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Healing With Liquid Gold

And He said,

“Let me elaborate.”  To which my heart sighed in relief because I couldn’t understand alone.

“When you realized there was a hole, so to speak, in your husband’s armor, you saw a small piece of damage which left an open door to sickness.  It was there because of a previous situation in his life; one from his childhood; one he doesn’t remember.  Ministries have risen and died over this problem and the search for its solution. Great amounts of money have been poured into these holes and the resolutions have often been minor, at best.  You have witnessed this and wondered at the millions of souls chasing healing for wounds that don’t heal simply.  And yet, the solution is rather simple.  Come let me show you.” Continue reading Healing With Liquid Gold

Hearing God’s Voice



Watching a show about hearing impairment opened my eyes to a spiritual reality.   Without hearing Father’s voice, we struggle through life misunderstanding context, meaning, and purpose much the same as a hearing-impaired person struggles.

The Cochlear implant device creates hearing and when the device is turned on for the first time, reactions are profound.  Sound conveys more than words.  It conveys heart.

We cannot convey heart inside written word alone.  Words are one-dimensional, emotionless and heartless.  We, as authors, search for ways to incorporate the missing emotion through descriptive words, but can never truly touch the depth of a sob, a sigh, or exhilaration expressed in a voice. Continue reading Hearing God’s Voice






There are some people who believe that our soul lives in a place touching both Heaven and Earth and that we are the only created beings who can dwell in both places.

If this is true, then we’ve been reacting to our world all wrong if we want to fix its brokenness and evil.

We’ve been using Earth’s systems to fix Earth and that’s like using imperfection to fix imperfection.  It’ll never work.  And it hasn’t.

Perfection exists in Heaven, so wouldn’t it be logical to go to Heaven, see how it operates and then do that here?  And that opens a whole new problem.  If our soul can access both places then how does that work?  We didn’t really know exactly.

So we use prayer and ask God to intervene and fix our world.  And He can, certainly, but so far He hasn’t?  If we are the only beings He created with access to both realms, then shouldn’t we cross over and bring Heaven here?

When I looked to see how Jesus changed the Earth, the biggest piece of His sojourn here appears to be His sacrifice on the cross.  It gave us free access to Father God.  But how did that fix Earth?  It still looks as broken and evil as it ever was.

Jesus talked mainly about The Kingdom of God.  But what is that exactly?  Some people associate it with the church.

So, if the church is supposed to fix our world, then they have failed for a very long time.   And no matter how many revelations or revivals occur, only small sections of our population are changed.  And our world continues mostly broken and evil.

My question when I first began hearing Jesus speak to me, was how do we get the perfection of Heaven to come to Earth?  I was convinced that we are the key, but that we aren’t “getting it” somehow.  In all our theology and study, we’re missing something huge.

So, Jesus began showing me with small lessons.

At the time I was a courier in Denver and from the privacy of my vehicle, I began going to school with Jesus as my instructor.   The city was my training ground and it was full of practical life-exercises and on-the-job training.

My first lessons were about parking spaces.   I needed access to quick parking in front of each business where I had a delivery.  I’d run inside, make the delivery, get a signature, and leave for the next one.  But parking spaces are hard to find in a big city.

I’d say, “Jesus, I’m going to need that loading space out front of this next stop when I get there.”

And He’d reply, “You must say the words to create the thing you need.  There is power in your words because you are created in Our image.”

So, I thought, OK, I will.  After all, what do I have to lose?   And I said, “There will be a parking space when I get there.”

Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to the business and UPS was just pulling out of the loading space.  It was mine!  Wow.

Well, it’s easy to think it was simply a coincidence, a fluke and it wouldn’t happen over and over.  But it did.  And it happened so many times that I was beginning to think I was doing something like witchcraft, or positive speaking.  It certainly wasn’t something I was taught in church.

But it wasn’t either of those things because I began noticing a few things.

If I got nervous or anxious, then my words seemed to fall flat on the ground and didn’t produce much.  And things would go wrong causing me more frustration.  The stops wouldn’t flow and the traffic would get congested causing me delays.  I’d push harder and it was as though the job pushed back.

It only worked when I was feeling complete peace.  That’s when my words were weightier than I’d ever known before.

During my first week on the job, I got a speeding ticket.  And after I stopped crying and calmed down, I asked Jesus why.  He pointed out that the fear and panic I’d been feeling because of the deadlines, had caused me to speed.  Fear was actually faith in my failure.  And it produced what I believed.  This was how evil worked.

When I realized what I’d done, well, I was a little ticked off at myself.  I had let fear take charge in my heart and it was wrecking my job.  I would never succeed this way.  I would only be a victim.  And, in that moment of revelation, I said, “Oh, no you don’t!  I will NEVER get another speeding ticket again!”

Well, that was certainly speaking out results, but it was done in a bit of anger or something.  Would it work that way?  Or had I just done something terribly wrong?  So, I asked Jesus, “What did I just do?”

He said I’d taken my ground back because my spirit knew a lot more about the situation than my brain did.   My spirit had kicked in and claimed what was mine from My Seat.

I’d never heard anything like this before.  This was uncharted territory and I was unsure about the whole thing.  So, I paid more attention to my speed, but I also paid more attention to my fear levels.

Peace was imperative and I had to be able to tell immediately when I was letting it wane.  I had to recognize when nervous anxiety was rising inside me.   And if it was, then I’d pull over to the curb and ask Jesus to help me get it back.

