father’s fields.

Please hear me loud and clear.  Our heavenly Father NEVER speaks to us this way.   And when anyone talks to you this way, their words are not from Father.  It’s imperative that we make that recognition.

Even a person who consistently hears Father’s voice may revert to condemning words and possibly attribute them to Father God.  But you can be sure of this, they are not Father’s words and never will be.

Condemnation always comes from the accuser and always will.  He’s persistently on the lookout for the open door of a still wounded victim who will spew on others.

Love the person, please, love the person, but don’t drink the drink they are presenting to you.  They haven’t accepted their healing from Father yet, so sometimes death still flows from their fountain.  And we must learn to recognize it.

It’s our choice to gulp down fountains of condemnationdrinking, retreat to our corner defeated, and possibly, eventually, behave exactly the same.  Or we can identify condemnation, resist it, ignore it, and accept that the accuser has found an open door.

However, don’t assume that being splashed in these fountains is automatically destructive.  Standing in the flow  isn’t the destructive part.  Drinking the kool-aid is the wounded defeat.  It results in retreat to our back corner.

Consider that Adam & Eve drank deeply of condemnation and then went directly to the back corner.  But Father has been using mankind’s back corners to identify condemnation and teach us to stop drinking from that fountain.  He provided another fountain, Jesus’s everlasting blood of healing and Identity.   We never had this in the Garden.

Jesus’s blood transforms us and manifests the perfection of heaven on earth.  It reveals our Identity as undefeated, sons and daughters.

Now going back to the scripture above, notice David’s reaction to his brother.  He doesn’t drink the condemnation his brother offers him, but rather he ignores it and proceeds to question other soldiers.  They also, serve up this toxic beverage, so David keeps asking.

Condemnation had probably been prominently in David’s face for years.  He’d been anointed to be king but I’m sure his older brother didn’t see that Identity.  He saw an ignorant, weak shepherd boy, a stupid, little brother.

And David probably retreated to his back corner wounded and defeated until his Identity started to reveal while he was fighting the lion, and the bear.  Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Himself the way Father God saw him.  Then he learned to recognize condemnation as the lie it is.

There was a lot going on back there in the corner of his father’s fields.  He wasn’t just watching sheep.  He was in training.

Ironically for all of us, Identity often rises while we are in the middle of our biggest battles, learning to overcome.  We see the enemy face to face.

Also ironically, we often crumble on the floor in fear, praying for the attacks to stop and the enemies to leave.  But they don’t leave because this is the training ground where Identity happens.

David saw his real enemy.  He learned the accuser was a liar who couldn’t see clearly.  And his Identity became so clear and intact in this scripture, that he simply moves from person to person until someone listens to him.  This solid Identity is prerequisite to dealing a final blow to any Goliath.

It’s the same for you and me. Father’s voice is not condemning us but He will use the opportunity to meet us in the back corner and show us our real Identity.

We are made in His image.  We are also anointed to be kings and priests.

So if you’re in the back corner because a mentor became your condemning accuser, let Father reveal your Identity to you there.   Face the battles and slay the bear.  One day you’ll see your crown.

Thank you for sharing this walk with me.  Blessings on your journey.





ugly voices


As I was updating my email preferences and cleaning out the barrage of stuff I don’t read, I heard an ugly voice in my head say, “Dumbass.”

It certainly stood out from my mundane thoughts.  What in the world was that?

“Jesus,” I said from my mountain, “who is this and why do I hear his voice when I don’t even want him in my kingdom?”

Instantly, I remembered a coworker I’ll call Tom, who I’d been chatting with recently.  He’s a retired vet, an avid hunter, and fisherman and his words are sometimes not just colorful, but pointedly demeaning.  This word would have rolled off his tongue easily which is an odd dichotomy since he is quiet,  sweet, and often generous.  I didn’t think about his language at the time because … well, face it, vets, hunters, fishermen, and other types of “manly men” are often verbally spicy.  I’m not offended.  However, something was different about his words.

But that was several days ago, maybe even a week.  So I took the instant memory as a cue from Father exposing a new parasite engaging me.  There must have been an ugly buggar riding on Tom, one who makes house calls to people Tom meets.

I opened my imagination canvas so Father could paint the solution picture I’d need to depose this new intruder.   It was a large iron gate / fence set up at the edge of my kingdom.  It pushed him out and kept him from reentering.  And I locked it.

My next thought was the scripture about Satan being locked up for a thousand years.  Revelation 20:1-3.  Since The Kingdom is within us as Jesus said, the battles that rage against evil have to be within us.  After all, we cannot battle evil’s raging within others.  Sure, we can help if they ask, but we cannot depose evil monarchy’s that other’s support.  However, as we find it’s strongholds and banish them within ourselves, our realization of The Kingdom opens wider.  Then it begins to manifest in our physical lives and in the world around us (our kingdom) by spilling over onto others.

So by locking up this little buggar, I had locked up a part of Satan’s evil.  Maybe he wasn’t the whole evil horde, but one by one I’ve been locking them up for years.

Then this occurred to me.  There aren’t an infinite number of these guys.  They cannot reproduce themselves, or create more.  Therefore, each of us could conceivably someday lock up the last one.  It would signify Jesus on His throne in our temple, ruling and reigning for a thousand years.

It explains what the battle of Armeggedon is truly all about, and that final destruction of evil is within ourselves.

Maybe some of this has entered my mind before but not this vividly.  So I thought I’d share it with you.  Maybe Father has shown you this already and you’re smiling at me.  That’s ok. I’ll take it. 🙂

Blessings on your journey.  Thanks for sharing mine.




October 2012
While listening to an online ministry and worshipping along, I was drawn upward and began traveling away from the sound which faded into the background.

As I went, my body grew taller, stretching.  I glanced down and saw sand pouring from my belly onto my feet creating a base pedestal, heavy and firmly planted on earth.  Meanwhile, I continued stretching upward until my head left the atmosphere.  Suddenly, a bit frightened, I yelled “Jesus!” and immediately He was in front of me. Continue reading TRAVELING INTO SPACE WITH JESUS



A couple nights ago I was awakened at 4 a.m. by overwhelming Guilt.

I should explain that I’m not one to feel a lot of guilt like I did when I was younger and my life was a mess. And of course, I credit that to my amazing Father who has spent several years showing me my heavenly Identity in detail which resolves mountains of personal issues right there.

But this Guilt was a mountain. Did I say I was overwhelmed? I was. And it was, of course, accompanied by fear. Fear comes along to threaten us with repercussions of our guilt. Continue reading MY OVERNIGHT IN THE COURTS