going down


It’s a scary thing to watch someone go headlong down into the pit of hell. You probably know that place as well as I do. And it’s not been so long ago since I was there.

The last time I went, I shrunk to the floor in a heap. Tears were coming in great floods and I had no hope at all. There was not even one point of light shining for me in the distance. Nothing was left.  And Fear screamed into the darkness which was blacker than any black.  Death waited with open arms.  And pain was worse than any known.

I was shocked at my arrival because I hadn’t known there was an actual place of burning and torture for us in this present existence.

And I said to Father (whom I couldn’t see or hear at the time) “If you don’t do something, I’m a goner. I won’t survive this one.”

I had no will to live. Hell had surpassed anything I could bear and I was going down fast.

This isn’t “pretend hell”, or a precursor.  This is hell.  The one I’d been warned about all my life.  And even though I’d been told that if I believed in God, I’d never see hell, it wasn’t true.

We all go there sometime.  And it’s right here in this lifetime.  It isn’t in eternity.  And it’s not where we go if we don’t believe.  It’s where we can’t see Him or hear Him, and every Hope has left the building.

Hell is very real.  It burns everything in its fire and brimstone where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  It isn’t where we go for punishment.  Its what happens when we fail completely and life falls totally apart.  Our tapestry unravels and there is nothing but searing pain.

But, my Lord has already been there.  And He didn’t flinch because I was going.  He simply stepped up to me while I couldn’t reach out to Him.  Then He lifted His arms because I couldn’t lift mine.

He said, “Look, I want to show you something.”

And because I had no will, I looked up, and went with Him where He wanted to take me.

That was the first time I saw heaven.

And looking back, it seems odd that the first time I saw heaven, was when I’d gone to hell.

But that’s what hell is for.  Everything is loss and my false savior, my Self, is burned to death.

It’s the moment when Jesus could truly prove Himself to me.  When He could move matter and heal the darkness.  It’s when I saw my greatest hope had nothing to do with my failure and everything to do with my emptiness.

Finally, in my greatest weakness, He could do it all for me.

This is why Jesus went to the cross.  So that when I fell and burned alive, He could give me the best gift of Life.  Resurrection.

He knew its where I’d come eventually when everything I’d worked so hard to believe, and accomplish, became nothing.  And nothing was left.

Only Him.  Then He rose from His grave for me, and moved His hand.  And Life was born.

He IS the miracle, the Life.  There is nothing else.

This Life is the Joy.

But it’s still hard to watch someone else going down.

I try to reach down and pull them up.  But most of the time Jesus is the only one who can reach that deep into the darkness.

So, I pray like Jesus prayed for Peter.  That their faith will hold like the last knot we tie in the rope.  And that afterward, after hell has done it’s worst, they will strengthen others with the knowledge that we can be saved.  Because everytime, Jesus is there.

If I hadn’t gone into my pit of hell, I probably could have never experienced the glories of heaven.

My false savior who couldn’t stop trying to achieve, or accomplish, or access heaven on my own, had to fail and then burn.  Because there is no path to heaven through my own abilities. Only through Jesus saving me from hell.

From that death, He gave me Life.  And changed me.  More than once.

It’s a frightening journey and if you’ve gone there, I’ll pray Jesus’s prayer for you.   That your faith will hold like the knot in the end of your rope.

There is Hope and Resurrection.  And He still loves to save us and show us heaven.



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Imagine heaven right here, a utopia where hearing God speak was ordinary and the new world order was life without limits.  What if this was a possible world? What if it really does get better? What if it was God’s plan all along?

There is no Armageddon or cataclysmic end of the world coming.  There are no plans for world judgment or destruction. There is just paradise on earth.

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Rose Rock is a secluded, self-sufficient, high desert community whose supernatural existence causes every person to hear God speaking to them, among other things.  Rose Rock’s only agenda is heaven on earth.

Rose Rock paints the picture of a transparent God who freely shares the supernatural and miraculous, and plans to make it happen all over the world. Rose Rock is the template.

