It’s true there are Christians who behave like bullies.  Some bullies are not aware they are bullying.  Other bullies are taught to be bullies by their churches and bible schools under the guise of debate.

One Christian brother told me that he learned debate techniques in a School of Ministry which practiced aggressively, combative techniques.  “I sliced and diced with my tongue, winning all but one of those debates” he told me.

Some Christians simply enjoy debating scripture and theology in order to share, and understand each other.  Most of these Brothers and Sisters are well studied, and informative without negative effect.

Then there are Christians so irrationally aggressive and combative that they bully others when discussing doctrine.  It seems to coincide with a stridently black & white theology which interprets scripture literally.  Their mantra is a never changing God, which results in a rigid, forceful God.  Of course, layering a rigid characteristic onto a Loving God makes Him oddly schizophrenic.  But His ways being above our ways, results in a theology which must be accepted blindly without understanding.  They’ll fight to the death for the right to keep God mysteriously in the dark, and dare anyone to question this scenario.

Straying into different theology will produce a strange smile on their face.  It’s a smile that doesn’t reach their eyes.  Then love is extended momentarily before they pop the question which leads to the pounce.  You will be fooled into thinking there is a sincere interest in fostering understanding.  But the question only begins the theological dance which progresses quickly to a box step of undermining, insulting and demeaning phrases.

If you are caught off guard in defending your convictions, then beware.  Bully’s demand proof, and Christian bully’s demand scripture.  They quote scripture fluidly, and have it packaged nicely in outlines with memorized techniques to prove you wrong.

A bully’s black & white interpretation of scripture is awash with theological “spin,” presented as “normal,” and “correct”.  And when they read the Word of God, it is most assuredly exactly how God meant it to be read.  If you read it differently, you will be ignored or worse, berated farther.

Loving verses of scripture are forgotten while laws float high before your eyes.  “The Word is clear!  This is what it says, and you can’t change it just because you don’t like it!”

Historical research, discoveries of ancient culture patterns, comparisons of multiple translation variations, and a plethora of other study is tossed aside carelessly by a bully as irrelevant, unnecessary,  and without effect.  Your different ideas go in that pile, too.

Your experiences of the Spirit, and His miraculous revelations also go in that pile.  They they are whisked away with the Bully’s little broom of off-handed explanations about coincidence, quirks of nature, and simple childish imagination.  (Have you ever been so completely irrelevant as in this moment?)

Underlying a Bully’s tirades are thinly veiled personal accusations which will undermine your self-esteem, and leave you without defense.    After all, you are obviously without holiness, and an empty headed, selfishly motivated fool.

Don’t be surprised at the tears flowing down your face right about now, and the breaking sound around your heart.  These wounds are real.  But I affirm that they are not being brought upon your head by Father in His effort to correct you.

However, you might get lucky in this moment if there is a bit of heart inside your Bully.  The inquisition may die down as your woundedness is surprisingly discovered.  However, don’t be fooled.   Your tears will only be fuel for more blame on your doorstep.  “This is good discussion that brings understanding. Why do you get so emotional when no one is trying to hurt you?  We want to understand you, but you must back up the things you say, with scripture.

By the time you limp into the corner to lick your wounds, and begin the process of forgiveness, remember this – Jesus knows exactly what is happening to you.  He was crucified, just as you are being now.  And there is amazing healing in His wings.

Praying Medic shares Father’s magnificent emotional healing, in his article “Healing Anger, Bitterness, and Resentment”.  Check it out.  It is valuable material in your arsenal of survival tools.

Once healing happens you will be Resurrected again to Father’s Joy and Peace.  The whole process may surprise you in it’s resemblance to Jesus’s death and Resurrection.

This new era, the birthing of The Kingdom of God on the earth, clearly puts us squarely in front of some giants in the land.   And like Goliath, they may have been around scaring people for some time, but Holy Spirit still holds the keys to overcome them.

Certain Brothers and Sisters believe there are evil spirits, principalities and powers responsible for bullying behavior.  I’m not adverse to that explanation, I simply haven’t had much experience in that area.  They may be correct.  I’ve certainly witnessed how reasoning doesn’t penetrate the mind of a bully.  Logic has no effect, and a careful attempt to share a new concept with patience and peace, seems to boomerang hopelessly into the air.  Their eyes glass over as they engage in a ruthless attack.

In my usual style, I appealed to Father for help in my Bully situation.  His first response was “Step out of this quickly, and let Peace reign on the battlefield.”  So at His direction I told my attacker that “I’m done here” and didn’t respond again.

For a couple days the atmosphere was quiet and calm.  Then Holy Spirit said, “Now tell them you have searched for common ground and found one – Jesus is King of my heart and yours.”

