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heavenly transformation


So, you’ve been pulled on a heavenly journey!  And now you wonder if it was real.  But you know you couldn’t have made this up because it was spontaneous.  It was something your imagination never created before.  But what was it?

The awe and the wonder linger predominantly in your heart and mind for hours, possibly days, and even weeks.  You can’t forget the furry feel of grass that giggles under your toes.   Or the feel of wearing a living gown that hugs and caresses your body with love.

You’re chomping at the bit to tell someone, but who will believe it was anything more than a fantastical fairytale dream?

It was so much more.  More rapturous and more beautiful than words can ever describe!  Like nothing ever conceived or dreamt!

But during a quiet moment you wonder, “isn’t this crazy?”  Have I “slipped a cog”?  Or have I gone a wee-bit “over-the-edge”?

How can that be?  You were perfectly sane yesterday, just before it happened.  Something transpired that made the spirit realm swoop into your reality, and into your mind.  And it swept you upward into the grandeur.

But beware.  There are those who will listen and criticize.  They won’t understand how your toes wiggled in the green.  Or how your skin was caressed by living material.  And they will call it ugly things like “spiritual rape” or say you’ve stepped into something evil and it’s deceiving you.  Plus, they may say it serves no purpose except to give your flesh a thrill.  And that it is therefore carnal.

But they are wrong.  Evil cannot transmit and share life.  Rather it destroys and kills with its downward spiral of death.  It cannot reproduce love with its fake mirror that looks like dramatic sentimentality or patronizing sympathy with a manipulating motive.  Evil never produces love that fills our hearts and minds with so much joy and peace that ecstasy ensues.

But you must choose the author and from which realm it came.  Was it Hell where there are weeping and gnashing of teeth?  Or was it from Heaven?  A pearl of great price that you will cherish and guard.  A treasure you can’t cast before swine, as Jesus called those who tear it and stomp it into the mud.

And the best news of all is that it definitely does have a most profound purpose.

Suddenly, in the twinkling of the eye, we become portals.  Conduits between Heaven and Earth.  Living doorways that bring Heaven here and us there.

And we open that realm for others as we share the Glory of it.   Sparks explode in them as they listen, and then afterward lift into journeys of their own.

Jesus said,  “I am the Way.  I am the Door.  Follow Me.” (my paraphrase)

What good are these adventures?

Yesterday you were an adolescent, not mature enough to fly.

Today you begin to take your throne.









This morning a fellow believer claimed himself to be my Pastor, and when I read his note I chuckled a teeny weeny bit because he has no idea the path I’ve walked on this topic.

It began a year or so ago with a group creating a denomination around some new revelation and for a minute I contemplated belonging because I agree with so much, except one point.

I simply don’t believe there is a hierarchy in Heaven or in The Kingdom of God other than the Godhead and me (or you).   But last year I didn’t have time to break down the reasons why.  So I pursued it today.

As usual, I went to Jesus at My Seat and asked Him.  And as usual, I had the answer before I finished the sentence.  (He reads my thoughts, you know).

He answered with a question.  “Where is The Kingdom?”

And instantly I saw it within me and understood His question.  It was so completely obvious.

There is no one in authority of my kingdom except me and the Godhead.  That’s all.  There are no Angels assigned to certain territories.  They are simply Angels with different talents and giftings.  Actually in the same sort of way that we are.

There may be principalities and powers that have assigned themselves to authority over levels of government on Earth, but they all bow to my Lord.  And therefore they have no true authority over me.

I know this because Jesus reminded me of that speeding ticket I got a few years ago and the moment I declared “Never again!”

My declaration took precedence over their authority simply because this is my kingdom and I rule and reign here with Him.  Whether I speed or not, I will not get another speeding ticket.  But certainly, because of Love, I try not to speed.

There is no power in Heaven or on Earth that can take authority over me in my kingdom.  Unless … I acquiese it to them.  That means I would have to willingly give them authority over me in an area or in totality.

A monarch of an earthly kingdom never gives away authority unless he is forced into it by other rulers or countries.

But that isn’t the case in The Kingdom of God.  It isn’t compromised by other powers with possibly more control because there is no power greater than LOVE, Himself and there is no rulership within that Kingdom except LOVE.

Therefore, there will be no bid for control or authority for one ruler over another.  It’s only about honor and Love for everyone in their respective places.  And there’s no need for anyone to be in control over another.

As a matter of fact, He has always stressed to me that no one has authority over any other human being.  And that’s because we are all created in God’s image.  And God has no one in authority over Him.

He is who we are created to be like.  There is no other example.

Yes, I know the scriptures that would be used to prove me wrong and because of Him and His Spirit in me, I’m sure that we are interpreting them askew.  This is my experience.

There is no one over my Father, my Jesus, or my Holy Spirit.  They are One and are the other piece of me, this new hybrid person.  I’m inseparable from them.  Therefore nothing takes authority over them.  And will never do so unless I choose to give it away.

But, why would I choose to give that away?  What reason could cause me to want someone else in authority over me?  Who loves me as much and has paid the price for my unconditional surrender?

I can’t think of one.

I was raised the other way.  To believe there are all sorts of authority levels in my life.  And I followed it completely.

Until now.

And yes, this is a very recent revelation.  Just as My Seat is fairly recent.

I didn’t sit in My Seat as soon as I became a believer.  I had lots of years of learning and lots of teachers that walked through my life.  It was appropriate to honor them and learn from them.

