From my seat next to Jesus, I turned to Him and asked, “How can I affect these current disasters?  There’s a large hurricane headed for Florida and many fires burning in the northwest. And they aren’t exactly in my realm of influence, my kingdom.  So, my efforts aren’t as effective as someone who lives there and has the situation sitting in the middle of their heart.”

“So, what do I do, Jesus?  I don’t want to waste my time praying ineffective prayers.  Tell me what to do.

He indicated that I should look with Him into the valley from our lofty seats and He would show me.  So, I looked.

Immediately, the valley zoomed out almost the same way we zoom earthout on a computer picture.  Within moments, the whole earth as the blue ball spun before us.  However, it was stationary as we watched North American.

Smoke in the northwest trailed toward the central states and Hurricane IRMA spun like a top in the Atlantic.


And as I’ve learned to do in other situations here, I responded from my heart and my spirit.

First, my hand went to the northwest and I  waved over the smoke.  It had the same effect as an eraser, smudging and then thinning it. I did this several times until the smoke was so thin that it was nearly nonexistent.

Then I turned to the hurricane, but looked at Jesus, first, unsure if I should use the same action but then He nodded.

So I did the same smudging action with my palm which seemed to lessen its severity, but then I used my finger to smudge more intensely inside the hurricane’s path.

Then, I spoke to both situations, “You will not harm mankind in your actions.”

I didn’t feel anger, or desperation, or panic at all as I spoke.  But rather I could feel the Love pouring out from Jesus toward the storm and the fire.


It was the kind of Love a Creator would have toward His creation.

His heart wasn’t angry and His eyes weren’t stern.  Andsmudging like a potter who sees a flaw in the pot of the wheel, He splashed Love and soothed it.

I can see the fires as small embers now, smoldering quietly before going completely out.  And I can see the hurricane twirling like a small storm bringing a little rain and a small but momentary blustery wind.

The Love permeating these actions is so strong that nothing in creation can resist its pull.  Everything melts and bends in the presence of this King of Love.  It opens to His touch and receives His healing, welcoming His attention and His hand.


The whole experience filled me with so much Love that I leaned forward and embraced the whole Earth as best I could.

Mmmm.  Every action He takes from this Seat, results in my heart overflowing.  This is absolutely where I want to stay, sitting next to Him, watching Him, doing what He does, and being a party to His reign.  What could possibly be better than this?

As usual, after an encounter with Him here, this picture will take precedence in my heart and mind concerning this situation.  It is so vivid and full of Love that it will superimpose over any news story, or report that I hear from this moment onward.  It’s impossible to respond in any other way, except to completely believe.

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  I’m sending blessings and love to you as you travel yours.



  1. This is incredible! You are not going to believe this! I’m not trying to draw attention to myself. But this is true! I felt the same thing that you have described here. And it happened yesterday. As I was lying on the bed, I started praying and I didn’t even know how to pray for this storm. And then the zooming thing happened, I could see the planet from above and I FELT the love of God for His precious pearl(the tiny little globe). His love was so powerful and strong and I was waving my hands to ward off the storm. And then through this He also made me understand my true purpose in life. I knew that I was created to love Him and be loved by Him. I’ve summarised it here. But it was a powerful love encounter in my life. I just recorded it in my journal and went back to sleep. I was overwhelmed by His love yesterday, but now I stand AMAZED at what you have written. I probably think He wants me to trust the words that He is speaking to me. Cos I still tend to doubt and think that it’s just my own thoughts. So, thank you. By writing this, you’ve made this saying come true – ‘what oft was thought, but never so well expressed.’

    1. Thank you, for sharing your experience!! It’s always exciting when Father does similar things to more than one person. Blessings!!!

  2. I LOVE this!!!!!!!! so powerful!!!! Faith, you have such a fabulous, loving relationship with Daddy, it makes it impossible to not feel and see (in the spirit) what you’re expressing! thank you for always sharing with us…you’re a blessing and I thank you for blessing me and others with your insights and revelation…blessings to you…peace out!

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I love your perspective. Actually it was one of your earlier posts that helped me to my perspective on the weather. <3 And thank you for the reminder of LOVE.

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