This topic is so important that I’m not going to spend a lot of time prepping you.  I’m going to tell you what just happened, what Father told me, and then I’m going to pray for you.

I know you’re frustrated because these shootings keep happening.  It’s time to stop responding to evil the same way, again and again.  It’s not working.  It’s time to step into The Kingdom and do this Father’s way.

I have a family member who’s a police officer.  I’ll call him, Chris.  Upon hearing the news from Dallas, my thoughts went to Chris, and then to Father.  My heart was beginning to feel that little twinge of fear and panic that comes from these episodes.

“Father, how do I pray for Chris so that he will be safe?  What do I do differently than we’ve always done before?”

Immediately He said, “He’s in your kingdom, isn’t he?  Then you know what to do.”

I closed my eyes and went into Father’s presence, and waited a minute.  It didn’t take but a minute, and I felt it.  That peace that passes understanding was flowing.  It’s the sweetness of all creation.

Instantly, I heard Father’s voice.  “He’s safe in your kingdom.” And I knew what I had to do.

With my heart in His presence and His word in my grasp, I simply needed to agree with Him, and see it as a reality from His eyes.

“Yes, Chris, is safe in my kingdom and always will be.”  I said it, and I saw it.

Hopefully, I’ve talked enough about my kingdom that you understand it’s reference and significance.

Now it was time for me to speak to Father about you because you are also in my kingdom.  I asked that you understand and receive this.  Then I saw a fire spreading from head to head through a great darkness.

So, it’s simple.  Most every one of you knows a cop.  Every officer is in someone’s kingdom because their heart is bound in love to them.  It’s time to get into Father’s presence and hear Him speak to your heart.  Then agree with what He says.

This is how evil is overcome.

This is how The Kingdom comes to earth.

Now teach everyone you know to do the same thing.

Lets do some overcoming.




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