Have you ever noticed the wide field of trauma we experience and accept as a natural course of life?

Father told me some time ago to pay attention to it and keep it out of my realm where I have control and then ask Him to keep it out where I don’t have control. trauma


The core of Trauma is a demon who’s presence is destruction, decay, and defeat.  And it is responsible for a lot of sicknesses, diseases, and deaths.

But here’s what surprised me. We experience it much more often than we realize. And we accept that experience as natural.  For instance, when we go to the dentist, or when the doctor says, “we found something and we need to take more tests”. Another instance might be when our manager says, “profits are down this year and we don’t know how that will play out yet” or when we hear a strange noise in the car. There are so many opportunities for Trauma to touch our heart.  And the instant that it touches us – something begins to die.

Joyce Meyer teaches keeping Strife out of our lives for the same reasons. She explains that we make a choice whether to let Strife exist in our lives or decide to do whatever it takes to keep it out. It’s a killer. Just like Trauma.

Father did not create Trauma and it does not exist in heaven, therefore we can choose to resist it just like any other devil. We can purposefully paint it out of our realm by using our imagination canvas.


painting pictures


Yes, I know ugly buggars are sneaky and find ways around our perimeters. But sometimes they succeed because we focus on the situation rather than the entity. We simply don’t recognize the lie, yet. You know the one. The one that says Trauma is a natural part of life. And as long as we believe the lie, then we are subject to its intrusions.

Remember what the words actually meant “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. “On earth” should equal “in heaven” and Jesus wasn’t asking for it to happen after we’re dead. He was asking for it for the day, and then the next day, and the next. That means now.

If we paint Trauma out of our whole painting, then it simply does not exist there.  It’s not like we’re painting a fence around the painting.  A fence can be breached.  But by excluding it, we actually wipe out the existence of Trauma inside our painting.   After all, it’s our painting.  We can paint it the way we believe it should look.  Because we have the mind of Christ, we can imagine and see a place without Trauma – heaven.

That’s not to say that Jesus didn’t experience Trauma.  He chose to experience the worst of it.  So we don’t have to.

And that’s not to say that we haven’t already experienced Trauma and are now learning how to heal from its deadly effects.  We do.  But I don’t believe we should expect to keep experiencing it.

So here’s what I just did.  I closed my eyes for a moment and pictured my realm, my little kingdom of influence, on a canvas in my mind.  Then as I wiped the whole canvas with a sponge, I said, “Trauma of any kind does not exist in my kingdom.”


painting beauty


Now I realize that you may think that is far too simplistic.  And that’s fine.  But what if it really is that simple?  Will you not try it just in case?  You have nothing to lose but future Trauma.

I don’t believe the keys to The Kingdom are hard.  I believe they are so simple that we tend to reject them offhand, thinking they are silly.  Isn’t that why Sarah laughed at the thought of getting pregnant in her 90’s?  It was too silly and ridiculous.  But it worked.

There are many keys we have to discover.  Let’s pursue them no matter how foolish they appear.  Let’s question things we think are natural and ask the question “Is that natural on earth as it is in heaven?”

Thanks for sharing my journey and blessings on yours.



  1. Thank you for writing this! Papa showed me that Trauma had set itself like a god to me. But this god was a tyrant that demanded all my attention, my body. And on my part, I had simply given it the attention it demanded. In that sense, I was worshipping it as a god, or that it had taken the place of God in my being. As soon as I had this revelation, my spirit rose up and turned away from it. And I was free. Armed with this truth, I am able to contain the little traumas I experience here and there, for the purpose of expelling it. I’m not completely there yet, but at least I’m aware of it. In my mind, I now understand Trauma as a completely alien entity that is trying to take up residence in my being, and so it is easy to spot (without trying to look for it). It’s like a stain on an otherwise white sheet of paper. Same as anxiety, anger, condemnation, and strife. I feel it mostly just in my body now, because I’m very much a feeler and need to take care of things proactively. I feel like the years of adrenaline – of fight / flight / freeze mode has conditioned my body to react quickly. So I am also learning to quickly enjoy Shalom, which is not a bad deal at all. 🙂

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