Hunny had a dream in which God wore a plaid shirt and looked like Andy Griffith.  It was an oddball answer to a couple days of illness.  And I want to share it with you because I enjoy the way Father performs uniquely in our life.

Tremendous pain coaxed him to call me home from work but my Hunny wouldn’t concede because he’s a tough guy.   So upon my arrival, we began the process: vitamins, herbs, and prayer.  I tried to visualize him well, but it was a weak vision at best.

For 2 days we struggled with an impending spirit of sickness and even death.  We were saying things like, “I’ll always thank Father for our perfect life together.”   Sure it’s a loving comment but it held a subtle goodbye.  Those nasty demons, Fear and Panic, were knocking loudly on our realm’s door.

I promised him the Emergency Room or an ambulance, but he adamantly refused, saying, “I’d rather die at home than in a hospital.”  And yes I know that’s a distrusting perception of the medical profession, and it’s pervasive in our home.  Of course, we’ll have to address that sometime.  But whether we are right or wrong, Father doesn’t seem to care much.  He always comes to our rescue.

Drained by the 2-day battle, we went to bed early but I woke about 2:30 a.m.  My arm hurt from sleeping on it wrong, and as Hunny lay next to me, I heard the words “healing, healing, healing.”  It flowed through us both and I basked in its warm glow not wanting to move away and disturb it.  Finally, I could clearly see the vision of Hunny healed.

Then during coffee this morning, Hunny told me his dream (which I believe happened at about the same time I was hearing “healing”).

Father God was wearing a plaid shirt and looked like Andy Griffith. The setting was a stage.  God came in and sat down to watch the show.  On stage was Satan as a very handsome man, along with Hunny, and several other unknown believers.  Center stage a couple cowered on the floor while Satan threatened to destroy them with his bucking horse.  As the bucking horse descended, Hunny said, “Let’s lay on top of them. He can’t destroy us because we are Children of God.”

While forming a huddled mass, the horse bucked around them and then turned black.  Satan also transformed into his true evil looking character. “Now what do you think?!” he asked Hunny.

“You’re not scary,”  Hunny responded, and God laughed from His seat.

“You’re supposed to be scared of me,” Satan replied.

“Well, I don’t know a whole lot about the bible but I don’t think that crap’s in there.  I think you’re supposed to be scared of me.”  Hunny retorted while thinking that even if he got it wrong, Father God would defend him from His seat.

The dream ended there but its lasting effect was that Hunny felt healed.  Only soreness remains today.

Of course, I believe overcoming is our normal status in The Kingdom.   And I don’t believe Father expects us to have everything figured out correctly in order for us to live in miracles.  Sometimes it involves a bit of endurance for a moment, but Joy always comes in the morning.  And in His presence is always our victory.

So if you dream of God wearing a plaid shirt, don’t blow it off as simply the pizza you ate last night.  Let Him operate outside the neat box of our own perception.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.  Blessings on yours.




2 thoughts on “GOD WEARS A PLAID SHIRT”

  1. I’ve encountered Father in a plaid shirt. With suspenders and a hunting hat. And a shotgun. Jesus and I had the same. All three of us had something of a skeet shoot with demons (in a library, no less!), hooting and hollering and blasting demons to dust.
    It was a good day.

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