tithe 2


Most of our friends know our stance on tithe.  We are the temple.  And they ask what we do with it now.   So, I wrote this article to explain a bit.

Last week a couple regular income checks went into our checking account.  The next day my automatic transfer took 10% and put it into our savings account.

I love modern technology that lets me set things up to work automatically.  Then like magic, it goes where I want it to go.

But the financial strategy behind our automation is an eclectic mix of pieces from several sources.  The Old Testament, a financial advisor, and a little book called “The Richest Man in Babylon“. Continue reading WHAT WE DO WITH OUR TITHE






In several ways lately, Father has highlighted the peculiar struggle that only women encounter in their lives on Earth.  One way or another, men take authority over us and we don’t always give that authority freely but rather it is forced upon us.  Either religiously, through the misuse of scripture, or physically through overpowering.

Women’s hearts are made to nurture others, not defend ourselves.  So, when it happens, we suffer first from the knowledge that defense is necessary and secondly from being forced to acquire a trait that is against our nature.

I asked Father what He was trying to show me, and He replied, “Can you see the difference in The Kingdom?”

Then I looked from My Seat over my kingdom and saw that there was no difference in male or female. The Kingdom is spiritual.  Yet it is where we sit while we rule and reign on Earth. Continue reading WOMEN IN THE KINGDOM




Whose voice is speaking?  That’s the primary concern of believers wanting to hear God.  How can we know who is speaking?

When I began hearing Him, I asked Father God to prove Himself to me.  Not because I’m rebellious.  Nor am I a jerk.  But rather because it was His suggestion.  And as a result, over the course of several weeks, all doubt was erased from my mind.

He reminded me that we spend this same sort of time weighing and learning about any new friend.  We have conversations for days, weeks and months before we open ourselves up completely to someone new.  Friendships seldom have free reign in one day or one conversation.

That’s not to say, Father can’t do that.  He certainly can do anything.  But often the journey to hear His voice clearly and without doubt, is a rather long one. Continue reading WHOSE VOICE IS IT? GOOD OR EVIL




It was July 2nd, 2014, a warm peaceful morning, and I was enjoying sleeping a little longer than usual when the crows came and sat in the big tree outside my window.  It wasn’t a big deal except every one of them was crying at the top of their little lungs, which is surprisingly loud.  And I flinched and rolled over.  And then I jumped out of bed. “What the heck!?”  Then I waited patiently for them to disburse.  5 minutes, 10 minutes it continued.  “Oh, what in the world is going on?”

When I went to the window, I saw nothing strange.   There was only green grass, and a soft breeze.

So why were there crows screaming like they were having a raucous party in the loudest club downtown?  It felt like my nerves were being frayed one at a time as I pulled on my clothes and headed for a cuppa my favorite coffee. Continue reading HOLY CROWS!!!!



heavenly transformation


So, you’ve been pulled on a heavenly journey!  And now you wonder if it was real.  But you know you couldn’t have made this up because it was spontaneous.  It was something your imagination never created before.  But what was it?

The awe and the wonder linger predominantly in your heart and mind for hours, possibly days, and even weeks.  You can’t forget the furry feel of grass that giggles under your toes.   Or the feel of wearing a living gown that hugs and caresses your body with love.

You’re chomping at the bit to tell someone, but who will believe it was anything more than a fantastical fairytale dream? Continue reading WHY DO WE GO ON HEAVENLY JOURNEYS?





This morning a fellow believer claimed himself to be my Pastor, and when I read his note I chuckled a teeny weeny bit because he has no idea the path I’ve walked on this topic.

It began a year or so ago with a group creating a denomination around some new revelation and for a minute I contemplated belonging because I agree with so much, except one point.

I simply don’t believe there is a hierarchy in Heaven or in The Kingdom of God other than the Godhead and me (or you).   But last year I didn’t have time to break down the reasons why.  So I pursued it today.

As usual, I went to Jesus at My Seat and asked Him.  And as usual, I had the answer before I finished the sentence.  (He reads my thoughts, you know). Continue reading WHAT HIERARCHY ?



silent and unquestioning


Today I was reminded how so many good church-goers have embraced silence. They label questioning seekers as troublemakers and find great comfort in the status quo. It’s called unity.

But that unity is a prison of hypocrisy where the mind and heart are silenced without free expression. And a smiling mask is worn to cover a dying soul.

Father never created a human heart that didn’t crave more. And it is only silenced through fear. The biggest one being Rejection.

No one ever wants to be rejected. It is the most painful thing we do to each other. And yet all the best churches teach how to properly and lovingly reject others as though it is a cooking class meant to make your meals better than you’ve ever known. Continue reading THE SILENT AND UNQUESTIONING





About 18 months ago, I shared a declaration I made in my Kingdom, that no Police Officers would be shot and killed in my state of Colorado.

That declaration stood strong, until just a few days ago, when the first Officer in my beloved state, passed into eternity from a shooting.

My heart felt like it stopped.  And I stood in the dark space of eternity and asked Father why. Continue reading RULING AND REIGNING – AND FAILURE



going down


It’s a scary thing to watch someone go headlong down into the pit of hell. You probably know that place as well as I do. And it’s not been so long ago since I was there.

The last time I went, I shrunk to the floor in a heap. Tears were coming in great floods and I had no hope at all. There was not even one point of light shining for me in the distance. Nothing was left.  And Fear screamed into the darkness which was blacker than any black.  Death waited with open arms.  And pain was worse than any known.

I was shocked at my arrival because I hadn’t known there was an actual place of burning and torture for us in this present existence. Continue reading GOING DOWN INTO HELL