dangling feet


I sat by the river of heaven today and dangled my feet in the water -while wearing my new shoes. Yep, I got some new shoes, and no, the water doesn’t damage them. And they’re gorgeous.

At first, I thought they were burgundy silk, but as they fit themselves to my feet, they came alive and morphed into magenta and then deep purple, and back again, depending on which way I turned.  They massaged and caressed my feet as though I had laid them in a bed full of squirming kittens.

It all began this morning when I went to the Courts of Heaven to face an accuser who’s been causing lots of heartache and tears lately.  He stepped up bullishly to the bench and declared his right to harass me because I wasn’t wearing my shoes.

“My shoes?” I repeated in surprise.

“Yeah, the ones you abandoned at the same time you left witchcraft.”  He snarled with a grin.

Speechless, I turned to my heavenly adviser who whispered.  “You got your shoes when you were 15 years old.  They represented your gift of Prophesy.  You only understood part of that gift during the years in witchcraft.  Remember how accurate you were with Tarot cards?  That was because of the gift.  But when you left witchcraft, you abandoned the shoes thinking they belonged to witchcraft rather than you.”

“What am I supposed to do now?”  I asked, and instantly we were outside the courtroom, standing in a private corner of the courtyard while I remembered those years and the unusual sense of knowing exactly what each card reading meant.  But I didn’t remember shoes.

I used to describe my years in witchcraft, by saying, “When I turned away from God.”  But one day Father had replied, “When did you turn away from Me?  I don’t remember that.”

As that conversation unfolded, He explained that my journey into witchcraft was unlike anyone else.  I hadn’t rebelled or rejected Him.  I simply wanted to know why Christians were afraid of witchcraft.  It made no sense.  If Father God was LOVE itself, and He was bigger than anything, including evil, then what was there to fear?  So I had gone in search of answers.

However, my Biblical doctrine said I had gone far away from Father God and that meant I was on my own, without Him.  So, believing I was without LOVE and without my only source of renewal, I spiralled into hopelessness and contemplated suicide.

Then, in a last-ditch effort to see if He still cared, I reached up.  And whoa, boy, He responded like the immense ocean of LOVE that He is.  He wrapped me in a tube like a transporter beam on Star Trek and it filled with water – light – music – love – healing that flooded me for minutes, hours, days, and weeks until I was restored.

After I healed, I blamed witchcraft for my downward spiral and threw everything connected to it, into the dumpster.  So, there were shoes in that pile?  It was certainly possible.  I didn’t know much in those days.  And since I was determined to banish anything that could separate me from His LOVE, I could certainly have abandoned shoes that I didn’t even know existed.  But I was just a silly girl.  I had yet to discover that nothing can separate me from His LOVE.

But, now that I knew about my shoes, I wanted them back.  So, I immediately asked for them and they came to my feet instantly.  Ooh, wee!!!

Now I had my shoes on and in a flash we were back in the courtroom finishing up the confrontation with my accuser.  He had no legal grounds to attack me.  But there hadn’t been legal grounds for the attacks even before I had my shoes on because my sins and ignorant decisions were covered by the blood of Jesus.  They always had been.

Still, it was nice to get my shoes back even though they are simply a representation of my gift, just as my gown represents my character and personality.  Everything in the spirit realm represents something.  Every item, every color, every design, has deep personal significance.  We literally wear our hearts on our sleeves, so to speak.  And since everything has a time and a season, I have a sneaky suspicion I’m going to need my shoes, soon.

After the court proceedings, we went to the river and that’s where I discovered that dangling my shoes in the water doesn’t hurt them!  Ironically, it just feels like heaven. Lol!

I hope you’ve got your shoes on!  Someone’s looking at them!

Blessings on your journey,




fruit of words


One of my neighbors shared with me, that this town, community, and the area is filled with evil, hateful, disgusting people and it’s a horrible place to live. I was shocked, like a deer in the headlights, but she calmly maintained that everything she felt was the only truth.

I said that I was living the polar opposite and that I love this place and everyone here.

In the end, we agreed to disagree about the subject and felt no anger toward each other. We went on to spend a pleasant time talking about many other things. I didn’t try to change her mind, nor did she insist on changing mine.

Later as I pondered her “take” on our community, I felt impressed to spiritually void her words which seemed like curses. So as I sat alone on my deck in the morning sun, I spoke out loud to the spirit world around me, informing everyone that I was standing on my mountain declaring love, and truth, and blessing over my land and people, including those who see the opposite of me.