That resulted in a long creed, of sorts, being shot back to me as a testament of faith.  In this legally accurate statement, I couldn’t argue any particular point, however, I secretly smiled, knowing that Holy Spirit won’t be kept in a box with the lid shut, no matter how Holy and “righteous” it appears.  But I left that revelation for Him to share in His time.

Weapons were sheathed, and the battlefield filled with hugs and kisses.

In the end, I reminded them that my research and studies have up-ended most traditional theology, therefore I do randomly spout things that may stretch their spirit to new lengths.  However, I never have antagonistic goals.  I simply can’t wear duct tape all the time.

I also assured them that I don’t expect agreement.  After all, they would have to study the same things I study to arrive at the conclusions I have.  Plus it simply isn’t necessary for us to believe exactly the same way.   Heck, I expect my own theology to continue evolving.

I simply want to express my viewpoint freely without retaliation, and bullying.

They agreed.  We all sighed in relief, and smiled sincerely, and gratefully.

It felt like a new dawn had risen on my land, and I rejoiced in great hope of Father’s Peace, and His Joy that I’m a little wiser for the experience.

He has the key to Peace, and Joy, and Unity.



The Contents of My Effectual Prayers That Avail Much

prayer that avails much

I was thinking about fervent, effectual prayers.  You know, the kind we all want.  The kind that “avails much”.  The kind that James 5:16 talks about.

Have you ever paid close attention to your prayers to see which ones were availing much, and which ones seemed to bounce off the ceiling?  I’m sure you have some that availed much.  Are there similarities in them?  After all, what is the point of prayers that avail nothing?

Actually, prayers that avail nothing, probably teach us quite a bit.  They teach our heart about its effective position with Father.

Anyway, as I thought about my own prayers that availed much, there were two kinds, and possibly a third.  One was prayers of safety and protection, the other is weather, and the third might be my State.  It seems odd to me, but it is very rare for me to have a prayer about either of these things that doesn’t produce exactly what I asked.

Healing prayers are sometimes hit and miss for me, except  I seem to be effective praying for well-being via protection and safety.  So I thought about that.  When did this begin?

Well, my first instance of effectual prayer for safety and protection came when I saw a vision of my brother and his family in a car accident.  I was 15 years old, and when I turned to my Mom in fear and panic, she told me to pray for them.  I prayed very passionately because I was shaking uncontrollably from the vision.  It was like the vision was literally playing inside my chest, shaking me.  My prayer was something like “… and don’t let them be hurt at all, not at all”.

The accident happened within a few minutes of the vision, and unfolded just as I’d seen it.  Their car flew 50 feet off an embankment, however, it didn’t roll over, as I’d seen, and none of them were hurt, as I’d seen.  Thank you, Jesus.

My next effectual prayer was for my children.  Again I was uncontrollably shaking from a vision of them in a car accident, but I remembered Mom’s guidance to pray.  So, again I prayed that they wouldn’t be hurt at all.

The accident happened just as I saw it, except the car didn’t flip over onto the highway, and they weren’t hurt.  Again, thank you, Jesus.

One time I received a prophecy that my car would be in an accident involving me and my son.  I prayed and even anointed the car, but the accident still happened, however the only injury was a scrape on my son’s arm.

Why wasn’t my prayer for my car successful?  It was a new car, and I really liked it a whole lot.  Still, it didn’t hold the same place as my children do in my heart.

This same premise holds when I pray for politics, or the lottery (yes, we have all done it), or sports.  The results are swayed very little by my prayers, no matter how passionate, or emotional I become.  The results of these things sit in a different place in my heart, and I can get as radically emotional as I wish, but they don’t move into the place of power.  They don’t pull at the real compassion, the kind that changes thing.  That only comes regarding relationships in specific circumstances.

Prayers to change a specific person’s situation are much different than prayers for blanket issues covering a group.  The focus on the one person who is suffering carries a compassionate relationship that sits deep in my heart, and soars above the ceiling.  However, focus on a blanket issue has a million targets, each of them different, and none of them relational to me.

I believe this might be why Christianity has such little impact on politics in general, and in some ways seems to have more negative impact than anything.  We aren’t addressing a personal relationship and relationship is where the power sits.  The closer the relationship, the more power I bring to bear on any situation.

And relationship can be more than just a person.

For instance, I prayed for my garden when a hail storm had decimated it.  I had a relationship with that garden, and I felt its pain of loss just as though it was a person.  There were only a few stubby, stems sticking up from the ground, and I felt each one’s shame, and each one’s total loss.  My deepest compassion for them was aroused as I knelt down, and touched each stub with my fingers, and whispered that I loved them, and that they should not be discouraged.  I encouraged them to push forward, and be exactly who they were created to be.

The result was the best garden I ever had.  It was the biggest and produced the most.

