[Something I learned from being married to an alcoholic who did not love me.]

Love doesn’t require reciprocation to live and to do it powerfully.  Love is a force that is God, Himself.  It is Power, itself.  Love’s only source of life is to be part and parcel of God.

Love isn’t born because two people are attracted to each other.  Love is born from God.  And the more we relationship with God, the greater the Love we experience within ourselves.

It is our own wrong thinking that tells us our love will die if the other person doesn’t behave properly.  The truth is that we get angry with the other and then choose to reject the love which is freely given to us from God.

People don’t deserve love.  So it is our wrong thinking again, that tells us they earn it by being lovable.  None of us could possibly earn love.  That’s why Jesus made the way for us to get it freely.

In frustration I said, “God if you want me to love him, then you’re vintage-140573_640going to have to put it in me because I don’t love him right now”.  Then minutes later when he walked through the door drunk again, I was suddenly overwhelmed with Love and compassion that I did not create or meditate upon, or psych myself up for.  And I was just as shocked by its appearance as you may be in hearing about it. It did not come by my Will or my decision.  And it came while I grudgingly  submitted to God.

In that moment, I did not deserve to receive the Love that I miraculously acquired and shared.  But I did receive it and was able to share it.

Because Love IS God. Because Love is Freedom.

[In case you haven’t heard much from my past, my husband was miraculously delivered from alcoholism one night 22 years ago and has never had the problem since.]

4 thoughts on “LOVING MY ALCOHOLIC”

  1. what a powerful story!! i love how you explained how you honestly went to God with it all and He showed Himself strong and brought you through!! wowowow!!!
    so proud to know you and am able to read your posts! you are a real “rock” as far as i can see, and i’m blessed that God brought you across my path, and am now able to glean from your wisdom…
    thanks so much for always giving honest and strong meat for those of us (myself) the opportunity to grow in all areas…
    you’re a blessing, thanks again, i appreciate you 🙂

    1. Love you, love you, love you, Selah! Funny how we ‘go through’ alone with Father, but then later on get to share the experience. When I was ‘going through’ I’d have given anything for these shares. But somehow I don’t think it would have happened nearly the same way. Hmmm. Bless you, Sister. Also so glad we can share now!

      1. love you too Faith!! you always make my day when i can read your posts!!
        i’m sure Daddy knew we’d connect this way…and for that i’m grateful…
        you always make me feel “normal” lol…whatever “normal” is…lol…
        you rock big time sista!

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