A few years ago, Father began introducing me to the limitations of our sight. It began with flashes into the heavenly realm.  And moved into full blown visions.

I discovered that I may have been seeing flashes all my life but had learned to shut them off, ignore them, and filter them out of my focus.  It’s a process similar to looking at a fly sitting on a window.  Our eyes will adjust to the fly and filter out the view outside the window.  It’s the same process with camera lenses.  We can blur the background so much that it almost completely disappears.

As we filter out input year after year, it becomes second nature.  We don’t realize we’re doing it anymore.  So, when our relationship with Father grows, and we want to see more of what He sees, we ask for that sight.  And then struggle to receive it.

However, apparently, it isn’t a receiving action we desire, but a re-training of a lifelong habit.

We learn that seeing into the spiritual realm requires taking thespirit restrictions off our imagination screen and accepting it’s used by Father.  And, I wonder if we ever actually restricted Him, or simply filtered out what we saw.

We’ve also learned that there is an endless lineup of possibilities in the spirit realm.  It isn’t restricted to the physical laws of planet Earth.  Gravity isn’t in charge there.  Neither are the laws of energy or matter.  Everything in that realm can and usually will surprise us.

But consider that we have Earthly examples of surprising possibilities.  We need only to research some of the creatures of our world.   For instance, the dragonfly.

Dragonflies not only have an almost 360-degree field of vision, but dragonflythey can see the world in colors we can’t even imagine.  11 dragonfly species have up to 30 different light-sensitive proteins called visual opsins.  We have 3 opsins which mean we see colors as a combination of red, green, or blue.  They see 10 times more color combinations.  Therefore, we can only imagine what they see.

The Earth truly witnesses the fathomless abilities of our Father.

And yet, we let our mind not only hesitate but actually filter out input it was created to receive naturally.  We don’t believe that what we see without eyes can be reality.  It never occurred to us that imagination can see a wider field of vision than eyes.

He is an amazing Creator and even more so when I realize that He made us in His image, to be creators like Him.

So in order to be creators, we must take the filters off and see the peripherals and every means of input.  It’s the same thing an artist does.  They even take extra measures to ensure they aren’t filtering what they see.  They know there is more.  And it is amazing stuff.

Thank you for joining me on my journey of discovery.  I send blessings to yours.







Yep, it’s true … someone laughed at me.  On my birthday no less! Even during my birthday celebration! A friend picked out one of my character traits and laughed.

And I laughed too.  It’s what you do.



Later, when the party was over and quiet time came, there was still a tiny arrow stuck in my heart and I contemplated it.  Then I asked Father about tiny arrows. Are we to blame that some stick?  Is it a flaw that this was hurting a bit?  I don’t count myself easily offended.  But am I?

And Father immediately responded.  “It’s not about you at all. It’s about her.  Remember when you were a teenager and made fun of a boy during lunch one day?  You actually liked him a lot and wanted his attention.  But you didn’t know how to get it.  Remember?”

“What are you telling me, Father?  She wants my attention?”


“Yes, she does.  She doesn’t get any at home.  And you get lots of attention because Hunny is vintagedevoted to you.  She made that statement too.  So, yes, she’s envious, but it’s more than that.  She wants YOUR attention.  It might be better than actually being you.  Isn’t that why popular girls in school have other girls surrounding them?  Getting the popular girl’s attention is like sharing her shiny identity with her.

But because the popular life might be too much to handle … it’s better to simply have her attention, instead.



Suddenly that blazing light bulb shone brightly over my head and the arrow melted away.  I could see so clearly now.

I might not think of myself as the popular girl, or anyone to be envied.  But perceptions have a reason for existing in each one of us.  And there was certainly a reason for hers.

No promise of love exists in her home, even after 28 years together.  Sometimes lovers,  and sometimes friends, they resent the familiarity and convenience that glues them together.  Abuse littered her life previously.  So, having none now is a blessing.  And she counts herself lucky for finding a haven of peace.


Father says to bless our enemy’s and even though she wasn’t one, her words had taken that form.  And now I understood that she could use all the blessings I could possibly pour out on her.

So, I wrote her a note to thank her for coming to my celebration and to express how glad I am that we are friends.


I asked Father to bless her like He did another unloved woman, Leah.carriage

In Genesis 29, Leah was unloved and because of it, Father blessed her with babies.

My friend is past the age of wanting babies, but Father knows how to translate that blessing appropriately.

And I trust that He will.



It’s obvious that this incident doesn’t describe every situation when someone might laugh or ridicule us.  But once again, Father made His point.

He knows everything about every situation.  And I must come to Him to learn the Truth.



Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  I send blessings on the way for yours.