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IDENTITY – Chapter 21 from MY SEAT (Read Here – Free)

My Seat

(MY SEAT – 1st book in the “Learning to Live From The Kingdom” series)
Chapter 21 – Identity


Our actual and real Identity may not be anything similar to who we see ourselves as right now. We can be completely wrong in our self-image and while we are wrong we won’t experience the life that Father God intended for us.

So, how can we be completely wrong? Because the real you and the real me was created the moment God envisioned us. He created every detail, every character trait, and every nuance of your personality and mine. And it was good.

At that moment there was nothing about us that was off-whack, twisted, broken or damaged. We were perfect. Continue reading IDENTITY – Chapter 21 from MY SEAT (Read Here – Free)




I began writing 5 easy steps to being un-offendable when I realized that I don’t believe in steps.  They’re formulas and formulas are an act of striving to change ourselves using our own minuscule power. It’s extremely hard work and seldom succeeds.

So, I scrapped most of what I wrote and voted for telling you the story of the first time I decided to stop being offended.

It happened when Hunny and I were dating and we had a fight because he said something that offended me.  It was happening frequently because he’s an outspoken man and rarely beats around the bush.

But this time he said, “Look, this isn’t going to work if you keep getting offended.  First off, I’m not going to change.  This is who I am.  And this is how I talk.  I love you and you can believe that or not.  It’s your choice.  But you can’t manipulate me.  So, figure it out because this won’t work.” Continue reading BEING UN-OFFENDABLE





(an informal interview with my journalism friend, Nick Brauer)


Nick:      “Have you had any visitations? Has Jesus or anyone else appeared to you?”

Faith:      “Yes, actually He has.  And many others too.  Jesus came to me about 22 years ago and I couldn’t look up.  His presence was so intense and humbling that I sunk to the floor and all I saw was His feet while He was talking to me.  Then He reached down and pulled me up, but I still couldn’t make myself look up at His face and I cried and cried.  He hugged me and then put something in my hand before He disappeared.  Later, when I was finally composed and went to do chores, my hand was still clasped.  And when I opened it I saw a pencil and heard Him say, over my shoulder, “Now, you’ll write for Me.”

And a few years ago, I went through a time that I decided to pay attention to anything I saw out of the corner of my eye.  I’d read about how many dimensions physicists had found (10-13) and it seemed highly probable that there were people and beings around us all the time.  We just can’t see them with our 3-dimensional eyes.  But maybe there’s something different in our peripheral vision that allows us to see glimpses out of the corner of our eye so often.  So, I paid attention.  And whenever I saw something, I’d stop what I was doing for just a second and say, “Who is that?”

Almost every time, I’d get a strong impression of someone.  Usually, they were people I’d never expect.  So, I’d ask, “Do you have something to say?”  And they’d answer the same way Father talks to me, in a spiritual kind of download to my mind.  Spontaneous thought.  I think it’s a telepathy that is commonly used in the spiritual realm.

Most Christians are afraid of having dead people talk to them.  And that mostly comes from doctrine built around the story of the Witch of Endor in the Old Testament.  But, Jesus talked to Moses and Elijah.  And they were dead.  So, I don’t think He had a taboo about it.  I think Saul got into trouble from his Witch episode because rather than get His guidance and answers directly from God, He tried to circumvent God by dragging Samuel up to get guidance from him.  Anytime we circumvent God for guidance, we’re in deep doo-doo.  And we do it all the time.  We even recommend it via Pastors, Teachers, Prophets, Counselors, and on and on.  But God wants us to come to Him one on one.

Anyway, I talked to Eli in the Courts of Heaven, and my Mom came to me once, and my best friend came to me the day she passed, and Robin Williams, and my niece.  I’ve also had people I didn’t know come to me.  One was a scientist, and I think he’d been famous.  Another was an author from the late 1800’s (I don’t remember who it was, maybe Mark Twain).

I should have written them all down, but I didn’t.  Their messages were comfort, encouragement or wisdom to me.

