without manipulation

You know the manipulation that draws you into Offence and then accuses you of having a problem with Offence?

Yep, we’ve all been there.  And to top it off some of us have had someone try to teach us how to do this, saying it’s biblical.  Their reasoning involves scriptures out of context and motive out of Spirit.

Well, hallelujah, we’re learning and we’re doing it quickly.  Holy Spirit is pouring Himself out all over the world and Manipulation is being exposed along with Offence and his brother Rejection.  Every one of those ugly guys rub against Holy Spirit within us and we feel the prickling sensation shiver down our arms.

It’s time to stand up and stretch a little.  Don’t run off screaming and yelling rebukes into the spirit realm, willy nilly.  Simply stand up and stretch.  Breathe deeply and close your eyes.

Now see yourself in His eyes and look at that detail closely once again, because every time you do this exercise, you’ll see more than you saw the last time.  There are rings on your fingers and bells on your toes (so to speak).  You’ll see the lavish gifts Father has given you.  Pan into the shot and then fine-tune your focus.

Look at that!  It’s amazing what you have become!  Whoa, what a breath-taker!

I’m telling you right now, there isn’t another in this world or in heaven that can compare to the view of you shining from His eyes.  Isn’t it just the most fabulous thing you’ve ever imagined?

It certainly is mine.  I never thought I’d see the things I saw through His eyes.  I never thought I deserved them, but He saw every reason that I did.

Spending some time in this position changes the view completely. Manipulation, Strife, Offence, Rejection and all their brothers, simply look like tiny, scurrying bugs trying to run away from the fiery brightness radiating from you and me.

Go ahead and hand out some hugs and kisses to the people who’ve been fooled, then laugh as you watch those bugs run into the cracks and crevasses.  We don’t have to utter a single word.  They are going to starve to death, dwindle up and die in the darkness with nothing to eat and no one to play their lying games.

We don’t even have to explain our actions.  Love will perform His powerful magic.

Now look around.  The air is clean and pure.  Mmmm, it smells like wet pine after a rain.  Fresh and full of new life.  Buds are popping up all around us.

He is ALIVE and living right here, right now, inside us!  Heaven!

Thank you, Father!


(for my beautiful Sister, Lucia Hawes )


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