It isn’t as hard as it sounds.  It’s the same thing as remembering what lilac smells like.  I’d remember what Peace feels like and focus on it until it filled me.

I haven’t had another speeding ticket since then and I honestly don’t expect I’ll ever get one.

I’m not arrogant or naïve about how life works on Earth.  I’m simply learning another system.

It’s not about speaking positively, although that is certainly more productive for good outcomes.  This was about speaking as though I actually know Jesus lives inside me.  And it’s His power coming through when I let it flow through Peace.



storm clouds

Storm clouds blew in with pounding rain and hail, and I spoke to them the way I heard Father speaking in my spirit. It was about loving the weather, healing it just like we do our bodies.  He said the earth itself is in need of healing from the rampant destructiveness of darkness.  But I didn’t understand until He widened my spirit sight to see Love as it was poured into the clouds just like a mother would love a child.

He said the weather has suffered under heavy and cruel curses. Many of those voices speak of global warming and the inevitable effects. And some are simply people not seeing the kind of weather they desire for their events. So they curse the clouds. Continue reading BEAUTIFUL STORM CLOUDS


I made a drawing of a staircase I saw in my imagination a few years ago.  It doesn’t do the staircase justice of course.  And that’s because it doesn’t reveal the silky medium caramel color of the wood with its swirling grain.  Or the carved and perfectly fitted parts.  A drawing can’t share how velvety the staircase is to touch or how inviting it is to a barefoot or tired bum.  And the drawing doesn’t have all the many cupboards, some secret, which create the fascinating journey upward.

But if I could take you inside my imagination, you’d see and understand how it might take a week to finally arrive at the top landing.  Not because it is so high, but because there’s a world inside each captivating crevasse and hidden compartment.  And you’d be drawn to recline in the seat and turn on the light.  There you’d lean back and read one of the books, or close your eyes and nap.  I imagine fairy tale worlds emerge in naps taken there. Continue reading THE MARVELOUS STAIRCASE


We are the walls and the gates of the new Jerusalem which have suffered abuse, been torn down, dismantled, burned in the fire, and damaged by the battle. We have suffered and we go to each other for repairs. We have the tools to repair ourselves and each other; for healing, deliverance, encouragement, wisdom, guidance.

Father pointed out to me that HE didn’t rebuild the walls of Jerusalem – the people did it. They did it from love. They did it through unity.


Research revealed that the work was theirs and each man repaired the piece of wall which stood in front of his own home. He used his hands, his back, and his energy to fix what was broken right in front of him.

I thought of the uniqueness of each man, causing the wall to be a tapestry of men’s hands and labor.

All are equal in their labor. Each one of vital importance.

We are pieces of the Wall, Gates, and Portals. Working to repair the damage in each other, to fix what’s broken, replace what’s missing, polish what’s tarnished – not to tear down.  Our goal is to build up and make strong, able to stand as a fortress, protection for the whole, not alone, but in unity, through love. We have the tools.

The day is coming and is close at hand when we will stand and see the City complete, firm and strong, functioning in all areas, shining in the Light of God, covering the Earth with His glory.


My Little Book Revealed

Recently, I ran across a little book I wrote 20 years ago which I had named “Sometimes God Works Backwards”.  It reopened some not-so-happy memories about a brother’s attempt to bring me in front of a group for reprimand.  That group was never convened because the others saw my story as a testimony, albeit extremely controversial one.  Therefore, they advised me to keep it to myself, and not share it further, which I have done. Continue reading My Little Book Revealed

YOU! – must write!


I watched the movie “The Book Thief”, which was about a girl in the middle of WWII who discovers the immeasurable value of words. And I considered Prophesy.  Prophesy is words.  Were there no prophecies to warn the people about that war?  Why did 6 million Jews and 10 million Christians die when our God of Miracles was very much alive?  What did the people miss?  And what’s to keep us from missing it again?

Then Father reminded me that escape from any catastrophe comes in believing and those who don’t believe find little opportunity for escape.  He reminded me of the hundreds of stories from that era.  They were stories of people who smuggled others out of Nazi Germany at risk of their own safety.  And stories of those who escaped in miraculous ways.  There were a million miracles during that time.  Therefore, I concluded, there were a million believers. Continue reading YOU! – must write!

Spiritual Items Inventory


I’m taking inventory of the items I have acquired in my Heavenly travels. Mind you, none of these things were a goal for me. I did not set out to get them; primarily because I didn’t know they were available to me. But I’m mentioning them so you will know many things are available to you there. Scripture talks about rewards and weapons, but the connection hadn’t hit me until I saw these.

Gown (or Robe) – colors, design, and embellishments portray talents, gifts, strengths, work, authority, position Continue reading Spiritual Items Inventory




My awesome broadsword was given to me in the middle of a spiritual battle. It’s a marvelous revelation I want to share with you.

In a dream, I cowered on the floor in a dark corner of an old house. At the front door, a pack of demon beasts clawed and snarled.  So, I ran around inside the house and secured the windows and doors, then I retreated to the room farthest away.

Chris Hemsworth showed up suddenly (I think he represented an angel) and began flinging the doors open.  His actions caused me to panic and I screamed, “What are you doing?” But he yelled back, “Use your sword!” and then he tossed me a broadsword. Continue reading MY AWESOME BROADSWORD