As I spoke, the Spirit prompted me to hold my home, my land, and all the people very close to my heart in a fond, affectionate embrace. He explained that this was the only effective stance of change, of overcoming, and of bringing heaven to earth. It was an amazing time as I felt healing spreading like warm oil over everything.

Now, I see another comparison – to my Christian brothers and sisters who believe in “end-times” judgement. This is the only effective way for us to respond to each other.

Our words grow things.  We eat the fruit of them.  They are the bread of our lives.





I dreamt that I accidentally killed my precious doggies within a 24 hour period, by not feeding them. Then heartbroken, I cried out to God for forgiveness.

The awful pain woke me and I began the inward searching for the horrible flaw I could blame. Of course, there were plenty of places to target. Continue reading FINDING SIN INSIDE OURSELVES




It’s true there are Christians who behave like bullies.  Some bullies are not aware they are bullying.  Other bullies are taught to be bullies by their churches and bible schools under the guise of debate.

One Christian brother told me that he learned debate techniques in a School of Ministry which practiced aggressively, combative techniques.  “I sliced and diced with my tongue, winning all but one of those debates” he told me. Continue reading CHRISTIAN BULLIES ARE AMONG US

The Contents of My Effectual Prayers That Avail Much

prayer that avails much

I was thinking about fervent, effectual prayers.  You know, the kind we all want.  The kind that “avails much”.  The kind that James 5:16 talks about.

Have you ever paid close attention to your prayers to see which ones were availing much, and which ones seemed to bounce off the ceiling?  I’m sure you have some that availed much.  Are there similarities in them?  After all, what is the point of prayers that avail nothing? Continue reading The Contents of My Effectual Prayers That Avail Much

Viewpoints: from a Police Officer

my visit with a police officer


I took the opportunity to visit with a cop for a while the other day.  His name and other details will be kept confidential, but his story should be heard.

He was gentle, and kind although his voice was subdued with sadness, or hopelessness.  I didn’t know which.  He dreamt of being a cop as a child, and that dream solidified as a young adult when he witnessed an officer help a young couple calmly through the angry emotions of an ending relationship.  The officer disarmed their need for retaliation, and planted a seed in the heart of the young man to help others in chaos, to be a peacemaker. Continue reading Viewpoints: from a Police Officer


Rejection&Identity2 Kindle

(an excerpt from the book)

Are there people who simply can’t see Father, can’t access their Identity, and can’t hear His voice?

I want to reply with a solid “no” and say that it’s not because they can’t … it’s because they can’t right now.

That might not sound very compassionate of me. I understand their struggle, I’ve been there, but I don’t accept the barrier because as I found, there is actually nothing there. It’s a mirage produced by misunderstanding because nothing can separate us from God. He said that. Continue reading ACHIEVING IDENTITY



Once again, this topic is so important that I’m not going to spend a lot of time prepping you.  Basically, the same approach we used to pray for the police officers is the approach we use for the other guys.

Again, I know you’re frustrated by the shootings that keep happening.  It’s time to stop responding to evil the same way, again and again.  It’s not working.  It’s time to step into The Kingdom and do this Father’s way. Continue reading HOW TO PRAY FOR SHOOTERS AND TERRORISTS



This topic is so important that I’m not going to spend a lot of time prepping you.  I’m going to tell you what just happened, what Father told me, and then I’m going to pray for you.

I know you’re frustrated because these shootings keep happening.  It’s time to stop responding to evil the same way, again and again.  It’s not working.  It’s time to step into The Kingdom and do this Father’s way. Continue reading HOW TO PRAY FOR POLICE OFFICERS


Rejection & Identity Book Two

Available now on Amazon and Kindle

Rejection & Identity Boo


       In this second edition of Rejection & Identity, Faith Living adventures into our misunderstanding of Rejection and highlights the overcoming lifestyle of Resistance, a stance that doesn’t simply push our enemy away from us so he can one day return to taunt us again, but completely removes his effectiveness in our world.

Using Resistance through our renewed Identity, we reflect the truly victorious lifestyle of Jesus, and once again return our world to the garden that Adam & Eve enjoyed.

Overcoming evil is our purpose and our last battle.  It shines through clearly in this revelation.