Relationship doesn’t always require a lot of time, either.

When I was 14 years old, I was overcome with compassion for a man who was almost dead from muscular dystrophy.  The overwhelming passion that took over my heart made me seek a place where I could sit alone for 15 minutes because I couldn’t control what was happening to me.  Once again, I was shaking inside, and I could barely speak.  I didn’t have a relationship with this man, but when we walked into his room, I was overcome with the deepest empathy for him.

We got word a few months later that he had begun to improve immediately after that visit.  The muscular dystrophy disappeared, and he returned to his normal, strong former self.

Relationship can happen in a moment.  It doesn’t always take a lifetime.  People fall in love sometimes with a glance across a room.  Their hearts open and touch.  It’s more spiritual than physical.  That’s why we write songs and poetry to describe it’s fantastical behavior.

Weather seems to evoke that same relationship in my heart.  When I look at clouds, it feels like they float inside my chest, as though they belong to me, as though they are child-like entities with souls.  The only time they haven’t done exactly what I’ve asked, is when I don’t connect with them.  If I speak flippantly, without paying attention, my success is 50/50.  But when I look at them and let them wander through my soul, I touch them just as completely as they touch me.  I don’t need to yell at them, or command them loudly or angrily.  I speak to them often the same way I speak to my sweet doggie.

One more relationship that has to do with territory may become a part of our soul.  Colorado is like that for me.  I moved away twice, and came back because I couldn’t bear to live without the mountains, the sun, and the climate here.  In my estimation, Colorado is just about as perfect as can be, and I love it deeply.

Recently, the Hayden Pass fire raged in the mountains about 34 miles from our house.  I wanted to speak to it for the sake of the forests, but Father checked me.  I got His impression that the forest needed to be cleared in that area, and it stunned me that He didn’t want the fire to stop immediately.  Fire is not inherently evil.  It has a positive mandate from creation, and simply needs our loving guidance to operate again from that mandate.

Instead, I told the fire that no homes or people were to be harmed.  It is 15 days since the fire started, and it is 55% contained.   Only one hunting cabin has burned.  No homes or people were injured, and it is no longer burning near any populated areas.  It is expected to burn out gradually, and with the help of afternoon storms.

In my last article, I compassionately addressed protection and safety for the police officers in Colorado.  Rather than target a group of unknown officers who have no relational value in my heart, I saw them in the context of my State, which holds great relational value.  From that perspective, Holy Spirit caused me to tap into that compassionate power, and I felt the results in the spirit realm.

Compassion is key to relationship that elicits power from our spirit.  It is that power that teaches us to rule and reign in this heavenly Kingdom come to earth.

The point of this contemplative article is my thinking that I can’t alone produce the kind of compassion that changes things simply by making a decision to do it.  I believe that is why some of my prayers for people and situations have produced no results.  My compassion was intellectually charged rather than spiritually relational.

The kind of compassion that rises up inside me and changes things, carries the Holy Spirit fire inside it.  It compels and overwhelms me.  I don’t command and control it, but rather it guides me when I’m receptive.

However, I have learned that it is very easy for me to tap it regarding weather, and people’s safety and protection, especially in Colorado.  Those areas rise up in me easily without much bidding, and I can speak from them to “avail much”.

Since we are each so uniquely different, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to understand that the products of our prayers can be uniquely different from each other, and that we have mistakenly thought we could mass-produce exactly the same results.  I don’t believe the Apostles healing and miracles were performed and manifested exactly the same way.

We can be similar, but we must be unique.  Otherwise we are not walking in our true Identity, and therefore will not produce prayers that avail much.  When we mark the places in our past that the fire of compassion brought about true change, I believe we can discover it’s unique behavior inside us, and then we can more consistently operate in prayers that avail much.

After all, the scripture in James 5:16, says these prayers are produced by a righteous man, and we know that we haven’t produced any righteousness of our own.  It is Father’s presence within us that makes us righteous.  His nature combined with ours has created a unique being with unique characteristics.  This hybrid man is not a carbon copy of his brother.  No brother ever is.  We are simply the same species.

I want to clearly grasp the uniqueness of my prayers that avail much, and do it more consistently.  Then I can perform my optimally effective share in bringing heaven to earth via His Kingdom.

Blessings on your journey,




Viewpoints: from a Police Officer

my visit with a police officer


I took the opportunity to visit with a cop for a while the other day.  His name and other details will be kept confidential, but his story should be heard.

He was gentle, and kind although his voice was subdued with sadness, or hopelessness.  I didn’t know which.  He dreamt of being a cop as a child, and that dream solidified as a young adult when he witnessed an officer help a young couple calmly through the angry emotions of an ending relationship.  The officer disarmed their need for retaliation, and planted a seed in the heart of the young man to help others in chaos, to be a peacemaker.

