KNOWING GOD, without being taught



I have a friend who got saved and filled with Holy Spirit at 14 years old and was then forbidden to ever go to church again.  Relationships in her family were torn apart by this incidence as she was punished by one side and ostracized by the other.

When I met her, she virtually hated Christians and had never gone to another church, or read a Bible.

We were regularly thrown together because our husbands were co-workers and in the natural course of our conversations, I revealed my Faith to her.  But her cold reception was enough to tell me not to push.

So, I went to Father and asked about her story and He told me her secret.   For most of her life, she talked to Him every day but had no idea who she was talking to.

I was shocked by this revelation and asked Him what He wanted me to do.  He said, “Tell her it’s Me.”

Of course, I wanted to run right over to her house and tell her, but He stopped me and said, “Be patient.   Don’t say anything until I tell you.”

Well, I saw her now and then, but only in public and it wasn’t the right time.  I prickled with eagerness, but I waited.

Finally, she asked me to go on a hike, and we took our dogs.  As we walked peacefully along the trail, I felt Father’s smile and nod.

“So, when did you first meet God?  He tells me that you talk to Him every day.”  I smiled.

She stopped dead in mid-stride and stared at me in shock.  I waited quietly while she processed.  Then she turned back to the path and continued walking quietly.

After several minutes, she began.  “I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone.”  And then she told me the story of how she’d met God.

I asked why she didn’t know she was talking to Him and she said that no one from a church had ever done anything but judge her.  And her family had forbidden her to go back to church.   So, she didn’t like Christians and assumed that God didn’t like her either.

However, she had a spiritual entity with her all the time. She felt it and she knew that He loved her. He saved her from bad circumstances many times in her life and always pointed her toward solutions that worked. No matter what happened, she knew she would be ok because He was there, caring for her. She trusted him implicitly.

Later, I asked Father if He wanted me to teach her.  But He strongly replied, “Keep your hands off.  All she needs is Me.  I am her teacher.  Only share with her your experiences.”

As a result, we have shared lots of stories of supernatural things and she now calls her constant companion, Jesus.  But she still has no interest in church or the Bible.  She doesn’t “pray” as we know Prayer, but she still talks to Him every day in natural conversations.

I learned from this experience, that Father is completely capable of communicating with anyone and teaching them what He wants them to know. He knows our hearts and loves us completely.  He sees clearly and delivers freely.  And He doesn’t live inside a theological box.  We can’t keep Him inside the rules because Love is his only rule. And that is why my friend has trusted Him all her life.

This is a relationship, and relationship surpasses everything.

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  1. Love this! Seriously love it!

    (And Father has told me, on occasion, to keep my hands off. He’s reminded me that it’s HIS job to build his church.)

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