Once again, this topic is so important that I’m not going to spend a lot of time prepping you.  Basically, the same approach we used to pray for the police officers is the approach we use for the other guys.

Again, I know you’re frustrated by the shootings that keep happening.  It’s time to stop responding to evil the same way, again and again.  It’s not working.  It’s time to step into The Kingdom and do this Father’s way.

I have met people that have sent up alarms in my spirit.   I’ve felt the destruction and evil sitting on their shoulders whispering in their ears.  In the past I’ve left their company as quickly as I could.  Now I’m thinking we are making a mistake by leaving too quickly.  Simply put, as long as they are in our immediate environment,  they are in our kingdom.  And anything that’s in our kingdom is subject to our governing.

Evil is not allow to operate in my kingdom therefore it is impotent while there.  If I send it away too quickly, then it simply takes a deep breath and recuperates – to wreck more havoc on the world in general.

“Father, how do I pray for people under the effects of these spirits?  What do I do differently than we’ve always done before?”

Once again He said, “He’s in your kingdom, isn’t he?  Then use your power.”

I closed my eyes and went into Father’s presence, and waited a minute.  It didn’t take but a minute, and I felt it.  That peace that passes understanding was flowing once more.  His Love permeated my conscious mind and filled me with Joy.

I heard Father’s voice.  “Drown him in the power/LOVE.” And I saw the technique.   No words, or actions were necessary in the physical.  I saw myself sitting quietly next to this demonized person, but in my spirit – in the spirit realm – I was huge and he was small.  I saw myself embrace him so completely that he was totally covered.  And I held that pose – in quiet, but powerful LOVE.  I was drowning him in it and he didn’t even know.

With my heart in Father’s presence and His word in my grasp, I simply needed to agree with Him, and see it as a reality from His eyes.

“Yes, I am drowning him in LOVE.”  I said it, and I saw it.  Love can drown evil by engulfing it until it is completely permeated.  It absorbs the evil  and thereby deactivates it – makes it null and void.  Evil isn’t sent away to wreck havoc another day, but it is changed inside the miraculous alchemy of love.

Once again it was time for me to speak to Father about you because you are also in my kingdom.  I asked that you understand and receive this message.  Then I saw a closed door and I stood before it with my broadsword raised, and I said, “This is my kingdom.  I demand that this door open.”  It will open.  It must, because I govern this kingdom.

Once again, it’s simple.  This is the most effective warfare we will ever learn – how to wield the power of LOVE to destroy the holds of darkness upon people who are, even temporarily, inside our kingdom.  Most every one of you has met a person like this.  Every one of them is in someone’s kingdom.  It’s time to get into Father’s presence and hear Him speak to your heart.  Then agree with what He says.

This is how evil is overcome.

This is how The Kingdom comes to earth.

Now teach everyone you know to do the same thing.

Lets do some overcoming.


  1. Here in Brazil, things are very dangerous and we can’t rely on the police at all. Almost everything is corrupt. The police aren’t arresting the criminals on our street because they pay bribes from the proceeds of their theft and drug dealing, to stay out of jail.

    There’s a particular thief who robbed an old man, who we rescued. It was a very upsetting situation. The police wouldn’t do anything. We could have paid someone to kill him (the way crime is often dealt with here) but we didn’t. I heard that he was mad at us for helping the old man and wanted to kidnap our daughter.

    Then a few nights ago I walked by him and almost started crying. The Holy Spirit in me wanted to touch him. I went and prayed for him, and felt an angel there. I don’t know if he felt anything, but the fact that we have very few options in the natural to deal with this (besides paying a killer to take him out) is a great reminder that we have spiritual weapons that are more powerful. Overcoming evil with God. Dealing with the spirit controlling the person.

    1. Thank you for sharing this. Here in the states we are appalled when we see this kind of violence, and we tend to forget there are people all over the world who live with it “in their face” every day. Those are the believers who come to know the power of God – His Spirit – Love, and understand that it is more powerful than anything else we can do. Blessings, Brother. I’m so thrilled to know that you understand.

  2. These are just what I needed as God our Father is teaching me how to intercede and overcome some lies and fear as I pray for my siblings. Thankyou and bless you for being apart of th body who leads and teaches well.

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