But this current environment is frightening, he says.  “It’s impossible to do my job, except in neighborhoods where we are accepted.  Other neighborhoods scream at us, and chant angrily about their desire to see us dead.”

“I’m simply so exhausted.  The state of high alert we have to maintain all day is ridiculous.  We can never let our guard down for a moment.  Someone running up to me for help, might be carrying a gun.  I have to stay in position, and tactically ready every second.”

I asked if it was possible to be safe on the job now.

“We never go on calls alone anymore.  Everyone is teamed up, and that adds to the shortage.  With my background from SWAT and the military, I know how to be safe but, I’m also buying extra bullet-proofing, and helmet for myself, and an extra rifle I should be getting within the week.  I have a family.  I want to go home every night.”

“We are also finding ways to step out of danger while on the job.  There are ways.  For instance, we might slowly drive-by a call to a bad neighborhood to assess the situation first.  If the violence and hatred are heavily active, we can keep on driving.”

I asked why people call for help, and then target them.

“People sometimes call for help to stop the violence imminently threatening them, only to turn that same violence toward us when we arrive.”

“Blacks murdering blacks has escalated out-of-control, and nothing is being done about it.  Legislators seem to be moving in the opposite direction.  For instance, after new legislation was passed that a defendant’s ability to pay a fine must be assessed before an arrest warrant can be made, 5000 arrest warrants were erased from the records, and those offenders have been left without a consequence for their crime.  It appears that our government is giving violence a free rein.”

“Cops are beginning to refuse to go into the war zones.  They have no incentive to help people who hate them, and want to kill them.  They have no desire to do a job that will get them blame, criticizm and more hated.”

“I have unfriended half my friends on Facebook because they freely share their opinions about how I should do my job. And yet most of them have never been in law enforcement, or even the military.  They have no idea what it’s like to face a shooter, or the training involved in learning to disarm one.  But they refuse to see how ignorant it is for them to feel completely justified in having an opinion.  This current atmosphere is full of Monday morning quarterbacks with opinions about being a police officer.  What other job gets that kind of accepted public scrutiny?  What other job is fair game for it?”

“It makes no sense how much chaos is in control right now, and how little anyone seems to care.  But if we do our job of peacemaking and stop the chaos, then we are immediately in the spotlight of public opinion.  The public, for instance, simply has no idea how simple a video can appear, and yet how little it sometimes reveals.  Even the experts sometimes miss something.  When did the public become experts at being a cop?”

“Most of us blame this President for the current atmosphere.  He never supported us, but pointed criticism at us freely, not at the offenders.  He made us scapegoats, and encouraged that mindset.”

The Officer sighed, and paused for a moment before continuing.  “You’re going to see cases of “blue flu” escalating more and more.  Many officers are making it known that they will refuse to show up for rallies such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  It’s like being a sitting duck.”

I asked about the vocal supporters that seem to be more pronounced now.

“It’s true, they are.  Officers are getting more lunches and coffees paid for by citizens than they’ve ever seen. But this support is mainly in predominantly white neighborhoods, and it isn’t enough. We need a 100 times more support in the public and political arena.”

I asked what he thought the solution would be, and he reaffirmed his hope is for a new Presidential administration, a complete government overhaul, and for the legislative tables to be flipped.

“I now hate the job that was my dream, and if I had another opportunity available, I’d be gone immediately. The police academy in this city usually has 3 academies of new cadets during the year, but this year they cancelled 2 of them because no one is applying to be a cop.”

I mentioned places where there is no police involvement, like sections of New Orleans that Katrina destroyed. I’ve read that people who call the police in those areas, will never see an officer because the violence and lawlessness is all that lives there.  So the cops won’t go.

“There are places like that all over the country, and it’s getting worse.”

Our visit came to an end, and I left this Officer with the message that he is loved, highly appreciated, and flanked by mighty angels.  He seemed grateful, but still exhausted.  



After the interview, I took awhile to assess this scenario of hopelessness,  fear, and desperation, and understand that this Officer’s exhaustion stemmed not only from high alert status, but from the dark emotions swirling throughout the world.  Just like a swarm of killer bees, these spirits are filling every receptive mind and heart.  And as shootings happen again and again, we sink into deeper fear and desperation.  

But I know, and most of you do also, there is no solution inside fear.  Fear only fosters more defeat.  Victory is not born from fear.  However, death and darkness feed on it.

Why we as Christians haven’t seen the identity of this path is sad, because in meeting Father God we’ve seen inside the light of His presence.  We know there is no darkness there, but there are answers to defeat every form of darkness.  Father has never lost a battle with evil, so who is the god we’ve been worshiping?  

