A couple nights ago I was awakened at 4 a.m. by overwhelming Guilt.

I should explain that I’m not one to feel a lot of guilt like I did when I was younger and my life was a mess. And of course, I credit that to my amazing Father who has spent several years showing me my heavenly Identity in detail which resolves mountains of personal issues right there.

But this Guilt was a mountain. Did I say I was overwhelmed? I was. And it was, of course, accompanied by fear. Fear comes along to threaten us with repercussions of our guilt.

Blurry from waking up, I recognized Guilt. I gotta say here, that I think these ugly buggars like to show up in the middle of the night because our mind is at complete rest and it takes a bit to focus. Which reminds me, I’m going to ask a couple angels to take the night watch from now on cause this is ridiculous.

However, one of my divine friends, maybe Jesus or Holy Spirit or an angel jumped into action and began showing me what to do. My eyes were open staring at the ceiling as I continued laying in bed, still tired.

Immediately my spirit was in the Courts and I was asking to see my accusers. Oh my, I think there was a crowd standing in line. One after another after another. This procedure continued for an hour and a half while I lay there in my bed.


I heard about things I’d done so many years ago that I’d long forgotten about them. I heard about bad behaviors, bad parenting, bad morality, and even possible addictions. Wow! It seemed that all of hell remembered the details of my life better than I did.

The cool thing about every accusation that was thrown at me, was watching Jesus advocate. All I had to do was agree that I was guilty, and He’d immediately take over. Even a couple times when an ugly buggar accused me of still possessing some bad trait, Jesus answered instantly. “But I don’t and I live inside her, and I heal it and cover it with my blood.”

With no accuser left standing, I threw my arms around Jesus’s neck and said, “I love you so much!” He laughed and hugged me.

I was still laying in bed staring at the ceiling and there was no guilt over me anymore. Instead, I had a sense of a higher level of freedom and instinctively knew I’d be able to write better.

So, I thought I’d share my overnight in the Courts because it may be helpful to someone else.

Blessings on your journey, Family!  Thank you for sharing mine.



  1. Thank you Faith for sharing. I’ve yet to experience the courts of heaven, but it’s encouraging to hear it’s a reality and possible. How awesome of Jesus to wipe out the accusations of your accusers and leave you feeling even more freedom than before. That is so our Jesus!

  2. I loved hearing about this. I tend to do this these days… just agree with the accusation, then give it to Jesus to advocate… though once in a while I get forgetful and languish under it for a bit before I catch on that I am under assault.

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