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Yep, it’s true … someone laughed at me.  On my birthday no less! Even during my birthday celebration! A friend picked out one of my character traits and laughed.

And I laughed too.  It’s what you do.



Later, when the party was over and quiet time came, there was still a tiny arrow stuck in my heart and I contemplated it.  Then I asked Father about tiny arrows. Are we to blame that some stick?  Is it a flaw that this was hurting a bit?  I don’t count myself easily offended.  But am I?

And Father immediately responded.  “It’s not about you at all. It’s about her.  Remember when you were a teenager and made fun of a boy during lunch one day?  You actually liked him a lot and wanted his attention.  But you didn’t know how to get it.  Remember?”

“What are you telling me, Father?  She wants my attention?”


“Yes, she does.  She doesn’t get any at home.  And you get lots of attention because Hunny is vintagedevoted to you.  She made that statement too.  So, yes, she’s envious, but it’s more than that.  She wants YOUR attention.  It might be better than actually being you.  Isn’t that why popular girls in school have other girls surrounding them?  Getting the popular girl’s attention is like sharing her shiny identity with her.

But because the popular life might be too much to handle … it’s better to simply have her attention, instead.



Suddenly that blazing light bulb shone brightly over my head and the arrow melted away.  I could see so clearly now.

I might not think of myself as the popular girl, or anyone to be envied.  But perceptions have a reason for existing in each one of us.  And there was certainly a reason for hers.

No promise of love exists in her home, even after 28 years together.  Sometimes lovers,  and sometimes friends, they resent the familiarity and convenience that glues them together.  Abuse littered her life previously.  So, having none now is a blessing.  And she counts herself lucky for finding a haven of peace.


Father says to bless our enemy’s and even though she wasn’t one, her words had taken that form.  And now I understood that she could use all the blessings I could possibly pour out on her.

So, I wrote her a note to thank her for coming to my celebration and to express how glad I am that we are friends.


I asked Father to bless her like He did another unloved woman, Leah.carriage

In Genesis 29, Leah was unloved and because of it, Father blessed her with babies.

My friend is past the age of wanting babies, but Father knows how to translate that blessing appropriately.

And I trust that He will.



It’s obvious that this incident doesn’t describe every situation when someone might laugh or ridicule us.  But once again, Father made His point.

He knows everything about every situation.  And I must come to Him to learn the Truth.



Thank you for sharing this journey with me.  I send blessings on the way for yours.







I had a dream about the aftermath of my battle with religion.

I was in an abandoned section of the house where I live. It was like an attached apartment. In the kitchen was a lot of canned and packaged food sitting on a big table inside the oversized pantry. A visitor came through, someone I knew, and he needed dinner for his family. I invited him to help himself and he chose 3 items that would make a complete meal for him and his family. He was pleased and I was happy that I could be generous.

After he left, I began going through the apartment shadow boxing evil entities as I saw them. I’d say out loud “Ka-pow! Ka-pow!” as I punched them. And they were cleared out one at a time. After they were gone, there was movement in the corner which I attributed to Angels and let them be. Continue reading SABBATICAL FROM THE BATTLE




Hunny had a dream in which God wore a plaid shirt and looked like Andy Griffith.  It was an oddball answer to a couple days of illness.  And I want to share it with you because I enjoy the way Father performs uniquely in our life.

Tremendous pain coaxed him to call me home from work but my Hunny wouldn’t concede because he’s a tough guy.   So upon my arrival, we began the process: vitamins, herbs, and prayer.  I tried to visualize him well, but it was a weak vision at best. Continue reading GOD WEARS A PLAID SHIRT



how to love


In spite of how far we’ve come as new creatures in Christ, most of us still struggle with how to love evil people.  While Father has been teaching me how to create Heaven on Earth, one tiny step at a time, He recently revealed that creating also has an effect on evil  people and the result makes them a whole lot easier to love.  So here goes some sharing. Continue reading HOW TO LOVE EVIL PEOPLE BY CREATING A NEW REALITY


Eliab: Why have you come down here? Who is watching your tiny flock in the wilderness? I’m your brother, and I know you—you’re arrogant, and your heart is evil. You’ve come to watch the battle as if it were just entertainment.

David: What have I done now? I was just asking a question.

David ignored him and asked another soldier the same question, and the people gave him the same answer.
I Samuel 17:28-30 VOICE


The first time I read this scripture years ago, it became precious to me because the condemnations of others had wounded me and kept me defeated in a back corner of life.  At least that’s what I thought.

This scripture tells what David’s older brother said to him when David asked a question on the battlefield. I imagine his brother’s words had wounded him many times in the past and had kept him defeated in the back corner of their father’s fields. Continue reading WHEN YOUR MENTOR IS CONDEMNING



A couple nights ago I was awakened at 4 a.m. by overwhelming Guilt.

I should explain that I’m not one to feel a lot of guilt like I did when I was younger and my life was a mess. And of course, I credit that to my amazing Father who has spent several years showing me my heavenly Identity in detail which resolves mountains of personal issues right there.

But this Guilt was a mountain. Did I say I was overwhelmed? I was. And it was, of course, accompanied by fear. Fear comes along to threaten us with repercussions of our guilt. Continue reading MY OVERNIGHT IN THE COURTS



family trouble


Family trouble is heartbreaking enough, but when I was facing another visit from them, Father showed me a different way to pray. It involved understanding that I have a kingdom. He’s shown me this scenario several times now. Continue reading WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH FAMILY TROUBLE?



dangling feet


I sat by the river of heaven today and dangled my feet in the water -while wearing my new shoes. Yep, I got some new shoes, and no, the water doesn’t damage them. And they’re gorgeous.

At first, I thought they were burgundy silk, but as they fit themselves to my feet, they came alive and morphed into magenta and then deep purple, and back again, depending on which way I turned.  They massaged and caressed my feet as though I had laid them in a bed full of squirming kittens. Continue reading DANGLING MY FEET IN THE RIVER OF HEAVEN




It’s true there are Christians who behave like bullies.  Some bullies are not aware they are bullying.  Other bullies are taught to be bullies by their churches and bible schools under the guise of debate.

One Christian brother told me that he learned debate techniques in a School of Ministry which practiced aggressively, combative techniques.  “I sliced and diced with my tongue, winning all but one of those debates” he told me. Continue reading CHRISTIAN BULLIES ARE AMONG US


when is evil done?


In the dream I was demanding that someone tell me how to end evil, because I was tired of it running rampant in my world. I’m done with it, and it needs to be terminated.

Then I woke up and heard the horrible news from Orlando.  And my question was still ringing in my ears.

As the hours clicked by and my heart began to calm, I stood in front of Father holding the question still in my hands.  His eyes of Love penetrated my pain and began doing what they always do – healing.  But the question was still there. Continue reading WILL WE END EVIL???