The Pink Light and Bubblegum Angel

I’m amazed at Heaven’s perfect prescriptions for whatever ails us here on Earth.  But even as I’m amazed I’m also beginning to understand this dynamic is the one that will bring Heaven into Earth through us because it creates a new kind of reliance; the perfect remedy every time we call.  Perfect answers will then become a habit, a natural response in a natural relationship.  Just as we pick up a fork to eat, we tap the resource to bring our answer. Continue reading The Pink Light and Bubblegum Angel

Simply Yummy Fruit

Fruit comes after the tree blooms. The petals then drop on the ground littering the grass and the remaining “kernel” begins to grow into fruit. Once mature it is harvested by people smelling its fragrance – which makes them hungry.

In the Bible, we are told to bear fruit after hearing the Word and letting it germinate within our heart.  We’ve been told that bearing fruit means bringing people to God, but think about this.  The tree does not harvest fruit from itself.  Nor does the tree grow people.  But rather the fruit is the result of the nutrients within the tree itself. Continue reading Simply Yummy Fruit




My awesome broadsword was given to me in the middle of a spiritual battle. It’s a marvelous revelation I want to share with you.

In a dream, I cowered on the floor in a dark corner of an old house. At the front door, a pack of demon beasts clawed and snarled.  So, I ran around inside the house and secured the windows and doors, then I retreated to the room farthest away.

Chris Hemsworth showed up suddenly (I think he represented an angel) and began flinging the doors open.  His actions caused me to panic and I screamed, “What are you doing?” But he yelled back, “Use your sword!” and then he tossed me a broadsword. Continue reading MY AWESOME BROADSWORD


Repeatedly I’ve come to the end of my formulas and doctrines and resorted to the step that never fails me. I cry out, “Help me, Jesus, help me!”.

And He always answers. Always. He has never ignored this cry. It seems similar to a cry King David often made, although not the exact words.

“I cry out to the Lord; I plead for the Lord’s mercy” Psalm 142:1  Continue reading MY SALVATION



Yep, it was an accident. We were looking for a new highway that had been built to cut across from I-70 to Central City, and when we saw the sign with an arrow to Central City, we went that way. It was strange that it was a gravel road, but maybe they didn’t have it completed at the bottom yet. However, after a mile, it was still gravel and getting narrower and progressively higher. Since it was now barely over one lane in width, I didn’t think I could turn around even though I came across a couple driveways. It seemed incomprehensible that there was much farther to go. Continue reading I WENT TO THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN


How can we be Christian and see only death, despair and destruction all around us? How can we?

Christ is Life, He is rebirth, and He is redemption. Have we forgotten? Do we look at a cocoon and not see the butterfly emerging? Do we panic and say “what horrible end is coming – the cocoon is dying?” Do we stare in disbelief and pray and plead with God to save the cocoon? Continue reading Butterfly




This is so, so amazingly easy! I’ve worked hard at jobs, at home, at relationships, at conversations . . . at almost everything. And I’ve thought that maybe I don’t know how to relax because I sit down and think of a million things to do.

Even at vacation, I squeeze in too much.

So, I was thinking I have a problem . . . until today when I realized that my relaxation is simply my time with God.

Some people think that is difficult and are surprised. They ask, “How do you do it?” And I say, “Do what?”  Then they ask, “How do you know so much about God?” And I stare back because I don’t understand why they think it’s so hard. Continue reading COME ON IN! THE WATER’S FINE!


oh Eternity, I can see you in my spirit

 I can almost taste your touch

 fresh and blowing softly

 across my nose

 I smell Life

 the smallest bud

 the biggest explosion

 caressing my skin

 lifting my hair;

 CLEARING away debris

 erasing all that’s wrong

 birthing the Light

 electrifying the night

 and setting a tingle

 and awaking Creation;


 I cry into the wind

 as my arms open embracing

 enveloping and welcoming

 your gentle, imploding warmth

 of new day.

A WORD from September 24th, 2013

And He said,

“I’ve seen your thoughts each day, wondering about your purpose and thinking your realm of responsibility is insignificant.  It’s larger than you know, and that realm is your kingdom.  I gave it to you.  But you didn’t grasp your daily responsibilities of Administering from your heavenly seat, your throne. Continue reading A WORD from September 24th, 2013

Big, Ugly Sack

I see that huge, bungling sack I’ve been dragging along behind me.  I noticed it right after that last battle.  The battle I fought to travel 3000 miles to see a dying friend.  It was a loud, bloody, angry battle of fear, but, thankfully, an Angel with armor and a spear came to fight for me.  His presence reminded me of the great importance of this journey and prompted me to choose a forward march rather than retreat in the face of fear.  However, even after that battle was over I was vaguely aware there was more to the skirmish than met the eye.  I might not understand all the meaning until later.  And so pieces of Wisdom keep floating to the surface of my life and becoming unwrapped before my eyes.  Now here’s this. Continue reading Big, Ugly Sack