All creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God.  It is the one thing that will unequivocally change the way life on earth functions and display the qualities we so deeply desire.

No matter how godly this nation can become, it will never be The Kingdom of God on earth.  It will never be God’s expression of Himself on earth.  And our President can never lead us into that fullness.

Only we can do that by individually pursuing The Kingdom and our Identity inside it.  Only from that vantage point can we mature and progress toward that mark of perfection in Christ, as a son.

But we get it mixed up a bit here, don’t we?  We have a bit of a problem knowing how to bring that identity here.

On the one hand, we’re learning to step into the heavenly realms and see the magnificence of who we are there.  We get a glimpse of a robe, or a crown, or even a sword in our hand.  Sometimes we even see the whole package and are astounded.

We can step into the Courts of heaven and see justice and honor relegated to us and those who seek it.  We can even speak with those wise men of old and teachers of wisdom.

But then we open our eyes to the physical world and wonder how to walk in our robes here.  We long for the justice and wisdom of those courts here and deeply wish our leaders were like those wise men of old.

And there is a disconnect.

I spent a whole year, longing and crying out for Father to teach me how to bring that gloried perfection into this realm.  I saw a huge, beautiful bridge spanning the massive canyon between those realms, and Father gave me a guide who’d carry me across.  But even when I’d close my eyes, reach out into that realm, grasp with all my heart, and pull toward this place, it didn’t manifest here.




Not until He taught me about painting visions on my imagination.  It was difficult sometimes and still remains a challenge today.  Those visions of perfection melded together with visions of this world aren’t easy to produce.

As a matter of fact, they are very difficult.  Why?  Because we see evil so clearly here and glory so clearly there.

How does one go about painting evil the color of glory?

I can’t do it, for sure.  And yet I talk about it all the time.  But it isn’t me doing the painting.  And I know that now.  Those kinds of paintings only come from His heart inside me.  And sometimes He brings them to me freely.  But often I have to ask.

Bringing the glory of heaven to bear upon my country isn’t a matter of electing a new president, or passing more righteous laws.  That will never perfect my world.  And even for the difference it makes, it won’t be the kind of difference we really need.  It will still be an unjust, imperfect, ungodly system simply because it isn’t The Kingdom.  And that really is His only goal.

It involves changing the hearts of men throughout the world.  And we haven’t done that.  We thought we were doing it through missionaries and evangelists.  But the world and its leaders still swim in corruption and deceit.  And that’s because the system itself isn’t God’s.  It’s ours.  We keep trying to incorporate something Godly into an inherently evil machine.  And then we wonder when the results are so much less than adequate.

Our souls long to see The Kingdom.  It’s the one we can see on our journey’s to heaven and the one that lives inside our hearts.  We know unequivocally that it is the one thing that will transform not only our country but every country on earth.




But how is it done?  We don’t seem to have gotten very far.  What was Jesus actually talking about?  We thought we knew when we created great doctrines around His teachings and went around the world to teach men.   But the world still spins in an evil system and we keep trying to inject God into it.   And once again we are back to the drawing board, on our knees, begging to understand how to pull from there to change here.

And once again, He reminds us to see the vision already on the inside of our spirit.

How?  Only by asking?  For it seems that only His vision is vast enough to paint glory over the evil of a whole world.  Not just one country, but the whole thing.  And that is what He talks about – the whole world.

Isn’t it time for us to ask to see that vision?   Isn’t it the only concept of changing men’s hearts?  After all the commitment from the flower children of the sixties, to bringing love into the world, they didn’t succeed.  Corruption still flourished.  Their political changes were nice, but they didn’t change men’s hearts.


flower power


Father taught me a valuable lesson this year.  There is a way to change men’s hearts.  He presented the platform to me through the arguments and struggles inside my own life and family.  When I wondered how we could all possibly agree, He told me to, “paint that picture.”

But it was impossible.  I couldn’t imagine it.  The differences were too vast and varying.  And each of us was firmly dedicated to our faith and ideals.  I could find no solution to put our hearts at unity.

So I asked Him for the vision I could not produce.  Almost immediately He gifted me with it.  And I was astounded by its simplicity.  I saw a picture of us all sitting at a table with a smile on our faces and complete peace in our hearts.