But each one who took authority over me eventually fell.  They weren’t perfect.  And though it broke my heart each time, I now understand why.

No one can stand in that place of authority and hold it forever, except Father.  He is the only one who deserves to hold it.

Even teachers of monarchs, don’t claim authority over them.  They only teach.

Unfortunately, mankind has coveted authority over each other since the beginning of Eden’s fall.  It is a lame attempt to replace Him.  And we’ve used religion to maintain it over each other and especially over women.  After all, it is a lucrative and Earthly powerful position.

But it’s wrong and always has been.  Father tried to tell us when we demanded a King.  And He’s still trying to tell us today that He is all we need.  He rules only as LOVE and He has no substitute.

He only ever wanted to LOVE us and never use authority or the judgment and punishment which follow.

So, the best my fellow believer got from me this morning was a teeny weeny chuckle.  He is not my authority nor my Pastor.  Father is all that and everything else for me.

This isn’t a challenge for someone to prove me wrong.  This is me, sharing my experience.

Blessings on your journey today.  It doesn’t need to be identical to mine.  You always have my blessings and my love.








(an informal interview with my journalism friend, Nick Brauer)


Nick:      “Have you had any visitations? Has Jesus or anyone else appeared to you?”

Faith:      “Yes, actually He has.  And many others too.  Jesus came to me about 22 years ago and I couldn’t look up.  His presence was so intense and humbling that I sunk to the floor and all I saw was His feet while He was talking to me.  Then He reached down and pulled me up, but I still couldn’t make myself look up at His face and I cried and cried.  He hugged me and then put something in my hand before He disappeared.  Later, when I was finally composed and went to do chores, my hand was still clasped.  And when I opened it I saw a pencil and heard Him say, over my shoulder, “Now, you’ll write for Me.” Continue reading HAVE YOU HAD ANY VISITATIONS?




Do you ever wonder when Father God is going to begin pouring out His spirit on all men?  Well, wonder no more.  Step outside and start talking to people.  Don’t preach to them, but listen to their experiences.

I have a friend who’s only been to church during one week of her life. It was when she was 14 yrs old. However, she and Father talk to each other every day and she has relied on Him all her life.  I wrote about her in another article called “Knowing God“.

And I have another friend who is New Age, and yet she embraces my spiritual experiences and trusts any messages I receive for her. She was raised Christian but found the lifestyle too limiting spiritually. She calls God “the universe” but her spiritual understanding often mirrors mine. Continue reading HE’S POURING OUT HIS SPIRIT ON ALL MEN





When Hunny and I started off on a mini-vacation with our little motorhome, and things began breaking, I remembered Father’s words to me a couple months ago.  “Nothing missing, nothing broken”. It spoke to me of wholeness and completeness and the effect of His presence.

But did He mean more than the completeness of my soul and spirit?  Was that completeness also for our motorhome on this vacation? Or should I begin rationalizing because I live in a fallen world and this is the victimization I must expect?

How can that be?  In my mind, that was like saying “God is good in the spiritual but not so much in the natural because He is impotent in this fallen world”. Continue reading KEY TO “NOTHING MISSING, NOTHING BROKEN”


loss: less is more

(This is a Guest Post from Lew Curtiss at the Creative Harmonies blog.)

I’ve been thinking too much. I’ve been thinking about loss, and in Father God, I have no loss. There remains nothing that anyone or anything can take from me. I have released it all. All means all. I won’t bore either of us with a list.

The other day I told Father God that if for some reason He took everything and everyone from me, if He lead me into complete and total isolation, for whatever reason, He Himself would be enough. And if not enough at the time, He would become so eventually. This is not because He’s all that would remain, but because He is truly all that I want and need. Continue reading LOSS: LESS IS MORE


letting go


Back in the day, when Hunny and I were more immature, we’d have some rip-roaring episodes now and then. Father never condemned me for any one of them and as I look back now, I can see His hand in each one. They were how we learned to live with each other, give each other wide berth to be ourselves, and respect the strength we inherently possessed individually.

Honestly, neither of us thought our marriage would survive very long. We were both so strong-willed and assertive. The match was definitely equal.

But we did learn. Sometimes unwillingly. Continue reading IN THE SPIRIT OF LETTING GO




From my seat next to Jesus, I turned to Him and asked, “How can I affect these current disasters?  There’s a large hurricane headed for Florida and many fires burning in the northwest. And they aren’t exactly in my realm of influence, my kingdom.  So, my efforts aren’t as effective as someone who lives there and has the situation sitting in the middle of their heart.”





I’ve seen the eclipse of the Son, and no, I didn’t mean to say the sun. Although, I saw that one too and it was certainly a good physical example of a common spiritual circumstance.

I sat and watched as the sun was slowly obliterated by the intrusion of the moon and it reminded me of those moments in life when darkness creeps in and I can’t see the Light of Jesus.

It doesn’t mean I’ve stopped believing or lost my way, or that I’ll never see the Light again.  It means that something is blocking my view.

Continue reading ECLIPSE OF THE SON?


different path



It’s sometimes difficult for me to scroll through my Facebook feed because it’s painfully obvious that I’m on a different path than most of my friends.  And they are people I love.

So, here I am, always sitting on my own rock, somewhere off to the side of the beaten path.  I’m staring out over my own private view which is absolutely amazingly beautiful. Continue reading I’M ON A DIFFERENT PATH