Prince's purple rain


For 3 days, Prince’s song “Purple Rain” dropped into my head and played. I was sorry that Prince left the earth, and I assumed this was my spirit remembering him.  But it occurred to me that he might be hovering in this dimension still.   So in curiosity I asked, “Prince, is that you? If it is, tell me why you died”? Immediately I heard, “Because I was stupid.  I didn’t know”.

Science says there are at least 11-13 dimensions that we know of right now.  There could be more.  My rational mind (yes, I’m still rational 🙂 ) says that if we can only see 3 dimensions with these eyes, then there must be a whole lot more happening around us that we aren’t seeing.

My impression was that Prince didn’t know enough about the spirit realm while he was here, so he took it for granted and left the earth accidentally without living inside his authority.

I wasn’t afraid to address him directly because I’ve had these experiences before with people who’d recently left earth.  Once with my best friend, who came and visited with me for a couple hours discussing all kinds of stuff.  Then there was Robin Williams, who also spent quite some time discussing things.

I left the conversation with Prince too quickly because I was wrapped up in thoughts about death and dimensions, and because I knew he didn’t understand his new existence enough yet to be of much help in that way.  (I learned that from Robin).

I don’t consider myself to have a special gift in this area because of these discussions.  I believe we can all talk to the recently departed anytime we choose.  We simply don’t do it because we are either afraid of it, or haven’t been taught that they are accessible.

I don’t believe the dead stop existing.  They simply change forms similar to water turning into steam.  I also believe that the reason people typically have so many experiences seeing their dead loved ones within the first 3 months after their death, is because that person is still greatly attached to this realm in their heart.  Therefore they will be more apt to appear and communicate then.  As time goes on and they become more assimilated to their new existence, they will naturally have less interest in interacting with this dimension.

I don’t believe it is worshiping the dead to talk to them.  That doctrine came from a fear of repeating Saul’s sin as described in the story about the witch of Endor in I Samuel 28.  However, that situation was more about Saul’s relationship with God than anything else.

Several times since I wrote “Rejection & Identity” the topic of Death has slipped into my peripheral spiritual vision as I’ve contemplated various evil emotional spirits.  The fact is that if we can defeat evil and destroy it by living inside our Identity and using Resistance  (rather than Rejection), then Death would be the last enemy, just as scripture says.

Some believe Death has already been defeated since Jesus’s resurrection, because we go directly into Father’s presence, and we didn’t do that before.

Then there are believers who expect “raising the dead” to become standard behavior and that miracle to eventually overcome death.

I honestly don’t know.  I suspect there is much more than we understand, but I’m not afraid to look into the distance.  I had a dream recently, that I was looking a great distance – and I could see.  So apparently, Father is encouraging me to do so.

Therefore, if defeating Death is still to be accomplished, and it is an evil spirit like the others, then it would be defeated the same way, through Identity and resistance.

In other words, we would come into our full Identity and see that our new hybrid self is not subject to Offence, or Defeat, or Rejection,  or any other evil spirit … including Death.  Obviously we have not quite reached this level or those spirits would not be having such a hey-day in our community.  However, we are growing.  I can see it and so have many of you.  Those spirits are losing their power over us as we develop more thoroughly into our Identities.

We will no longer see through the glass darkly but rather face to face with Him we will see clearly through His eyes.  We will see complete perfection of Life – in us – without doubt, or wavering, or hesitation.  Evil will have completely lost it’s place and we will be free.

Then Death will cease to function in us and we will only see it operating in those ignorant of their Identity, those who believe in evil and its existence within themselves.

It will be defeated in those who understand, who stand upright in front of it’s face, knowing who they are, unmoved.  Evil would be destroyed out of sheer lack of active participants.  It would wither away and slowly disintegrate.

We will have come into our maturity as Sons of God, our Identity being full.

I would not attempt to say that this is a complete revelation and we have now “arrived”.  We are obviously in an era of great revelation, and more is coming.

I simply and humbly offer this for your consideration as Father leads us into greater understanding of the Kingdom.

Blessings to you in your journey.