Eliab: Why have you come down here? Who is watching your tiny flock in the wilderness? I’m your brother, and I know you—you’re arrogant, and your heart is evil. You’ve come to watch the battle as if it were just entertainment.

David: What have I done now? I was just asking a question.

David ignored him and asked another soldier the same question, and the people gave him the same answer.
I Samuel 17:28-30 VOICE


The first time I read this scripture years ago, it became precious to me because the condemnations of others had wounded me and kept me defeated in a back corner of life.  At least that’s what I thought.

This scripture tells what David’s older brother said to him when David asked a question on the battlefield. I imagine his brother’s words had wounded him many times in the past and had kept him defeated in the back corner of their father’s fields.

Please hear me loud and clear.  Our heavenly Father NEVER speaks to us this way.   And when anyone talks to you this way, their words are not from Father.  It’s imperative that we make that recognition.

Even a person who consistently hears Father’s voice may revert to condemning words and possibly attribute them to Father God.  But you can be sure of this, they are not Father’s words and never will be.

Condemnation always comes from the accuser and always will.  He’s persistently on the lookout for the open door of a still wounded victim who will spew on others.

Love the person, please, love the person, but don’t drink the drink they are presenting to you.  They haven’t accepted their healing from Father yet, so sometimes death still flows from their fountain.  And we must learn to recognize it.

It’s our choice to gulp down fountains of condemnationdrinking, retreat to our corner defeated, and possibly, eventually, behave exactly the same.  Or we can identify condemnation, resist it, ignore it, and accept that the accuser has found an open door.

However, don’t assume that being splashed in these fountains is automatically destructive.  Standing in the flow  isn’t the destructive part.  Drinking the kool-aid is the wounded defeat.  It results in retreat to our back corner.

Consider that Adam & Eve drank deeply of condemnation and then went directly to the back corner.  But Father has been using mankind’s back corners to identify condemnation and teach us to stop drinking from that fountain.  He provided another fountain, Jesus’s everlasting blood of healing and Identity.   We never had this in the Garden.

Jesus’s blood transforms us and manifests the perfection of heaven on earth.  It reveals our Identity as undefeated, sons and daughters.

Now going back to the scripture above, notice David’s reaction to his brother.  He doesn’t drink the condemnation his brother offers him, but rather he ignores it and proceeds to question other soldiers.  They also, serve up this toxic beverage, so David keeps asking.

Condemnation had probably been prominently in David’s face for years.  He’d been anointed to be king but I’m sure his older brother didn’t see that Identity.  He saw an ignorant, weak shepherd boy, a stupid, little brother.

And David probably retreated to his back corner wounded and defeated until his Identity started to reveal while he was fighting the lion, and the bear.  Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Himself the way Father God saw him.  Then he learned to recognize condemnation as the lie it is.

There was a lot going on back there in the corner of his father’s fields.  He wasn’t just watching sheep.  He was in training.

Ironically for all of us, Identity often rises while we are in the middle of our biggest battles, learning to overcome.  We see the enemy face to face.

Also ironically, we often crumble on the floor in fear, praying for the attacks to stop and the enemies to leave.  But they don’t leave because this is the training ground where Identity happens.

David saw his real enemy.  He learned the accuser was a liar who couldn’t see clearly.  And his Identity became so clear and intact in this scripture, that he simply moves from person to person until someone listens to him.  This solid Identity is prerequisite to dealing a final blow to any Goliath.

It’s the same for you and me. Father’s voice is not condemning us but He will use the opportunity to meet us in the back corner and show us our real Identity.

We are made in His image.  We are also anointed to be kings and priests.

So if you’re in the back corner because a mentor became your condemning accuser, let Father reveal your Identity to you there.   Face the battles and slay the bear.  One day you’ll see your crown.

Thank you for sharing this walk with me.  Blessings on your journey.





ugly voices


As I was updating my email preferences and cleaning out the barrage of stuff I don’t read, I heard an ugly voice in my head say, “Dumbass.”

It certainly stood out from my mundane thoughts.  What in the world was that?

“Jesus,” I said from my mountain, “who is this and why do I hear his voice when I don’t even want him in my kingdom?”

Instantly, I remembered a coworker I’ll call Tom, who I’d been chatting with recently.  He’s a retired vet, an avid hunter, and fisherman and his words are sometimes not just colorful, but pointedly demeaning.  This word would have rolled off his tongue easily which is an odd dichotomy since he is quiet,  sweet, and often generous.  I didn’t think about his language at the time because … well, face it, vets, hunters, fishermen, and other types of “manly men” are often verbally spicy.  I’m not offended.  However, something was different about his words.

But that was several days ago, maybe even a week.  So I took the instant memory as a cue from Father exposing a new parasite engaging me.  There must have been an ugly buggar riding on Tom, one who makes house calls to people Tom meets.