I didn’t worship them.  I didn’t ask them to come.  And none of them told me something that could have ever been construed as controlling or manipulative.  And gradually, I simply lost interest in whoever was floating by in the ether that I caught out of the corner of my eye.  So, I stopped asking who was there.

However, it’s odd that you’d ask this question just now because I saw a man in a white business shirt out of the corner of my eye the other day.  And it was so pronounced that I literally jumped in my seat.

So, I know they are still everywhere.  It’s simply our choice if we want to interact with them or not.”


We all love to hear stories about visitations.  They are exciting proof that there is a supernatural existence beyond our explanation.  And yet we try to explain it all the time.  Sometimes we go so far that we create doctrine/dogma around the subject and then tension and turmoil ensue.

It isn’t my desire to cause tension or turmoil in anything I share.  But I understand that we aren’t all in the same spot on our path.   So, I hope we can simply say that Father has no boundaries for what He can do for us.  And that gradually we learn to accept whatever He gifts us to receive.

There is a lot more to the subject of visitation, but this interview was limited to only my experiences.  I hope they bless you and give you encouragement, and possibly confirmation for visitations you may have experienced yourself.

Father always encourages us with, “Do Not Be Afraid”.  And He doesn’t put any conditions on it.  So, I hope you take Him at His word and follow wherever He leads, without Fear.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.  I send blessings of Love with you on yours.







Do you ever wonder when Father God is going to begin pouring out His spirit on all men?  Well, wonder no more.  Step outside and start talking to people.  Don’t preach to them, but listen to their experiences.

I have a friend who’s only been to church during one week of her life. It was when she was 14 yrs old. However, she and Father talk to each other every day and she has relied on Him all her life.  I wrote about her in another article called “Knowing God“.

And I have another friend who is New Age, and yet she embraces my spiritual experiences and trusts any messages I receive for her. She was raised Christian but found the lifestyle too limiting spiritually. She calls God “the universe” but her spiritual understanding often mirrors mine.

There’s another friend who has burned up so many brain cells with drugs and alcohol that she can only rarely carry on a real conversation with anyone. And yet God speaks with her.  And when she tells about those conversations, the profound reality of His omnipotence shines through.  It makes the hairs on my arms stand up.

And I have another friend who’s a homosexual and when he talks about his life with the Almighty, you know it is God and His love has filled this man’s life.

These friends are examples of something many believers are encountering. And it makes us pause and ponder what God is doing because He doesn’t appear to be limited by Christianity. He crosses all the lines of our taboos.

He fills homosexuals with the Holy Spirit, and He speaks to drug addicts, New Agers, and apparently complete strangers.

Maybe He didn’t get the memo that He has rules.

Or maybe we didn’t get the memo that the veil tore and everyone is welcome to relationship with Him.

He isn’t exclusive to us. And we don’t get any kudos in excluding these people from our lives.

And when I asked Him once if He wanted me to teach that person about Him, He emphatically told me “Keep your hands off. I’m her only teacher and I like it that way. Besides, look at you after all these years.  You’re still unlearning junk that keeps you from walking in freedom with me.”

Oh, how right He is.  It seems that every time I begin writing, another holy cow pops up and I have to tip her right over onto her side.

You see, quite often Father speaks to me as I write.  He’s right there.  After all, He’s my greatest inspiration.  He always steers the topic into something that thrills my heart.

And apparently, He’s doing the same thing to a whole lot of others too.  He’s pouring out His spirit on all men and He doesn’t care where they are.  And it’s amazing to see.

Church isn’t inside 4 walls anymore.  It is spread over the whole earth and Holy Spirit is blowing just like the scripture says.  He goes places that we don’t know.

It thrills me when I run into another example of His freedom.  Like the complete stranger in WalMart who becomes my hairdresser.  She doesn’t go to church and hasn’t done so in years.  But she knows that when her husband has a car accident and he is the only thing in the scene that walks away uncrunched in one piece, it was God.  And she gives Him all the credit.  So does her husband.

