This morning a fellow believer claimed himself to be my Pastor, and when I read his note I chuckled a teeny weeny bit because he has no idea the path I’ve walked on this topic.

It began a year or so ago with a group creating a denomination around some new revelation and for a minute I contemplated belonging because I agree with so much, except one point.

I simply don’t believe there is a hierarchy in Heaven or in The Kingdom of God other than the Godhead and me (or you).   But last year I didn’t have time to break down the reasons why.  So I pursued it today.

As usual, I went to Jesus at My Seat and asked Him.  And as usual, I had the answer before I finished the sentence.  (He reads my thoughts, you know).

He answered with a question.  “Where is The Kingdom?”

And instantly I saw it within me and understood His question.  It was so completely obvious.

There is no one in authority of my kingdom except me and the Godhead.  That’s all.  There are no Angels assigned to certain territories.  They are simply Angels with different talents and giftings.  Actually in the same sort of way that we are.

There may be principalities and powers that have assigned themselves to authority over levels of government on Earth, but they all bow to my Lord.  And therefore they have no true authority over me.

I know this because Jesus reminded me of that speeding ticket I got a few years ago and the moment I declared “Never again!”

My declaration took precedence over their authority simply because this is my kingdom and I rule and reign here with Him.  Whether I speed or not, I will not get another speeding ticket.  But certainly, because of Love, I try not to speed.

There is no power in Heaven or on Earth that can take authority over me in my kingdom.  Unless … I acquiese it to them.  That means I would have to willingly give them authority over me in an area or in totality.

A monarch of an earthly kingdom never gives away authority unless he is forced into it by other rulers or countries.

But that isn’t the case in The Kingdom of God.  It isn’t compromised by other powers with possibly more control because there is no power greater than LOVE, Himself and there is no rulership within that Kingdom except LOVE.

Therefore, there will be no bid for control or authority for one ruler over another.  It’s only about honor and Love for everyone in their respective places.  And there’s no need for anyone to be in control over another.

As a matter of fact, He has always stressed to me that no one has authority over any other human being.  And that’s because we are all created in God’s image.  And God has no one in authority over Him.

He is who we are created to be like.  There is no other example.

Yes, I know the scriptures that would be used to prove me wrong and because of Him and His Spirit in me, I’m sure that we are interpreting them askew.  This is my experience.

There is no one over my Father, my Jesus, or my Holy Spirit.  They are One and are the other piece of me, this new hybrid person.  I’m inseparable from them.  Therefore nothing takes authority over them.  And will never do so unless I choose to give it away.

But, why would I choose to give that away?  What reason could cause me to want someone else in authority over me?  Who loves me as much and has paid the price for my unconditional surrender?

I can’t think of one.

I was raised the other way.  To believe there are all sorts of authority levels in my life.  And I followed it completely.

Until now.

And yes, this is a very recent revelation.  Just as My Seat is fairly recent.

I didn’t sit in My Seat as soon as I became a believer.  I had lots of years of learning and lots of teachers that walked through my life.  It was appropriate to honor them and learn from them.

But each one who took authority over me eventually fell.  They weren’t perfect.  And though it broke my heart each time, I now understand why.

No one can stand in that place of authority and hold it forever, except Father.  He is the only one who deserves to hold it.

Even teachers of monarchs, don’t claim authority over them.  They only teach.

Unfortunately, mankind has coveted authority over each other since the beginning of Eden’s fall.  It is a lame attempt to replace Him.  And we’ve used religion to maintain it over each other and especially over women.  After all, it is a lucrative and Earthly powerful position.

But it’s wrong and always has been.  Father tried to tell us when we demanded a King.  And He’s still trying to tell us today that He is all we need.  He rules only as LOVE and He has no substitute.

He only ever wanted to LOVE us and never use authority or the judgment and punishment which follow.

So, the best my fellow believer got from me this morning was a teeny weeny chuckle.  He is not my authority nor my Pastor.  Father is all that and everything else for me.

This isn’t a challenge for someone to prove me wrong.  This is me, sharing my experience.

Blessings on your journey today.  It doesn’t need to be identical to mine.  You always have my blessings and my love.




9 thoughts on “WHAT HIERARCHY ?”

  1. I love it. We are a new creation. As He is so are we. The only time I’ve submitted and subsequently felt the “law of sin and death” over me was when I gave it away. Amen. You and I chatted about this….Submit to the highest belief/law you can understand and that is what you get. The law honours our belief. Thank you for reminding me if this very thing, and walking me through His perspective yesterday….That’s why one person can feel bewitched and taken over by demonic entities in the atmosphere by just entering a public restroom, and I could be invited into a room full of psychics and shamans, full occultic demonstrations going on, and I will not be touched, and even further more, administrate LIFE to the desolate places. Because I believe. When I am mature enough to enter the arena without fear, after the practice sessions He gives me, I WILL do it! For Him!!! Anything!!

  2. Authority is always given, never taken.

    Father could claim authority in my life in his role as my creator, but he doesn’t. That’s what free will is about: he gave me the right to choose whether he’s my Lord or not.

    Civil government assumes (correctly) my submission to its authority by virtue of the fact that I live within the boundaries of its authority. Nobody else has the right to claim authority over me, though some may claim power over me (eg. Incarceration).

    I can and do submit myself to other authorities in my world. I have submitted much of my will to my bride with the simple commitment, “I do.” I have a pastor (not in position, but in fact) to whom I submit this: I will always listen to his input, and take it seriously, but I do not delegate my decision-making (my will) to him. Likewise with a few others in my life.

    I’ve had loads of folks come into my life for the sole purpose of assuming authority over my life and my choices. I used to submit to that, but giving away my free will has never worked out well in my world. And it insults him if I despise (= “to treat as unimportant,” eg by giving away) his precious gift of free will.

    1. Thank you, as always for your comments Al. I welcome and respect them with lots of Love!

  3. Again…. perfect timing. This time not for me but a friend who is trying to figure things out. This will definitely help her. Thank you!!

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