(an informal interview with my journalism friend, Nick Brauer)


Nick:      “Have you had any visitations? Has Jesus or anyone else appeared to you?”

Faith:      “Yes, actually He has.  And many others too.  Jesus came to me about 22 years ago and I couldn’t look up.  His presence was so intense and humbling that I sunk to the floor and all I saw was His feet while He was talking to me.  Then He reached down and pulled me up, but I still couldn’t make myself look up at His face and I cried and cried.  He hugged me and then put something in my hand before He disappeared.  Later, when I was finally composed and went to do chores, my hand was still clasped.  And when I opened it I saw a pencil and heard Him say, over my shoulder, “Now, you’ll write for Me.”

And a few years ago, I went through a time that I decided to pay attention to anything I saw out of the corner of my eye.  I’d read about how many dimensions physicists had found (10-13) and it seemed highly probable that there were people and beings around us all the time.  We just can’t see them with our 3-dimensional eyes.  But maybe there’s something different in our peripheral vision that allows us to see glimpses out of the corner of our eye so often.  So, I paid attention.  And whenever I saw something, I’d stop what I was doing for just a second and say, “Who is that?”

Almost every time, I’d get a strong impression of someone.  Usually, they were people I’d never expect.  So, I’d ask, “Do you have something to say?”  And they’d answer the same way Father talks to me, in a spiritual kind of download to my mind.  Spontaneous thought.  I think it’s a telepathy that is commonly used in the spiritual realm.

Most Christians are afraid of having dead people talk to them.  And that mostly comes from doctrine built around the story of the Witch of Endor in the Old Testament.  But, Jesus talked to Moses and Elijah.  And they were dead.  So, I don’t think He had a taboo about it.  I think Saul got into trouble from his Witch episode because rather than get His guidance and answers directly from God, He tried to circumvent God by dragging Samuel up to get guidance from him.  Anytime we circumvent God for guidance, we’re in deep doo-doo.  And we do it all the time.  We even recommend it via Pastors, Teachers, Prophets, Counselors, and on and on.  But God wants us to come to Him one on one.

Anyway, I talked to Eli in the Courts of Heaven, and my Mom came to me once, and my best friend came to me the day she passed, and Robin Williams, and my niece.  I’ve also had people I didn’t know come to me.  One was a scientist, and I think he’d been famous.  Another was an author from the late 1800’s (I don’t remember who it was, maybe Mark Twain).

I should have written them all down, but I didn’t.  Their messages were comfort, encouragement or wisdom to me.

I didn’t worship them.  I didn’t ask them to come.  And none of them told me something that could have ever been construed as controlling or manipulative.  And gradually, I simply lost interest in whoever was floating by in the ether that I caught out of the corner of my eye.  So, I stopped asking who was there.

However, it’s odd that you’d ask this question just now because I saw a man in a white business shirt out of the corner of my eye the other day.  And it was so pronounced that I literally jumped in my seat.

So, I know they are still everywhere.  It’s simply our choice if we want to interact with them or not.”


We all love to hear stories about visitations.  They are exciting proof that there is a supernatural existence beyond our explanation.  And yet we try to explain it all the time.  Sometimes we go so far that we create doctrine/dogma around the subject and then tension and turmoil ensue.

It isn’t my desire to cause tension or turmoil in anything I share.  But I understand that we aren’t all in the same spot on our path.   So, I hope we can simply say that Father has no boundaries for what He can do for us.  And that gradually we learn to accept whatever He gifts us to receive.

There is a lot more to the subject of visitation, but this interview was limited to only my experiences.  I hope they bless you and give you encouragement, and possibly confirmation for visitations you may have experienced yourself.

Father always encourages us with, “Do Not Be Afraid”.  And He doesn’t put any conditions on it.  So, I hope you take Him at His word and follow wherever He leads, without Fear.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.  I send blessings of Love with you on yours.





  1. Thank you Faith, your writings never fail to encourage me. They challenge me too which is always good 😊 Blessings of an abundance of love poured out on you too.

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