oh Eternity, I can see you in my spirit

 I can almost taste your touch

 fresh and blowing softly

 across my nose

 I smell Life

 the smallest bud

 the biggest explosion

 caressing my skin

 lifting my hair;

 CLEARING away debris

 erasing all that’s wrong

 birthing the Light

 electrifying the night

 and setting a tingle

 and awaking Creation;


 I cry into the wind

 as my arms open embracing

 enveloping and welcoming

 your gentle, imploding warmth

 of new day.

A WORD from September 24th, 2013

And He said,

“I’ve seen your thoughts each day, wondering about your purpose and thinking your realm of responsibility is insignificant.  It’s larger than you know, and that realm is your kingdom.  I gave it to you.  But you didn’t grasp your daily responsibilities of Administering from your heavenly seat, your throne. Continue reading A WORD from September 24th, 2013

Big, Ugly Sack

I see that huge, bungling sack I’ve been dragging along behind me.  I noticed it right after that last battle.  The battle I fought to travel 3000 miles to see a dying friend.  It was a loud, bloody, angry battle of fear, but, thankfully, an Angel with armor and a spear came to fight for me.  His presence reminded me of the great importance of this journey and prompted me to choose a forward march rather than retreat in the face of fear.  However, even after that battle was over I was vaguely aware there was more to the skirmish than met the eye.  I might not understand all the meaning until later.  And so pieces of Wisdom keep floating to the surface of my life and becoming unwrapped before my eyes.  Now here’s this. Continue reading Big, Ugly Sack



no fears lurking

Sitting at home, safe & sound, didn’t prepare me for a journey into the unknown.  And the fears lurking out there on that journey could only be addressed as I met them.

One at a time, I had to continue to choose the journey and plow on through.  Each time discovering that fear has no power, except to lie to me.  And when I believed its lies, I stopped going forward.  I pulled back and stayed behind and became enslaved by my choice to fear. Continue reading FEARS LURKING ON A JOURNEY

Picking Diamonds in Heaven (vision)

October 2012
While listening to a ministry online and worshipping along, a vision enveloped me.  It caused the sound of the ministry to fade into the background as a different kind of adventure unfolded.

My body began growing taller as though I was stretching upward farther and farther.  And as I stretched, I looked down to see sand pouring from my belly onto my feet.  It created a base like that on a statue, heavy and firmly planted on earth. Continue reading Picking Diamonds in Heaven (vision)

What Name Shall We Be Called? (a rose by any other name) or- Still a Christian After All.

a rose

Church pews left behind, exciting conversations began to spew from my many progressive friends.  We took our faith and ran with it.  Over hill and dale as we hit the dusty trail, in our mostly peaceful exploits of freedom with Holy Spirit as our only guide.  We set many old friends on their ears spitting forth mouthfuls of dirt and explosions of panic as our journeys find no barriers or boundaries before us. Continue reading What Name Shall We Be Called? (a rose by any other name) or- Still a Christian After All.