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Imagine heaven right here, a utopia where hearing God speak was ordinary and the new world order was life without limits.  What if this was a possible world? What if it really does get better? What if it was God’s plan all along?

There is no Armageddon or cataclysmic end of the world coming.  There are no plans for world judgment or destruction. There is just paradise on earth.

Inside the pages of Rose Rock, you’ll find the perfect world has come to life, hidden in plain view, and its growing into the template for the world.

Among the vicious political and religious structures which created a chaotic, dangerous society, Kent loses his baby to unhealthy vaccines, his wife to depression, and his teenage daughter to gunshot wounds in a riot. With his 9-year-old son Brey, homeless and starving, they are surprised by a huge man who says he’s an angel and invites them into a community where they get everything they need and want, including a home of their own.

Rose Rock is a secluded, self-sufficient, high desert community whose supernatural existence causes every person to hear God speaking to them, among other things.  Rose Rock’s only agenda is heaven on earth.

Rose Rock paints the picture of a transparent God who freely shares the supernatural and miraculous, and plans to make it happen all over the world. Rose Rock is the template.

This is a one-of-a-kind novel you won’t want to miss.  It’s full of faith, hope and the realization of a perfect world, the kind we only dream about.