when is evil done?


In the dream I was demanding that someone tell me how to end evil, because I was tired of it running rampant in my world. I’m done with it, and it needs to be terminated.

Then I woke up and heard the horrible news from Orlando.  And my question was still ringing in my ears.

As the hours clicked by and my heart began to calm, I stood in front of Father holding the question still in my hands.  His eyes of Love penetrated my pain and began doing what they always do – healing.  But the question was still there.

He cocked His head and gave me a question in return.  “When will you have enough and be done with it?”

As with all His communication, there is more than just words.  There is emotion, memory, and the nuance of His character.  They flow together.

The memory was of the stomach flu I’d contracted a couple years ago.  I’d rocked back and forth holding my stomach in excruciating pain, trying to speak words of praise.  After an hour, I’d asked Father what to do.  My praise was holding back the flu’s progression, but not fully ejecting it from my body.

Instantly, I saw myself in my mind’s eye telling a blob creature that if he didn’t leave immediately then I was going to pin “Jesus” stickers all over him as free advertisement.  I had a tiny chuckle at the vision as I continued rocking back and forth.  Then I realized this was my key.  It seemed silly, but I did it.  I said it out loud.

Within 30 seconds all pain was gone.  I didn’t move for 3-4 minutes, waiting.  Then I rubbed my tummy to see what it would do.  It was normal.  Finally, I accepted that I was completely healed, and I laughed at the key Father had given me.  Shouting “Thank you, Jesus” I went to tell Hunny about my adventure.

In this memory, I accepted that my solution wasn’t working and went to Father for a new key.  Rather than rocking back and forth for hours in torment, stubbornly praising God, I tossed in the towel and admitted that my efforts were ineffective.

Praises to God are amazing, but for me in that moment, it was a formula without power.  And that is hard to admit.  We learn to persevere – and yes, perseverance is powerful.  We are taught to “press-in” and yes, it has it’s place.

But anything done by rote, as a formula, without the power of Holy Spirit, is going to have “iffy” results.  I needed the one key that would work in my situation, no matter how unbelievable, obscure, or ridiculous.  I needed a “new” key.

A “new” key sounds a lot like “new” wine.  It isn’t packaged in the same old thing.  There’s a whole new wrapper.  It looks and acts and feels – completely different.

“New” wine hasn’t been tasted before.  It’s fresh and unique.  After we pop the cork, that first taste is thrilling.  There might be similarities to the old batch, but it’s guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Part of Father’s question asked if I was ready for something “new”.  And another quality of His question placed me in the responsible chair.   When would I have enough of the same old results to ask Him for the “new” key – the “new” wine that would not repeat the past, but would do something “new”, something I’ve never seen before?

Scripture says that evil will be locked up one day.  Could it be now?  Is it time?  Have we had enough?  Are we willing to put aside the traditional formulas, admit they aren’t working, and ask for the “new” key?

I am.  I’ve had my fill.  Yes, Father has taught me inside each battle how to defeat my enemy.  But at the end of all the battles comes the end of the war.  I don’t need to win anymore battles to know that I will win every one of them.  Father has given me that confidence.  I’ve also come to see my enemy more clearly each time, and understand that he has no new tricks.   He has no “new” keys, no “new” wine.  And I don’t need to see any more of evil to know that he needs to be locked up.   I’m ready to receive that key, and turn that lock.

I’m humbly asking you to close your eyes and drink from Father’s flow.  Could that time be now?  Have we reached maturity?  Is the war ours?   Are we Gideon’s 300?


“I’ve given you true authority. You can smash vipers and scorpions under your feet. You can walk all over the power of the enemy. You can’t be harmed.” Luke 10:19 (VOICE)


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