Apparently he has a form with no substance.  I say that because our methods seem to be completely ineffective.  The shooting continues and oddly we know in our hearts that we are winning none of these battles, but we justify the results with the phrase “end times”.  Therefore the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, and we can do nothing to stop it.  It is even more odd that Christians pray to stop destruction that they announce daily is coming.  How contradictory can we be?

But as most of you know, I stepped off that merry-go-round quite some time ago.  That doesn’t mean I suddenly saw the answers, because honestly, I still bought the doctrine even though I wasn’t playing inside the institution.

It wasn’t until just a couple short years ago that I began shedding the traditional ways, and asking Father for working keys to our world.  That’s when He began unveiling our true Identity, and then invited me to sit down next to Jesus to learn Ruling & Reigning 101.

I might not be getting A+ grades in His school, but I’m enjoying the On-The-Job training as He invites me to experiment and learn.

Since my interview with the Police Officer, I began unwrapping keys of peace and safety for this Officer, and all the others in my State.

Now, I see a movement of change occurring in the spirit realm as I progress.  Therefore I will continue, because I know something good is happening.  I have mostly abandoned the traditional, except to promise this Officer that I will cast my vote on his behalf in this coming Presidential election.

From my newfound vantage point, the voting process appears to be very ineffective, but he asked me to, so I will.  

Meantime I will continue working inside The Kingdom strategies that Father is teaching me.  And I will continue having fun doing so.  There is not one iota of fear involved.  The peace is almost tangible, and the results fit into place  smoothly and naturally.


If you are feeling this current fear, panic and desperation coloring your world and family, then do what you know must be done to lay that stuff down, and step into Father’s presence.  Do it quickly.  Turn off the media.  Stay away from people who are feeding on it.  Lay down doctrines and preconceptions.  

Step into His complete peace.  Stay there and rest for a bit.  Get renewed to the point that fear is far, far away.

Now ask Him to teach you how to change the world.  This is the joy of His heart.

Blessings on your journey!



(For more on Faith’s journeys and lessons, check out her books.  New ones are on the way.)


Rejection&Identity2 Kindle

(an excerpt from the book)

Are there people who simply can’t see Father, can’t access their Identity, and can’t hear His voice?

I want to reply with a solid “no” and say that it’s not because they can’t … it’s because they can’t right now.

That might not sound very compassionate of me. I understand their struggle, I’ve been there, but I don’t accept the barrier because as I found, there is actually nothing there. It’s a mirage produced by misunderstanding, because nothing can separate us from God. He said that.

Therefore, with time and desire, they will breech that mirage of misunderstanding.

As I sat staring at these sentences wondering how to explain this phenomenon, I shook my head and decided to go take a shower because logic … wasn’t working. So I said, “Father, tell me how this works” and I went to the shower.

My shower is like the Ephod of the Old Testament. As soon as I lather up my hair, clarity begins shining through, and words begin flowing through my mind. They are beautiful thoughts, and words that don’t come to me at my desk.

It’s a shame really, that I don’t have a room-size shower with a waterproof computer in it. Revelation would flow from there like a river.

Anyway, it happened again. Revelation blossomed and I anxiously dried, dressed and combed, so I could return to my keyboard, and tell you this.

When I was seven years old, I gave my heart to Jesus and He began giving me profound dreams. When I was about twelve years old I sought the gift of speaking in tongues at the church altar during every service. After months of seeking, my prayers turned to tears and sobbing. Thankfully, a kind preacher comforted me and said that he didn’t know why I wasn’t speaking, however he knew without a doubt in his mind, that the Holy Spirit had filled me.

Relieved by his words, although still puzzled, I went on with life carrying my incomplete package. Years later, when I was working for a large ministry, it happened.

We prayed a lot at that job. It was a good, healing and comforting place to be, especially since I was going through hell in my life at the time.

During one particular huddle of prayer, the lady leading the prayer said, “Now we’re going to pray, and as soon as we start I want everyone to speak in tongues. OK. Start.”

Immediately everyone began speaking in their tongues language, and I hesitated, worried that I was going to be found out for not knowing how. So as I stood in the group, holding their hands, I closed my eyes, and simply started babbling in a lame attempt to follow the lady’s instructions. No one could hear me, nor were they listening. Each one was focused on their own prayer.

Within seconds I was doing it! I was actually speaking in tongues. It was the oddest experience, as though the words were already in my imagination somehow, and I simply began giving my mouth permission to say them. As a child, I’d thought that God was going to take over my mouth and the words would come out without me doing anything. It was an incorrect understanding.

We tend to forget that He is already within us. He’s already here. We aren’t an island separated from Him. If there is something He wants to do, then He’s already doing it within us. We simply must agree and begin doing it with Him, because the truth is that we already are.

