sadness-451917_960_720I was puzzled by the lack of logic which made Obama president,  and now I’m amazed at the similar response making Trump popular.  Then I heard Father tell me not to stand in wonder, amazed.  And this is what He caused me to see.

People are desperate for radical change, but don’t know what that looks like.  They wish for another Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King, but the integrity and high ideals of a hero also plant seeds of hatred.  And hatred will find a way to destroy.  A short-lived confrontation between good and evil leaves some profound improvements in our society, and afterward, politics return to status-quo.

However, people cannot stomach the status quo of politics. Corruption stinks and they hate it.  But they also believe human beings are, for the most part, a corruptible creation.  Their heroes are unusual and rare gifts from God who live short lives.  The normal political dichotomy feels hopeless.

Then suddenly someone sounds different than the status quo, and everyone perks up to listen … hoping a hero may have arrived again.  Integrity and high ideals might have come to pay another visit.  Hope is high and minds follow suit, building a case for the miraculous. Logic has little to do with this process.  Desperation and hope are the strong incentives.  It’s been the same merry-go-round since Saul, became King of Israel.

So often the desperate chase doesn’t bring a hero, but rather a deflated balloon. And behind closed doors, as the hopeful hang their heads again, there’s a chance they’ll throw their desperation in Father’s lap and surrender.

He will take their desperate hearts and empty hopes, and hold them close to His heart.  He will heal them and give them a relationship.  It will shine with the highest ideals they’ve ever known.  His shining integrity will seal their hearts.  He will be trustworthy and keep every promise.  And He will show Himself, living inside of them – the God, the Father, the Savior, the invincible Man who leads with the grandest honor and never be destroyed.

He waits for that moment.

And He’ll never leave until it comes.