In some quiet, flash-of-a-moment when you were contemplating the way the universe works, you sensed that something wasn’t quite right about Rejection, even in the face of its apparent necessity.  It felt like having a foot on each side of a fence. One moment we’re operating in Love and the next, we’re sternly Rejecting something or someone.  Suddenly we are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  We become the judge and the jury putting everything in it’s appropriate box – labeling it good or bad, and then taking out the trash.

Within these pages , Faith Living shares conversations with Father God and new revelations He’s given. They may shake our paradigms and rattle our theology, but with our faith intact, Father may lead us into the light of a new day.

“I hope these revelations excite you as much as they have me.  The joy and freedom Father brings is excruciatingly overwhelming!”  Love, Faith

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Chapter 1 – GOOD OR BAD?                          

Chapter 2 – MY STORY                                  

Chapter 3 – IN THE GARDEN                       

Chapter 4 – OUR THEOLOGY                       

Chapter 5 – OUR PSYCHOLOGY                   

Chapter 6 – HEALING IDENTITY                 

Chapter 7 – CHOICES                                    

Chapter 8 – OVERCOMERS                          

Chapter 9 – TREE OF LIFE (LOVE)        




Rejection Identity FRONT COVER