He and I are One, and He’s already doing it, therefore I’m doing it too. It’s already in my spirit happening, and I simply need to let what’s going on there, manifest here. It’s fairly simple to see when I look through my imagination.

Suddenly, I realized that all my tears had been unnecessary. I could have done this at any time through the years.

So now that I was speaking freely, it became the only way I wanted to pray for several months.

Then a couple years later, I heard myself doing it in my spirit as I was driving my car. My lips weren’t moving, but I could vaguely hear my spirit praying in tongues inside of me. That was another epiphany of pure delight.

But back to my point about people being able to access God. My revelation was inside this memory. Father hadn’t been holding me back or fumbling around with my ability to speak. My problem had been misunderstanding how He works, and a distrust of my imagination.

The words of tongues had been swirling around in my imagination as soon as I’d asked for the gift. But since I thought imagination was either from myself or the devil tricking me into something, I blew it off.

I had no idea that imagination was a blank communication canvas where pictures could be painted there by myself, or the devil, or God. The key to using imagination was to identify the artist.

We’ve even mystified the identification so much that we don’t trust ourselves. But it’s not hard. Love is God. Evil is the devil and my own stuff is either practical, or it’s selfish.

It’s honestly not hard. The heart knows. And it’s not trying to deceive us. Our heart is His heart. It’s already touching Him.

The struggle is accepting the messages He’s already sending. We take every thought or imagination captive, without realizing that particular scripture in II Cor. 10:5 was discussing rebellious imaginations which are also obvious if we simply identify them. They are the ones that we cast down. We know that author and don’t listen to him.

But not every thought is a rebellious one. Not every imagination is an evil one. Some of them are profound. Some are amazing revelations. And some accompany visions galloping across our imagination.

If we exile our imagination and then wonder why we can’t hear God’s voice or see His visions, well, it’s simply because we closed the door to the chalkboard.

For instance, if God called you to Africa and you saw a picture in your imagination of building an orphanage, would you assume the devil authored it? Probably not.

Then why shouldn’t we be more discerning about the everyday visions in our imaginations? How many of them might be marvelous revelations from Father God that we are ignoring? We have the mind of Christ.

Can the devil give you a marvelous revelation? Unfortunately, most of us would answer “yes” because we’re so paranoid that he is trying to trick us into making terrible mistakes leading to our downfall.

That’s suspicion. It trusts nothing and suspects the worst behind everything. And ironically, when we expect the worst, that is what we draw to ourselves.

We’ve all noticed that the most pessimistic people lead the most tormented lives.

Ironically, this viewpoint says that God is not omnipotent. He isn’t able to save us. We have to do it ourselves.

What a snarled, mess of a picture we painted of God. Thankfully, that vision has been dying quickly in the last few years.

The only thing stopping us from active communication and constant revelations from Father God, is our conscious picture of who we are, and who He is. Not only have we seen Him in an evil light, but we have seen ourselves separate from Him. It’s the biggest lie of all. We aren’t separated because He said nothing could separate us from Him.

So how do we change that picture? Re-draw it. Paint a new picture in your head. You and Father are one hybrid person all mixed together – inseparable and full of love. Imagination is like your intimate video phone where you both paint, talk, and communicate freely and constantly.

Now that we can communicate, we can begin to see what we look like.

(excerpt from Rejection & Identity Book Two)



Once again, this topic is so important that I’m not going to spend a lot of time prepping you.  Basically, the same approach we used to pray for the police officers is the approach we use for the other guys.

Again, I know you’re frustrated by the shootings that keep happening.  It’s time to stop responding to evil the same way, again and again.  It’s not working.  It’s time to step into The Kingdom and do this Father’s way.

I have met people that have sent up alarms in my spirit.   I’ve felt the destruction and evil sitting on their shoulders whispering in their ears.  In the past I’ve left their company as quickly as I could.  Now I’m thinking we are making a mistake by leaving too quickly.  Simply put, as long as they are in our immediate environment,  they are in our kingdom.  And anything that’s in our kingdom is subject to our governing.

Evil is not allow to operate in my kingdom therefore it is impotent while there.  If I send it away too quickly, then it simply takes a deep breath and recuperates – to wreck more havoc on the world in general.

“Father, how do I pray for people under the effects of these spirits?  What do I do differently than we’ve always done before?”

Once again He said, “He’s in your kingdom, isn’t he?  Then use your power.”

I closed my eyes and went into Father’s presence, and waited a minute.  It didn’t take but a minute, and I felt it.  That peace that passes understanding was flowing once more.  His Love permeated my conscious mind and filled me with Joy.

I heard Father’s voice.  “Drown him in the power/LOVE.” And I saw the technique.   No words, or actions were necessary in the physical.  I saw myself sitting quietly next to this demonized person, but in my spirit – in the spirit realm – I was huge and he was small.  I saw myself embrace him so completely that he was totally covered.  And I held that pose – in quiet, but powerful LOVE.  I was drowning him in it and he didn’t even know.