And here’s the real eye-opener.  Father isn’t pushing them toward a church.  He doesn’t seem to care about that much.

But with each one of these people, great Joy and Peace spill out from them.  Their hugs are lavish and generous.  Love exudes from them freely.

So, I’ve decided to enjoy this blowing wind and join the celebration He’s pouring out everywhere I look.  It’s like one big party of happiness and I’m having a ball.  And when someone talks about being a part of a believers community, I know that I already am.

Yes, I know there’s healing for them and for us all.  But that’s another topic.  And if they aren’t there, or don’t want to be there, then Father is OK with simple relationship.  Love is more than enough.  It’s the Good News!

Thank you for joining me.



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My Seat is about Identity. It’s a place where we all come to learn about who we are in Christ and what we were created to accomplish in this life.

In My Seat, Faith Living shares her journey to Identity. The struggles with fear and resolution of heartbreaks. There she finds step by step healing, revelation, and guidance from Father God. Her story may seem unusual and may shift your paradigms, or it will touch your heart and open your mind to the miraculous. Either way, it will speak of the absolute omnipotent power of God to complete the work He began in us.

Some of the chapters were articles that Faith wrote in her blog Faith Living Now which began in 2013. They seemed to be random insight until their connection came to light under 4 topics: The Seat, The Kingdom, The Compassionate Heart, and The Rewards. Each of these were realities Faith encountered in her relationship with Father.

It is these 4 topics that have created this series of 4 books.

Faith shares her journey to encourage you and give you hope. It may also give you the courage to discover your own realities that Father God created for you from the beginning of the world.





When Hunny and I started off on a mini-vacation with our little motorhome, and things began breaking, I remembered Father’s words to me a couple months ago.  “Nothing missing, nothing broken”. It spoke to me of wholeness and completeness and the effect of His presence.

But did He mean more than the completeness of my soul and spirit?  Was that completeness also for our motorhome on this vacation? Or should I begin rationalizing because I live in a fallen world and this is the victimization I must expect?

How can that be?  In my mind, that was like saying “God is good in the spiritual but not so much in the natural because He is impotent in this fallen world”.

That can’t be true because most of us have experienced miracles and power.  We know Father is more than willing to move things on our behalf.  But the success of our prayers often seems sporadic.  So, we search for the constant as we excuse the inconstant. And we remember the scripture that says He will use everything to our benefit.

He will.  That was obvious when the towbar on the car broke and Hunny had to drive the car behind the motorhome.  It worried me because Hunny had been having problems with pain in his hip while riding in the car.  So, I prayed for him every mile we traveled. And Father turned it for our good. The pain was gone and Father gave us a revelation. Pain had come from Hunny’s body alignment. He leaned back when he was a passenger but sat straight-up while driving. It was a simple revelation and yet a miracle. Father had used the situation for our good.

On the last morning, as we prepped the motorhome for the final leg of our trip … another thing broke.  And then another.  They weren’t big items.  Nothing that would cause serious problems.  But suddenly out of my gut rushed something akin to righteous indignation.  I blurted out the words, “That is it!  Nothing else breaks!  This is my kingdom!  And everything here is perfect! Nothing missing, nothing broken!”

But a question hung in the air.  How does “nothing missing, nothing broken” apply to our practical lives?

Then after we got home, Father seemed almost too eager to fling the doors wide open for me to see. He pounced on the subject as soon as I poured a cuppa coffee and sat down at my desk.

He said we had been under spiritual attack which He allowed so I could grasp another of those kingdom keys from Him. Those keys make me an Overcomer.

“Anything is possible if you believe it. Do you believe you can have a life of “nothing missing, nothing broken”? He asked me.

“Father, are you saying we can live without anything breaking?  Ever?”

He reminded me of the children of Israel wandering in the desert for 40 years with Moses.  Their clothes didn’t wear out.

Then He asked me, “Imagine how much better your finances would be if you never had to buy things because the previous one broke?”

