Father asked if I wanted to go higher into revelations of His Spirit.  When I answered ‘yes’, I immediately saw a glimpse of the result and felt such awe as though my heart lifted out of my body and floated into the sky.

Then He asked how I would share these experiences and of course I thought of writing.  It’s how I express myself.

He asked, ‘What if it’s higher than any words could ever describe?  Will you stop writing?’

It felt like a choice.  I could stay where I could write, or I could go higher where I couldn’t write.  It was choosing to let go of the ability to describe things in words, in favor of experiencing things I would never be able to share because there would be no words to describe them.

If a friend asked what I was experiencing, my response could only be ‘you’ll have to go there yourself; I can’t take you’.

For a moment I was sad at the idea of walking away from my treasured gift.  Yet, how could I consider refusing this invitation? I would never refuse.

The concept reminded me of pictures we see of an old monk sitting monk-555391__180by a tiny shack at the top of a mountain.  He represents someone who has accessed the greatest wisdom, but in the process of gaining it moved so high as to not be accessible to share it with the masses.  He is now virtually out of reach.

Remember the saying ‘you’re so heavenly minded you’re of no earthly good?’  What if that phrase is actually possible? What use would we be to anyone?

That’s the moment I saw our usefulness at that level.  We would see – truly see – spiritually, clearly, vividly.  And when words might come from our lips, they would be filled with the power of that atmosphere.  They would be the weightiest words we’ve ever spoken.  They might only be 4 words, rather than a long essay of detail and feeling.  Those 4 words would mean so little to anyone listening and yet, they would be 4 words with the ability to create.  They might be 4 little words like: ‘let there be light’.

(And there was Light.)

Instead of writing a book explaining how to accomplish this miraculous elevation, I would only issue the invitation to ‘follow me’.

(The same words Jesus said.)

So, is that where I want to go?  Absolutely!  Will I be able to write anymore?  I honestly don’t know but I suspect that Father wasn’t asking me to abandon all writing. He was letting me see whether it was so cherished to have become an idol which could stand in my way of going higher.  It was a difficult discovery which lead to a lightened heart, knowing I have an invitation.

I used to wonder what a person would eat up there at the top.  Now I know.  Ahh, to breathe the breath of Life – the ultimate nourishment.

5 thoughts on “HEAVENLY HEIGHTS”

  1. It was almost as if I breathed a little deeper after reading this. Or was that a little higher?
    Thank you………I’m also willing. Yes, I will go.

  2. what a powerful post! i can only imagine your delight being given the opportunity to reach the mountaintop!!! wow, that’s an awesome experience, i’m sure!
    i believe we all want to attain that great place, but you have and will continue…i pray (for selfish reasons lol) that He will allow you to express the awesomeness of your experiences! woohooo, that would be amazing!! in the meantime, keep attaining your rightful place in the heavenly “zone”..
    again, great post, thanks for always sharing your words with us, though i haven’t been on much, i’m thrilled to have seen this post!
    many blessings to you!!

    1. As always, thank you so much, Selah. Your encouragement is treasured like the rarest jewels. I also have not been on here much – resulting in this late response. Blessings, my friend.

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