Now, that might seem like a simple thing to envision.  But it’s not.  Not when convictions of the heart are so varied and apparently opposing.  It seemed impossible to create a picture of peace that I could unequivocally believe.  And unhampered belief is a prerequisite for manifestation.

But when I saw His vision, it seemed natural, and completely believable.  Suddenly, it wasn’t hard to see it as reality and believe it.  I added my voice to the vision, by declaring it’s reality to the spirit and physical realms.  And I elicited Angels to perform this thing.

Yes, the vision manifested and became reality.  And I was mesmerized at how simple He’d made it.   He does it every time I receive His picture.  And from the results I’ve seen, the manifestation either causes joy and peace inside people, or it causes them to leave the scene.  And either response works.

I’ve experienced more of His visions regarding problem situations.  And I’ve puzzled at the miraculous power involved in them.  Though I spent countless hours praying for peace to invade the hearts of people, turmoil still reigned.  But He manifested it simply through a vision.

No great debate ensued and no uncomfortable confrontation happened.  Our opinions didn’t change, as far as I’m aware.  But it doesn’t matter because love took over our hearts and with love came respect for our uniquely and independently different minds.

I don’t believe the ones who leave, are forever unchanged.  There will be a next time and a next until all the hearts of men are changed.  No one can continually be subjected to the powerful atmosphere of peace and love, and not eventually be changed.  That is Father’s vision.


book of peace


What happened to free will?  It was twisted and convoluted by powers of disunity, unbelief, and anger.  When Father blankets people with peace and love, it disconnects evil’s plugin and sets people free.  The people who run away from it experience a feeling of slight discomfort and disorientation because the old has passed away.  After a few more introductions to this realm, they begin to appreciate the fresh air again.

Father is the one responsible for giving this vision to the flower children of the sixties.  Most of them just didn’t know it was Him, and that He was the one who could have changed the world with that vision.

But as the sons of God, equipped with the desire to know more about The Kingdom processes, we really can paint new pictures of our earth including our neighborhoods, towns, and continents.  This is the true birthing of The Kingdom of God, and it erases the lines that politics and government draw.

Vision seems to be the Word for this new era.  We’ve begun to learn how important it can be for healing our bodies.  So, it doesn’t seem difficult to grasp the notion that it can also heal our world.

My next question is how much longer it will take for us to get a vision of heaven on earth.  We’ve been talking about it for a few years.  And we’ve been learning miraculous things.  But the creation power of His vision changes everything.

Exhausting our efforts on a new president was a drastically short-sighted vision and it’s one that probably won’t produce a whole lot of unity or change men’s hearts.  However, if we can see His vision of leaders from all governments sitting around one table, with smiles on their faces and peace in their hearts, then change is imminent.  Then we will also be able to see inner-city youth clasping hands with smiles on their faces and peace in their hearts.  And we may even paint the picture of terrorists laying down their weapons, with smiles on their faces and peace in their hearts.

Isn’t that His vision?  Weapons made into plowshares, and lions lying down with lambs?

I’m not sure that even the wisest of my tribe can see that vision as a reality at this moment and truly believe it.  We, as sons, will ask Father for His vision, and then we’ll believe it.  We’ll speak it.  We’ll engage the Angels.  And we’ll answer creation’s call to see the sons revealed.

Just Imagine!!!


  1. Great word!! We waste so much time in futility trying to pass laws and fight political ideas. It is so silly.
    To manifest the kingdom, it is something to which I ask how to do almost daily. We know how to do that to such a small degree. Wonderful insight on how to broaden what we bring to earth.

  2. Amen and AMEN!! We as a family have been feeling that we are missing something in our pursuing the Kingdom of God. That is it! Asking Him to paint the picture! We knew from experience He does what we call a Holy Spirit flip; turning the most awful things around for good but this is definitely where we have been struggling! Thank you. Going to start immediately.

  3. The earth is full of God’s glory (Is. 6:3), and in his presence there is fullness of joy. (Ps. 16:11) So why isn’t the earth like heaven?

    People are blinding, and their eyes need to be opened to see the “light of God’s glory in the face of Christ.” (I think that’s 2 Cor. 4:4, if I remember correctly.) The earth will be full of the knowledge of God’s glory. (Habbakuk 2:14) And that’s when the earth will be like heaven.

    Open our eyes God, and give us your perspective!

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