With my heart in Father’s presence and His word in my grasp, I simply needed to agree with Him, and see it as a reality from His eyes.

“Yes, I am drowning him in LOVE.”  I said it, and I saw it.  Love can drown evil by engulfing it until it is completely permeated.  It absorbs the evil  and thereby deactivates it – makes it null and void.  Evil isn’t sent away to wreck havoc another day, but it is changed inside the miraculous alchemy of love.

Once again it was time for me to speak to Father about you because you are also in my kingdom.  I asked that you understand and receive this message.  Then I saw a closed door and I stood before it with my broadsword raised, and I said, “This is my kingdom.  I demand that this door open.”  It will open.  It must, because I govern this kingdom.

Once again, it’s simple.  This is the most effective warfare we will ever learn – how to wield the power of LOVE to destroy the holds of darkness upon people who are, even temporarily, inside our kingdom.  Most every one of you has met a person like this.  Every one of them is in someone’s kingdom.  It’s time to get into Father’s presence and hear Him speak to your heart.  Then agree with what He says.

This is how evil is overcome.

This is how The Kingdom comes to earth.

Now teach everyone you know to do the same thing.

Lets do some overcoming.



This topic is so important that I’m not going to spend a lot of time prepping you.  I’m going to tell you what just happened, what Father told me, and then I’m going to pray for you.

I know you’re frustrated because these shootings keep happening.  It’s time to stop responding to evil the same way, again and again.  It’s not working.  It’s time to step into The Kingdom and do this Father’s way.

I have a family member who’s a police officer.  I’ll call him, Chris.  Upon hearing the news from Dallas, my thoughts went to Chris, and then to Father.  My heart was beginning to feel that little twinge of fear and panic that comes from these episodes.

“Father, how do I pray for Chris so that he will be safe?  What do I do differently than we’ve always done before?”

Immediately He said, “He’s in your kingdom, isn’t he?  Then you know what to do.”

I closed my eyes and went into Father’s presence, and waited a minute.  It didn’t take but a minute, and I felt it.  That peace that passes understanding was flowing.  It’s the sweetness of all creation.

Instantly, I heard Father’s voice.  “He’s safe in your kingdom.” And I knew what I had to do.

With my heart in His presence and His word in my grasp, I simply needed to agree with Him, and see it as a reality from His eyes.

“Yes, Chris, is safe in my kingdom and always will be.”  I said it, and I saw it.

Hopefully, I’ve talked enough about my kingdom that you understand it’s reference and significance.

Now it was time for me to speak to Father about you because you are also in my kingdom.  I asked that you understand and receive this.  Then I saw a fire spreading from head to head through a great darkness.

So, it’s simple.  Most every one of you knows a cop.  Every officer is in someone’s kingdom because their heart is bound in love to them.  It’s time to get into Father’s presence and hear Him speak to your heart.  Then agree with what He says.

This is how evil is overcome.

This is how The Kingdom comes to earth.

Now teach everyone you know to do the same thing.

Lets do some overcoming.




Rejection & Identity Book Two

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Overcoming evil is our purpose and our last battle.  It shines through clearly in this revelation.



in a funk

It’s true that sometimes I’m in a funk, but aside from all that negative connotation, here comes enlightenment.

We think we’re disgruntled, or discouraged, or disappointed. Maybe we’re depressed, or simply not eating right, or resting well. Sure. I get that.

But this time, all of the above were the result of unrealistic expectations, comparisons and possibly a tad bit of jealousy.

One of my friend’s blogs about political revelations.  Another teaches healing.  Then there’s another posting encouragement every day without fail.

And here I am off on my own meandering trail, scrambling up one foot-hold to the next, and then hearing Father say I should stop and smell the roses!  Really?!?  I’m not even keeping up the tail-end of this adventure and You want me to slow down?

What kind of business-woman/writer/mystic am I?  A flake in the midst of giants?

Ah well in spite of my thoughts, there’s that reflection in His eyes.  And as I stare wide-eyed, He says, “You’re exactly who I made you to be – and you’re doing it perfectly!”

I saw our moments of revelation, along-side days of smiles and laughter.  Hmm, I grin at the truth that I live perfection in paradise, and I love it beyond a sea-side hut on a Caribbean isle, or a South American tour through the mountains, jungles and pampas.  Oh and btw, those are two of my favorite wishes.

But here I am in the foothills of Colorado, facing rock cliffs and majestic sunsets, stargazing beside a fire, and kicking back a cold one with friends on the deck.  This paradise rivals my best wishing.

He has bested me once again, and I have no excuse.