I opened my imagination canvas so Father could paint the solution picture I’d need to depose this new intruder.   It was a large iron gate / fence set up at the edge of my kingdom.  It pushed him out and kept him from reentering.  And I locked it.

My next thought was the scripture about Satan being locked up for a thousand years.  Revelation 20:1-3.  Since The Kingdom is within us as Jesus said, the battles that rage against evil have to be within us.  After all, we cannot battle evil’s raging within others.  Sure, we can help if they ask, but we cannot depose evil monarchy’s that other’s support.  However, as we find it’s strongholds and banish them within ourselves, our realization of The Kingdom opens wider.  Then it begins to manifest in our physical lives and in the world around us (our kingdom) by spilling over onto others.

So by locking up this little buggar, I had locked up a part of Satan’s evil.  Maybe he wasn’t the whole evil horde, but one by one I’ve been locking them up for years.

Then this occurred to me.  There aren’t an infinite number of these guys.  They cannot reproduce themselves, or create more.  Therefore, each of us could conceivably someday lock up the last one.  It would signify Jesus on His throne in our temple, ruling and reigning for a thousand years.

It explains what the battle of Armeggedon is truly all about, and that final destruction of evil is within ourselves.

Maybe some of this has entered my mind before but not this vividly.  So I thought I’d share it with you.  Maybe Father has shown you this already and you’re smiling at me.  That’s ok. I’ll take it. 🙂

Blessings on your journey.  Thanks for sharing mine.




October 2012
While listening to an online ministry and worshipping along, I was drawn upward and began traveling away from the sound which faded into the background.

As I went, my body grew taller, stretching.  I glanced down and saw sand pouring from my belly onto my feet creating a base pedestal, heavy and firmly planted on earth.  Meanwhile, I continued stretching upward until my head left the atmosphere.  Suddenly, a bit frightened, I yelled “Jesus!” and immediately He was in front of me. Continue reading TRAVELING INTO SPACE WITH JESUS



A couple nights ago I was awakened at 4 a.m. by overwhelming Guilt.

I should explain that I’m not one to feel a lot of guilt like I did when I was younger and my life was a mess. And of course, I credit that to my amazing Father who has spent several years showing me my heavenly Identity in detail which resolves mountains of personal issues right there.

But this Guilt was a mountain. Did I say I was overwhelmed? I was. And it was, of course, accompanied by fear. Fear comes along to threaten us with repercussions of our guilt. Continue reading MY OVERNIGHT IN THE COURTS



family trouble


Family trouble is heartbreaking enough, but when I was facing another visit from them, Father showed me a different way to pray. It involved understanding that I have a kingdom. He’s shown me this scenario several times now. Continue reading WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH FAMILY TROUBLE?



dangling feet


I sat by the river of heaven today and dangled my feet in the water -while wearing my new shoes. Yep, I got some new shoes, and no, the water doesn’t damage them. And they’re gorgeous.

At first, I thought they were burgundy silk, but as they fit themselves to my feet, they came alive and morphed into magenta and then deep purple, and back again, depending on which way I turned.  They massaged and caressed my feet as though I had laid them in a bed full of squirming kittens. Continue reading DANGLING MY FEET IN THE RIVER OF HEAVEN


fruit of words


One of my neighbors shared with me, that this town, community, and the area is filled with evil, hateful, disgusting people and it’s a horrible place to live. I was shocked, like a deer in the headlights, but she calmly maintained that everything she felt was the only truth.

I said that I was living the polar opposite and that I love this place and everyone here. Continue reading EATING THE FRUIT OF OUR WORDS





I dreamt that I accidentally killed my precious doggies within a 24 hour period, by not feeding them. Then heartbroken, I cried out to God for forgiveness.

The awful pain woke me and I began the inward searching for the horrible flaw I could blame. Of course, there were plenty of places to target. Continue reading FINDING SIN INSIDE OURSELVES




It’s true there are Christians who behave like bullies.  Some bullies are not aware they are bullying.  Other bullies are taught to be bullies by their churches and bible schools under the guise of debate.

One Christian brother told me that he learned debate techniques in a School of Ministry which practiced aggressively, combative techniques.  “I sliced and diced with my tongue, winning all but one of those debates” he told me. Continue reading CHRISTIAN BULLIES ARE AMONG US

The Contents of My Effectual Prayers That Avail Much

prayer that avails much

I was thinking about fervent, effectual prayers.  You know, the kind we all want.  The kind that “avails much”.  The kind that James 5:16 talks about.

Have you ever paid close attention to your prayers to see which ones were availing much, and which ones seemed to bounce off the ceiling?  I’m sure you have some that availed much.  Are there similarities in them?  After all, what is the point of prayers that avail nothing? Continue reading The Contents of My Effectual Prayers That Avail Much