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Spiritual Items Inventory


I’m taking inventory of the items I have acquired in my Heavenly travels. Mind you, none of these things were a goal for me. I did not set out to get them; primarily because I didn’t know they were available to me. But I’m mentioning them so you will know many things are available to you there. Scripture talks about rewards and weapons, but the connection hadn’t hit me until I saw these.

Gown (or Robe) – colors, design, and embellishments portray talents, gifts, strengths, work, authority, position

Crown – position, and character

Citrine Ring – portrays more about character and gifts much like the Gown

Scepter – authority

Rose Brooch – a gift of Love

Medal of Valor – for honorable service in battle

Broadsword – powerful weapon formed from my personal Word

The scepter appeared while I was talking to Jesus and in my natural way, using my hands.  I noticed I was waving it around in my right hand as I spoke. So, I asked “Oh, where did this come from?” and He answered, “You got that in your last battle”. It doesn’t hold power attributes like a magic wand but is simply a symbol of position.

At another time as I talked to Jesus, He began fiddling with the material of my Gown at my shoulder. I asked “What is that?” and He said it was a Medal of Valor for service in battle. I asked “What battle?” And He said it was the day before when I had simply sent a dark spirit out of my house. This puzzled me since I have seen serious battles and that was not one of them. I didn’t think it was even deserving of the name battle. But He smiled and said, “It was much more important than you realize.”

These items are publicly displayed in the spiritual realm. We see them on each other in that realm and they tell us a great deal about each other, even from a distance.

You may remember something that flashed into your mind but seemed so fantastical that you relegated it to the deep recesses of your subconscious with the notion it wasn’t real. But they are real, and keeping inventory can help us move forward here on Earth.

For instance, Father told me that insecurity issues would be non-issues if we stopped refusing our gifts by throwing them into the back of our minds and blowing them off as silly. They have a purpose.

The other night I pulled out my Broadsword and stabbed an ugly fear demon in the face. He melted instantly. My awareness of this item is not at the forefront of my mind, but I had accepted it as mine and a reflex action brought it into use. It would not have been available if I had refused it.

Relegating these gifts to the back of our minds as silly, fantastical imaginations are refusing a gift presented by Father God. And in that reaction, we live without an invaluable tool designed to aid us in this world.

I’ve avoided and feared seeing scary things since I was 5 years old.  It was a hidden fear that Father brought forward just a month ago to explain why I couldn’t advance in a specific spiritual area. Remembering that moment was a step forward, but healing the damage required another action. Psychotherapy would have had a little success and probably required my use of will-power. However, will-power carries heavy condemnation if we fail.  And that piles more damage on top of the original damage, resulting in a mountain of increasing insecurity.

But with the use of the Broadsword, I had a real victory in my repertoire. I can retrieve a snapshot of that moment anytime. It feels good. My enemy is defeated and I have no remorse.

Can I say I’m no longer afraid of seeing scary faces in the night? No. I’m still not fond of it. But I’m different as a result. A huge chunk was cut from that mountain of fear. It’s smaller, not bigger. And I feel stronger; and more capable. These items I wear spiritually are a part of me now.

The gown (Robe)is colored with meaning that describes talents and skills. Father instructed me to research the colors in the material so I would understand their significance. He said each detail was constructed and designed by Him to carry a description of who we are.

Don’t shrink away, but embrace these details and see what gifts Father created in you.  Accept them and your insecurities will begin dying. Acceptance does not produce arrogance and pride, but rather a truer humility than I’ve ever known before.  That’s because I did not create my characteristics. They are Father’s plan. He picked the mix and the amounts. Therefore, I can’t take credit for my creation.

And as I accept that, I can also receive instruction from Him regarding the purpose and plan for my creation. We can then proceed realistically forward, without stress, and find satisfaction in the process.

Remember when everyone wanted to ‘find themselves’? The phrasing changed through the years but the goal remained the same.

People need to know who they are in order to see their path. Otherwise, insecurity is the result.

I recommend seeing in the spirit. My first sight came in a quick flash across my mind while I was praying and worshipping alone one day. I ignored it and headed to work in my garden but my spirit nagged me to stop. I stood wondering. Then it flashed again so quick and brief that I couldn’t see it but knew it was important. So I asked Jesus, “What was that? It went too fast. It was a blur. Jesus bring that back for me.” And He did.