Then I saw an aspect of abundance that I hadn’t considered.  And I cringed at the thought of wearing the same shirt for 20 years. But His point was to expose the hole in my purse.  Even as we gain income, expenses increase.  Sure we can blame it on the economy or the government. But, it always seems like something knows we have more money and it sets out to drain it from our hands.  We get $250 in an unexpected bonus, and the next day a tire blows out costing exactly $250. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s noticed this. And I’ve always thanked Father for preparing us for the disaster.

But what if He is sending blessings that the enemy is stealing simply because I don’t know I can declare “nothing missing, nothing broken” in my kingdom?  What if this theft is possible because I excuse enemy attacks by saying “we live in a fallen world”?

Father reminded me that I have exactly what I can believe in my life.  And when I can’t move that needle closer to perfection, then maybe it’s because I’m accepting attack as normal, and victimization as part of life.

I’m very aware that every obstacle He has allowed in my life proved to be an opportunity for a new level of truth.  It caused me to go to Him for a key to overcome the challenge. Usually, I don’t do well overcoming when I resort to formula prayers and methods. But when I go to Him and get the key. Wha-la!

Father pointed out to me once, that the whole point of this life is learning to be an overcomer.  That is primary.   We aren’t here to endure a fallen world and live as victims in it.  We are here to change the status quo.  Make a difference. Move the needle and bring heaven to earth. That’s what the keys to the kingdom are for.

I certainly must admit that nothing … NOTHING on earth feels so good as when I get a key to an obstacle … and the key turns the lock!

It has nothing to do with working hard to have enough faith.  It’s simply about knowing Father has keys and He wants me to have them too.

I can’t prove to you that this works in my kingdom. All I know is that with each revelation of how the kingdom works, my life seems to become a little more perfect. Drama, turmoil, and chaos that I endured for so long, disappears farther and farther into the past. And perfection permeates everything more and more. Some of our friends don’t get it and they think our words about Father are just silly. But it goes on right before their eyes. And I think they are amazed even when they won’t admit it. Lol.

Yes, something that could have been a horrific disaster happened on our vacation when the tow bar broke. We don’t even know how long we’d been traveling with it that way. And in the status quo natural the car could have easily broken away from us on the highway. But it didn’t. And I believe it couldn’t. That’s because of the Angels and the divine protection we have, of course.

And in addition to using this for our benefit, Father opened a door so the repair may cost us nothing, or at worst, a minimal charge. Of course, just because we’re responsible people, we’ll have extra backup precautions installed too. And they will also not cost us extra.

I suspect that “nothing missing, nothing broken” will go on in my practical life. Simply because I finally believe it is a piece of the kingdom on earth. And I want every piece I can acquire of that amazing existence.

Certainly, I’m going to keep letting my Spirit declare awesome things over my kingdom and I’m going to keep asking for keys that bring heaven to earth. After all, I don’t have a problem living in paradise right here in front of everyone. And maybe I’m not doing it as well as I could be, but I’m doing it better than I used to. That’s progress in the right direction.

So, how will I feel if something breaks? Or something is missing? Will I sink into depression and the feeling that I’m doing it wrong? Nah, that’s not how the keys work. They aren’t my creation. They are Father’s creation and so am I. Whenever the consistent becomes inconsistent, it’s because there’s another key.

The Kingdom is a living thing. It is fluid (you know, like “living water”). And it is Spirit. It’s Alive. And so is everything in it. So, predictability often goes right out the window. And that’s the characteristic that keeps me reliant on Father every time, for every thing. I have come to love living this way. It’s an adventure!

Thank you for joining me on my journey. I love sharing the victories with you and I hope they bring overcoming blessings into your life.



loss: less is more

(This is a Guest Post from Lew Curtiss at the Creative Harmonies blog.)

I’ve been thinking too much. I’ve been thinking about loss, and in Father God, I have no loss. There remains nothing that anyone or anything can take from me. I have released it all. All means all. I won’t bore either of us with a list.

