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Imagine heaven right here, a utopia where hearing God speak was ordinary and the new world order was life without limits.  What if this was a possible world? What if it really does get better? What if it was God’s plan all along?

There is no Armageddon or cataclysmic end of the world coming.  There are no plans for world judgment or destruction. There is just paradise on earth.

Inside the pages of Rose Rock, you’ll find the perfect world has come to life, hidden in plain view, and its growing into the template for the world.

Among the vicious political and religious structures which created a chaotic, dangerous society, Kent loses his baby to unhealthy vaccines, his wife to depression, and his teenage daughter to gunshot wounds in a riot. With his 9-year-old son Brey, homeless and starving, they are surprised by a huge man who says he’s an angel and invites them into a community where they get everything they need and want, including a home of their own.

Rose Rock is a secluded, self-sufficient, high desert community whose supernatural existence causes every person to hear God speaking to them, among other things.  Rose Rock’s only agenda is heaven on earth.

Rose Rock paints the picture of a transparent God who freely shares the supernatural and miraculous, and plans to make it happen all over the world. Rose Rock is the template.

This is a one-of-a-kind novel you won’t want to miss.  It’s full of faith, hope and the realization of a perfect world, the kind we only dream about.

IDENTITY – Chapter 21 from MY SEAT (Read Here – Free)

My Seat

(MY SEAT – 1st book in the “Learning to Live From The Kingdom” series)
Chapter 21 – Identity


Our actual and real Identity may not be anything similar to who we see ourselves as right now. We can be completely wrong in our self-image and while we are wrong we won’t experience the life that Father God intended for us.

So, how can we be completely wrong? Because the real you and the real me was created the moment God envisioned us. He created every detail, every character trait, and every nuance of your personality and mine. And it was good.

At that moment there was nothing about us that was off-whack, twisted, broken or damaged. We were perfect. Continue reading IDENTITY – Chapter 21 from MY SEAT (Read Here – Free)




I began writing 5 easy steps to being un-offendable when I realized that I don’t believe in steps.  They’re formulas and formulas are an act of striving to change ourselves using our own minuscule power. It’s extremely hard work and seldom succeeds.

So, I scrapped most of what I wrote and voted for telling you the story of the first time I decided to stop being offended.

It happened when Hunny and I were dating and we had a fight because he said something that offended me.  It was happening frequently because he’s an outspoken man and rarely beats around the bush.

But this time he said, “Look, this isn’t going to work if you keep getting offended.  First off, I’m not going to change.  This is who I am.  And this is how I talk.  I love you and you can believe that or not.  It’s your choice.  But you can’t manipulate me.  So, figure it out because this won’t work.” Continue reading BEING UN-OFFENDABLE





(an informal interview with my journalism friend, Nick Brauer)


Nick:      “Have you had any visitations? Has Jesus or anyone else appeared to you?”

Faith:      “Yes, actually He has.  And many others too.  Jesus came to me about 22 years ago and I couldn’t look up.  His presence was so intense and humbling that I sunk to the floor and all I saw was His feet while He was talking to me.  Then He reached down and pulled me up, but I still couldn’t make myself look up at His face and I cried and cried.  He hugged me and then put something in my hand before He disappeared.  Later, when I was finally composed and went to do chores, my hand was still clasped.  And when I opened it I saw a pencil and heard Him say, over my shoulder, “Now, you’ll write for Me.” Continue reading HAVE YOU HAD ANY VISITATIONS?




Do you ever wonder when Father God is going to begin pouring out His spirit on all men?  Well, wonder no more.  Step outside and start talking to people.  Don’t preach to them, but listen to their experiences.

I have a friend who’s only been to church during one week of her life. It was when she was 14 yrs old. However, she and Father talk to each other every day and she has relied on Him all her life.  I wrote about her in another article called “Knowing God“.

And I have another friend who is New Age, and yet she embraces my spiritual experiences and trusts any messages I receive for her. She was raised Christian but found the lifestyle too limiting spiritually. She calls God “the universe” but her spiritual understanding often mirrors mine. Continue reading HE’S POURING OUT HIS SPIRIT ON ALL MEN


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My Seat is about Identity. It’s a place where we all come to learn about who we are in Christ and what we were created to accomplish in this life.

In My Seat, Faith Living shares her journey to Identity. The struggles with fear and resolution of heartbreaks. There she finds step by step healing, revelation, and guidance from Father God. Her story may seem unusual and may shift your paradigms, or it will touch your heart and open your mind to the miraculous. Either way, it will speak of the absolute omnipotent power of God to complete the work He began in us.

Some of the chapters were articles that Faith wrote in her blog Faith Living Now which began in 2013. They seemed to be random insight until their connection came to light under 4 topics: The Seat, The Kingdom, The Compassionate Heart, and The Rewards. Each of these were realities Faith encountered in her relationship with Father.

It is these 4 topics that have created this series of 4 books.

Faith shares her journey to encourage you and give you hope. It may also give you the courage to discover your own realities that Father God created for you from the beginning of the world.





When Hunny and I started off on a mini-vacation with our little motorhome, and things began breaking, I remembered Father’s words to me a couple months ago.  “Nothing missing, nothing broken”. It spoke to me of wholeness and completeness and the effect of His presence.

But did He mean more than the completeness of my soul and spirit?  Was that completeness also for our motorhome on this vacation? Or should I begin rationalizing because I live in a fallen world and this is the victimization I must expect?

How can that be?  In my mind, that was like saying “God is good in the spiritual but not so much in the natural because He is impotent in this fallen world”. Continue reading KEY TO “NOTHING MISSING, NOTHING BROKEN”


loss: less is more

(This is a Guest Post from Lew Curtiss at the Creative Harmonies blog.)

I’ve been thinking too much. I’ve been thinking about loss, and in Father God, I have no loss. There remains nothing that anyone or anything can take from me. I have released it all. All means all. I won’t bore either of us with a list.

The other day I told Father God that if for some reason He took everything and everyone from me, if He lead me into complete and total isolation, for whatever reason, He Himself would be enough. And if not enough at the time, He would become so eventually. This is not because He’s all that would remain, but because He is truly all that I want and need. Continue reading LOSS: LESS IS MORE


letting go


Back in the day, when Hunny and I were more immature, we’d have some rip-roaring episodes now and then. Father never condemned me for any one of them and as I look back now, I can see His hand in each one. They were how we learned to live with each other, give each other wide berth to be ourselves, and respect the strength we inherently possessed individually.

Honestly, neither of us thought our marriage would survive very long. We were both so strong-willed and assertive. The match was definitely equal.

But we did learn. Sometimes unwillingly. Continue reading IN THE SPIRIT OF LETTING GO




From my seat next to Jesus, I turned to Him and asked, “How can I affect these current disasters?  There’s a large hurricane headed for Florida and many fires burning in the northwest. And they aren’t exactly in my realm of influence, my kingdom.  So, my efforts aren’t as effective as someone who lives there and has the situation sitting in the middle of their heart.”