Are my associates more content than I am?  I doubt it.  Do they feel as fulfilled as I do?  Hmm, I’ll have to ask them – lol.

Wow! Well, then who needs more affirmation than Father’s view of perfection? I’m doing “me” perfectly, He says. Ha!  Isn’t that a kick in the pants?

Momma always said, “I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none.” Well, Momma, “I’m a master at one – being me. And I have it on the best of authority that I’m doing it perfectly.”

I have a very strong suspicion that you are too.


when is evil done?


In the dream I was demanding that someone tell me how to end evil, because I was tired of it running rampant in my world. I’m done with it, and it needs to be terminated.

Then I woke up and heard the horrible news from Orlando.  And my question was still ringing in my ears.

As the hours clicked by and my heart began to calm, I stood in front of Father holding the question still in my hands.  His eyes of Love penetrated my pain and began doing what they always do – healing.  But the question was still there.

He cocked His head and gave me a question in return.  “When will you have enough and be done with it?”

As with all His communication, there is more than just words.  There is emotion, memory, and the nuance of His character.  They flow together.

The memory was of the stomach flu I’d contracted a couple years ago.  I’d rocked back and forth holding my stomach in excruciating pain, trying to speak words of praise.  After an hour, I’d asked Father what to do.  My praise was holding back the flu’s progression, but not fully ejecting it from my body.

Instantly, I saw myself in my mind’s eye telling a blob creature that if he didn’t leave immediately then I was going to pin “Jesus” stickers all over him as free advertisement.  I had a tiny chuckle at the vision as I continued rocking back and forth.  Then I realized this was my key.  It seemed silly, but I did it.  I said it out loud.

Within 30 seconds all pain was gone.  I didn’t move for 3-4 minutes, waiting.  Then I rubbed my tummy to see what it would do.  It was normal.  Finally, I accepted that I was completely healed, and I laughed at the key Father had given me.  Shouting “Thank you, Jesus” I went to tell Hunny about my adventure.

In this memory, I accepted that my solution wasn’t working and went to Father for a new key.  Rather than rocking back and forth for hours in torment, stubbornly praising God, I tossed in the towel and admitted that my efforts were ineffective.

Praises to God are amazing, but for me in that moment, it was a formula without power.  And that is hard to admit.  We learn to persevere – and yes, perseverance is powerful.  We are taught to “press-in” and yes, it has it’s place.

But anything done by rote, as a formula, without the power of Holy Spirit, is going to have “iffy” results.  I needed the one key that would work in my situation, no matter how unbelievable, obscure, or ridiculous.  I needed a “new” key.

A “new” key sounds a lot like “new” wine.  It isn’t packaged in the same old thing.  There’s a whole new wrapper.  It looks and acts and feels – completely different.

“New” wine hasn’t been tasted before.  It’s fresh and unique.  After we pop the cork, that first taste is thrilling.  There might be similarities to the old batch, but it’s guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Part of Father’s question asked if I was ready for something “new”.  And another quality of His question placed me in the responsible chair.   When would I have enough of the same old results to ask Him for the “new” key – the “new” wine that would not repeat the past, but would do something “new”, something I’ve never seen before?

Scripture says that evil will be locked up one day.  Could it be now?  Is it time?  Have we had enough?  Are we willing to put aside the traditional formulas, admit they aren’t working, and ask for the “new” key?

I am.  I’ve had my fill.  Yes, Father has taught me inside each battle how to defeat my enemy.  But at the end of all the battles comes the end of the war.  I don’t need to win anymore battles to know that I will win every one of them.  Father has given me that confidence.  I’ve also come to see my enemy more clearly each time, and understand that he has no new tricks.   He has no “new” keys, no “new” wine.  And I don’t need to see any more of evil to know that he needs to be locked up.   I’m ready to receive that key, and turn that lock.

I’m humbly asking you to close your eyes and drink from Father’s flow.  Could that time be now?  Have we reached maturity?  Is the war ours?   Are we Gideon’s 300?


“I’ve given you true authority. You can smash vipers and scorpions under your feet. You can walk all over the power of the enemy. You can’t be harmed.” Luke 10:19 (VOICE)


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There are gifts that were given to us by God. These gifts are for us to use freely. We can use them for God or not.

God doesn’t take away anything from us. He didn’t take away any gifts that satan had, so why would He take away ours. God is so giving that He lets us choose how we want to use it.

If we have supernatural gifts given us by why then have so many people refused to use them? Yet, witches and people involved in the occult have no problem using it all. This is why the church seems powerless.

My guest is Author Faith Living and she understands all too well about unlocking the gifts inside. Faith has decided that her relationship with God is filled with freedom and acceptance! She is done with shutting down the supernatural and she is here to help set you free too!

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