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That was the label I heard from Father when I asked about his feelings on the subject of Halloween.  He said it with a wry grin and then my morning of learning began.

Within this period of learning how to administer the Earth as a Son (Daughter) of God,  I was struck this morning with the advent of Halloween and what my position should be.  I didn’t know.  Eek!

Father insinuated that it was an impending storm, but he did it with that knowing grin and asked me how I had learned to deal with storms.

So I dragged out everything I’ve learned about handling storms. Continue reading THE IMPENDING STORM OF HALLOWEEN


For several weeks . . . no, its been several years, Father has given me gleaming diamonds of insight into this issue using visions.

It all began with visions of a house.  I thought I was having fun imagining my dream home.  I didn’t know that Holy Spirit could hijack my ‘imaginer’ if I let him.  It’s an amazing experience.  But that’s for another blog article.

One of those early visions involved a staircase that would cost hundreds of stairs-932805_640thousands of dollars to build. Continue reading VISIONS OF FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE


A young starling happened into our building at work and couldn’t find its way out. The building is like a huge warehouse with high rafters, no windows, and double doors through a low entryway.  We had gone home at the end of the day, leaving him inside all night.

Next morning I pondered his predicament and asked other employees how to assist him to fly out.  They said “Oh, don’t even think about it.  It never works!” and they went about their jobs without another thought to the bird’s plight. Continue reading SAVING THE WILD BIRD


It seemed ironic that I published an article about “Warning” on the blog last night and then today a huge earthquake rocked Nepal. I had not intended to publish the article at all.  It didn’t seem finished to me.  So you can imagine my surprise when I had comments on it today.  I chalked it up to Father’s hand and expected to see the reason down the road.  It arrived quickly.

Earthquake is just the kind of event that triggers fear-based, doom-based, end-of-the-world, or judgment “Warning” outpours at a time when we should be sending massive amounts of Loving, supportive, healing prayers and assistance to people in need. Their Heavenly Father overwhelmingly Loves them. Continue reading RE: THE NEPAL QUAKE

The Mirror

self mirror


I’m fascinated by the mirror.

And I stare in horror watching my wounds bleed while tears flow down my face.  I am freshly broken and shocked by the sight which hypnotizes and envelopes me.

Come!  Look and see this sight!  Share my appalled captivation and stand beside me to watch.

Do you see my wounds and the bleeding?  Can you feel my horrible pain?  And do you understand the depth of my horror?  Or should I show them to you more clearly and ask you to pause and hear my story? Continue reading The Mirror


beautiful person


Thank you, Father, for this beautiful person You made me be.

What? No!  I’m sorry.   Father, forgive me but that isn’t what I see today. Today I want to know what’s wrong with me? Because honestly, there seems to be so much! And I can’t figure it out.

I know Your silence means this is the wrong question.  It’s not a topic that’s inside Your Heart.  You don’t have a section called “What’s wrong with me.”  And that’s because Your Heart only sees what’s right with me.  But I just don’t get that right now. You don’t comprehend being disappointed in me.   But I’m horribly disappointed with me.

You see only a beautiful grace, a smart wit, my complex uniqueness, that joyful spark and the tender heart – all the things I can barely write about myself at this moment.

You’ve shown me my robe, my crown, my sword, my scepter, and many, many gifts You’ve given me.  Their revelations have lifted my Identity higher. But here I am still sitting in the gutter as a worthless worm.

And I still ask what’s wrong with me? In earnest I ask, believing something mysterious, something hidden, something beyond my grasping – is deeply wrong with me.  I’m not quite right.  I don’t fit in.  I don’t follow appropriately.  Why am I so different and isolated?  Yes, I know I’m part of a set apart and peculiar people but I see myself much more peculiar than anyone.

My metamorphosis into Your Bride has been a process.  I see You doing the same to many of Your Children all around the world.  You teach us patiently. Change us internally. You show us the perfection of You that lives within us. And You want us to accept that perfection as our own. To believe that we are as You are, one.

I’ve seen how our sovereign words make a mark on the Earth, even when they are a question.  An immature question.

The answer will manifest as a result of our speaking it out.  Those words spoken into the realms move creation.  They become true.

My words took me to an ER on a beautiful weekend with severe chest pain whose source was never found, because I keep saying there is something wrong with me.  No one can find the answer to that question.  No one will locate its meaning because its source is not You.  Those words are simply my lack of fullness as I learn who I am in You.

Yes, I reaped the reward of my words.  I suffered some consequences of my immaturity.  But it was a temporary consequence. You even paid the bill in full (literally). And in the end, I have begun to see the Light.

So today I surrender. And I ask humbly that you take this immature piece of me and flood it with Your Truth. Wash it and fill it that I will never again ask what’s wrong with me.

But I will say, thank you, Father, for this beautiful person You have created in me.


There’s a group that believes our soul lives in a place touching both Heaven and Earth, and that we are the only created beings who can dwell in both places.  I can’t prove them wrong.  Heck, they might be right.  It would explain a lot and if it’s true, then we’ve been reacting to our world all wrong.

We’ve been dealing with Earthly issues by utilizing Earthly means which will accomplish little to nothing in these parameters.  The point would be to access Heaven in order to effect the Earth for better.  We don’t access Earth to effect Earth with the same as it already has. That would just add more heaven-less-ness on top of already existing heaven-less-ness. Continue reading BRING HEAVEN



THIS MORNING, Father lead me right back to the story of the money changers in Mark 11.  I asked Him “Is there more?”  He showed me 3 things.


Not only did Jesus cast out the money changers from the temple, but He forbid anyone to carry a vessel in the temple.  That’s interesting if we remember to think of the temple as our heart and as the dwelling place of our God.  I was personally checked by this revelation since I’ve been carrying some things about our finances and the sale of our home.  Those “vessels” were weighing me down and stealing my joy.  So the point of that verse was not just advice, but rather the importance of Jesus FORBIDDING the carrying of vessels in the temple.  Hmmm. Continue reading THIEVES INSIDE