I Was Given A Secret Financial Key

Several years ago my husband and I faced an epic financial disaster and the miraculous story of our survival spans the 2 year period following.  During that time on my face before Father, He shared some important tips.  One of them I would have never accepted from Him except under these circumstances.

I know that sounds bad, but it’s true.  I would have rebuked Him and treated Him like a demon at any other time.  But because all my barriers, all my rules, all my everything was laying on the floor alongside me, I could at least listen and begin to learn from Him something I’m going to share with you.

He told me yesterday to post this, that there are those who need it, but I put it in a file for future use because it drastically alters one of our strongest doctrines – that of tithe – and I was concerned that the backlash would be severe.  But He has assured me today that if I trust Him, then He will keep me safe.  And I believe Him because He always has.

I share this with you in my humble desire that it will be a blessing toeveryone who reads it.


The 10 percent tithe is for you to put it in a savings account and leave there until you need to use it.  The key is to be faithful and key-hole-712971_640diligent in putting the 10 percent in the account – always.  Whenever money comes, always put 10 percent there.  Treat this with the exact same respect you have treated the tithe you gave to churches and ministries.  It is still tithe.  But this is where it goes.

You can take it out whenever you have an important need or an important want.  Either ‘need’ or ‘want’ is equally permissible, just be responsible in this decision.  Make sure it is truly important to you, and not frivolous.  You may also use this account to give to others.  It is the best place to give from.  But give with the same responsibility – not just frivolously, but because it is important and your heart hasbeen touched on behalf of someone.

You are not stealing from God because you are doing exactly as He said.

You are the Temple.  The tithe is for the Temple.  It always has been.  The Jews do not pay tithe anymore because there is no Temple at this time and it would be sacrilegious to give tithe to the synagogue. It is equally wrong to give it to churches and ministries.  They are not the Temple – you are. This is an extremely important distinction in knowing your Identity.  (Synagogues survive by selling pews yearly to the congregation.)

You are also the Storehouse.  You are the place where heavenly food is stored up for the multitudes so they will not starve in their lean years.  You feed them the fruit of your stores of revelation, intimacy, gifts, and from the stores of your money.

For many years we had periods of financial struggle even though we paid tithe faithfully to our local ministry/church.  In the years sinceFather gave us this key and we implemented it faithfully into our budget, we have not once found ourselves without the means to overcome any unforeseen expense or financial circumstance.  We have seen the blessing of Father on our finances increase a hundred fold.  We have been able to bless people in need far more than ever before and money has been there even for realizing special dreams.

This is the day-to-day responsibility of a good husbandman and steward and it does not negate Father’s sometimes miraculous ways.  He is still in the business of miracles, too.

May this be received in the Love it has been given and may you be blessed.



 ~  by Faith Living

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  1. What a lovely revelation. I am so blessed reading this. I have struggled financially and have given the tithe and found myself really poverty stricken at times. This article makes so much sense and reflects the Father’s loving heart toward us. Thank you xx

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