fruit of words


One of my neighbors shared with me, that this town, community, and the area is filled with evil, hateful, disgusting people and it’s a horrible place to live. I was shocked, like a deer in the headlights, but she calmly maintained that everything she felt was the only truth.

I said that I was living the polar opposite and that I love this place and everyone here.

In the end, we agreed to disagree about the subject and felt no anger toward each other. We went on to spend a pleasant time talking about many other things. I didn’t try to change her mind, nor did she insist on changing mine.

Later as I pondered her “take” on our community, I felt impressed to spiritually void her words which seemed like curses. So as I sat alone on my deck in the morning sun, I spoke out loud to the spirit world around me, informing everyone that I was standing on my mountain declaring love, and truth, and blessing over my land and people, including those who see the opposite of me.

As I spoke, the Spirit prompted me to hold my home, my land, and all the people very close to my heart in a fond, affectionate embrace. He explained that this was the only effective stance of change, of overcoming, and of bringing heaven to earth. It was an amazing time as I felt healing spreading like warm oil over everything.

Now, I see another comparison – to my Christian brothers and sisters who believe in “end-times” judgement. This is the only effective way for us to respond to each other.

Our words grow things.  We eat the fruit of them.  They are the bread of our lives.


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