The other day I told Father God that if for some reason He took everything and everyone from me, if He lead me into complete and total isolation, for whatever reason, He Himself would be enough. And if not enough at the time, He would become so eventually. This is not because He’s all that would remain, but because He is truly all that I want and need.

I am becoming smaller and smaller. My footprint in this life is shrinking all the time. Father God is becoming greater and larger with each passing day. If I simply disappeared from this world, the shouts of joy in Heaven would echo through His Creation.

What I do care about is the attitude of the hearts of Father’s children, and that is the purpose of the art that He and I make. Together, we create in order to feed the hearts and lives of other people.

I am already not of this world, a place temporarily maimed by the Liar at the behest of Adam. Father Himself is leading me out into His Garden of Life and helping me to release even more from this life. These are things that I either didn’t think of on my own or didn’t even know I was connected to. I love Him for this cleansing liberty.

While in this world, and as Father helps me to, I live as did Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. I fear nothing and believe in Father’s deliverance. But if for some reason, I am not delivered, I still believe in Him who loves me anyway. In the end, I will dwell entirely in His Presence.

It’s interesting to me that there seems to be a balance between holding onto this world and embracing Heaven. The less I hold onto in this world, the more space there is within my being for Father and His divine Presence. And so it is that I willingly let go of more and more of this world. What I want is Father God, entirely, intimately, and completely.

There are so many layers to the lies we’ve all been fed by the Liar – so many. I find that fighting them is idiocy. Following Father God out of them, now that’s supreme wisdom. None of this transformation is done with my abilities but in the gifts of love from Father God.


letting go


Back in the day, when Hunny and I were more immature, we’d have some rip-roaring episodes now and then. Father never condemned me for any one of them and as I look back now, I can see His hand in each one. They were how we learned to live with each other, give each other wide berth to be ourselves, and respect the strength we inherently possessed individually.

Honestly, neither of us thought our marriage would survive very long. We were both so strong-willed and assertive. The match was definitely equal.

But we did learn. Sometimes unwillingly.

And we didn’t always go to bed in forgiveness. However, we often woke up that way.

It used to surprise me when I’d turn around and suddenly love him dearly when only moments ago anger had been spilling over. I remember the first time it happened, I resisted. After all, I was mad at him, wasn’t I? Shouldn’t I still be?  He hadn’t apologized.  And he had hurt my feelings.  I’d even cried my heart out.

But my Spirit would insist that I should simply let it go, and let love and laughter fill the space between us again. It was weird. We hadn’t settled anything. Shouldn’t we sit down and talk about this at length? Shouldn’t we hash out the boundaries?

Nope. Apparently, we shouldn’t. According to the Spirit inside me, we should leave what lies behind and step into the Joy and Love that is freely available.  It felt unfinished like leaving dirty dishes in the sink.  But it also felt like release and like lightness shining.

I learned to let go.  I learned to laugh and hug and kiss without knowing the answers to the questions.  And I learned to relax.  No one had to be in control when Love was around.  Mostly, I learned to let Father worry about it.  He’s a lot smarter than me anyway.

I know this isn’t traditional Christian teaching. But this is what we came to know as the resolution to all things. Let it go. Let it be. We weren’t wise enough to fix the inner workings of our personalities and characters. Only Holy Spirit knows what lays at the bottom and how to mold it. So, we let Him do what He does best.

And if the situation required a forthcoming decision, then we were a bit more respectful of each other in the following discussion.

I wanted to share this with you because, just maybe, your relationships aren’t traditional either.  And just maybe you need to hear that it’s OK.  Maybe you too have discovered unconventional means of resolution and healing.  And maybe it is the good thing to do.  The peaceful, loving, and restoring thing.

When Father’s Spirit lives inside us, He is more than capable.  He can do so much more than we have learned.  And we truly can lean on Him for resolution and love.  He is overflowing with it and gives it freely.

Hunny and I don’t live with old resentments or wounds and we have never given much time to apologies.  But if you ask either of us what has kept us through the years, we’d probably answer “Letting go and laughing”.  It’s miraculous.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  I send blessings to accompany you on yours.