There are obvious and not-so-obvious stages of maturity in The Kingdom.  And they cause a lot of friction because we are looking for unity of the faith and expect to see it inside our doctrines.

But that can’t happen when our faith is such a uniquely personal thing to each of us.  After all, we created denominations so that like-minded people would worship together, and still the understanding within each member is different.

No one is the same.  We grow at different rates and in different directions. Continue reading OUR STAGES OF MATURITY and ELITISM




Father just reminded me to pay attention to what I’m thinking.

I know this is elementary but bear with me.  It’s not a long story.

It began yesterday when Hunny and I were running errands on one of the first particularly hot days of the year.  Suddenly the AC wasn’t working in the car, and I won’t go into details but after a couple hours, I was feeling too warm.  Hunny said, “I’ll call the shop on Monday and get it fixed.”  Meantime, we continued. Continue reading PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT I’M THINKING




A few nights ago I got up and walked to the bathroom, past my digital clock which said it was 3 a.m.  When I went back to bed, I rolled onto my side where I noticed through the window that the motion light was shining on the fence outside.  And the clock now said 1 a.m!

I stared at the clock incredulously.  Since it’s a digital clock which displays the number one as a straight line, it’s highly improbable that I could mistake that straight line for a number three.

And what critter was on my property that caused the motion light to turn on?  There are a few feral cats in the neighborhood so, I didn’t think much about this detail. Continue reading TIME JUMPED BACKWARDS TWO HOURS



healing hands


It was that moment after her healing when she was thanking me for it. Her eyes were wide as she said, “You are GOOD” in an almost whisper.  Then she asked, “How did you learn to do that?”  And that was the moment.

I had a choice to make.  I could deflect her praise by using a kind of false humility and say, “It wasn’t me, it was God.”  Or I could say it the way it really is.

So, I said, “We can all do this.  It’s God, yes, and He is inside us.  If only we realize who we really are.  We are the only creation He made to follow Him and walk in His image.  And Jesus didn’t beg.  He spoke to it.” Continue reading I TOUCHED HER WITH HEALING





I had a dream about the aftermath of my battle with religion.

I was in an abandoned section of the house where I live. It was like an attached apartment. In the kitchen was a lot of canned and packaged food sitting on a big table inside the oversized pantry. A visitor came through, someone I knew, and he needed dinner for his family. I invited him to help himself and he chose 3 items that would make a complete meal for him and his family. He was pleased and I was happy that I could be generous.

After he left, I began going through the apartment shadow boxing evil entities as I saw them. I’d say out loud “Ka-pow! Ka-pow!” as I punched them. And they were cleared out one at a time. After they were gone, there was movement in the corner which I attributed to Angels and let them be. Continue reading SABBATICAL FROM THE BATTLE




IMAGINE your coronation to your throne inside The Kingdom.  The Bible mentions us being kings and priests before our God.  So wouldn’t that mean there was a moment of coronation?  And wouldn’t it probably be later in our relationship with Father and not at the beginning when we first believed?  Certainly, a newborn heir is considered royalty but is not yet a crowned monarch.

An heir is crowned when they have learned the techniques of ruling and reigning.  It has everything to do with maturity and availability.  And in The Kingdom of God, that ruling and reigning would logically encompass the ability to govern what is created.  Wouldn’t it? Jesus said that He does what He sees the Father doing.  So what does the Father do?  What are His capabilities?  Doesn’t He create and care for His creation? Continue reading YOUR CORONATION INTO THE KINGDOM



book revelations


Today I heard, “Check out those parables about The Kingdom is like …”.  So I did and the search began with Matthew 13.  This journey took on a meaning I’ve never heard before.  And here’s how it began.

First came the parable about the seed falling on various grounds.  And immediately my spirit said “The seed is truth.  The soil is people.”  So I went on.

Next, Jesus explains why He used parables so that everyone would NOT understand.  Yeah, I remember that revelation some time ago.  As we run around trying to make sure everyone understands exactly what scripture means, Jesus is saying not everyone will, and not only that, but He doesn’t WANT everyone to understand.  And the reason is simple.  We can’t have the wisdom of The Kingdom unless we are willing to have the relationship it takes to receive it.  We can’t piggy-back off anyone, not even a preacher.  It’s the meaning behind the oil the 5 wise virgins wouldn’t share. Continue reading THE REVELATION THAT BEGAN WITH MATTHEW 13




All creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God.  It is the one thing that will unequivocally change the way life on earth functions and display the qualities we so deeply desire.

No matter how godly this nation can become, it will never be The Kingdom of God on earth.  It will never be God’s expression of Himself on earth.  And our President can never lead us into that fullness.

Only we can do that by individually pursuing The Kingdom and our Continue reading ARE WE PRACTICING THE KINGDOM ON EARTH?