I had to pull it toward me to see more closely but gradually it became clearer and I stared at it wondering what I was seeing. Then I asked, “Jesus what is this?” and He answered, “It’s you”. My heart beat quickly. It frightened me. I thought arrogance had taken over my mind and I cried “Oh, Jesus, I’m so sorry. Please help me”. But He answered with a smile, “This is how I see you.”

With His statement, I calmed down and focused on the sight which filled me with awe at Father’s great Love. For days I floated on clouds of joy. The gown was lavish and opulent. It was more beautiful than I could have imagined and my self-esteem received a huge hug from Father God through its revelation.

For several months afterward, I saw more pieces of the whole picture. That first flash opened a door.


How can we be Christian and see only death, despair and destruction all around us? How can we?

Christ is Life, He is rebirth, and He is redemption. Have we forgotten? Do we look at a cocoon and not see the butterfly emerging? Do we panic and say “what horrible end is coming – the cocoon is dying?” Do we stare in disbelief and pray and plead with God to save the cocoon?

“Long Live the cocoon! Allegiance to the cocoon! Look at the cocoon’s glorious beginning! If only we could take the cocoon back to the beginning?”

Do we find someone to blame for the cocoon’s demise? And then disrespect and slander them mercilessly?

Can’t we see the butterfly? She will soar in the freedom of flight. She will flutter in a miraculous display of color.

Can’t we see the butterfly? She is right there, emerging from the dying cocoon.

A WORD from September 24th, 2013

And He said,

“I’ve seen your thoughts each day, wondering about your purpose and thinking your realm of responsibility is insignificant.  It’s larger than you know, and that realm is your kingdom.  I gave it to you.  But you didn’t grasp your daily responsibilities of Administering from your heavenly seat, your throne.

You saw that concept as a pretty, heavenly vision, but you didn’t comprehend the importance of your seat of Administration.  If you don’t administer your kingdom, then no one else will, and everyone inside your realm is subject to the small insidious deteriorations of life in this Earth without Heavenly overseer-ship.

Evil roams.  It doesn’t sleep.  It plants small holes of deterioration that can tear down and destroy.  New holes are planted every day.  Some are imperceptible to you except that I show you.

See!  Now you are beginning to grasp the importance of your seat.  It is one of Love.  You Administer from Love and through Love and are guided by Love.  But you must Administer.  Administer through me.   Love is me.  Love creates growth and changes every day.

Now I’m teaching you how to Administer from the seat I gave you. Sit on it every morning.  Sit inside me.  Sit and look around.  Survey the fabric of your kingdom in a new light each morning.

You cannot pray a prayer for your family, your friends, or your world once a week. Blessing them all by rote will not suffice.  Do not look at a list of prayer’s but rather ask me to see it all.  See the new growth and the new deteriorations.  See the weaknesses that will require daily work, but see them anew each day.  See the repairs and the beginnings.  Then build on them rather than rehashing yesterday’s repairs.  Don’t be lazy and rely on repetition.  It never heals or restores or loves.  And sometimes it creates a hole from its constant rubbing in the wrong place.

I’ve also been teaching you to rest.  My rest is contrary to everything you’ve been taught.  It involves joy and celebration.  It involves putting your feet up and basking in sweet music.   It resists the temptation to feel guilty for not being busy.  I’m not a busy God.   I’m extremely effective and I accomplish great feats.  You will too, as you rest.

Now rest on your seat of Administration over the kingdom I have given you.  Relax and enjoy the music and the beauty.  Smile and be full of Joy as you survey the contour of the fabric of its life.  Relish its beauty and wonder.  And notice where the hole pops up.

Ask Me to fine-tune your eyesight to see them before they create destruction.  Fix them instantly.  Don’t work over them by striving labor.  But rather hear my heart and respond to it.

Often my response is small and simple.  You will think the situation warranted much more involvement.  But Love’s eyes often heal without so much action, just a Word of Love.

This is your destiny.   This is your position in me.  This is your Inheritance.  Guard it.  Love it. Cherish it.  Keep it.  And I will give you more.

You say that you love Me.  And I know that is true because I placed it within you.

My eyes shine brightly as I watch you grow in stature and maturity.  You are walking in the path I created for you.  It is my path.  I lavished it in My Love.  Lavish those I have given you.

I kiss you my darling, my Bride.”