Rejection & Identity book

Father unfolded a mystery.  

In our attempt to get rid of evil and cut it from our lives, we use Rejection.   But it’s a spirit who lies.  It won’t restore anything.  It destroy’s identity, and leave’s us in chaos unable to make decisions.  We’re lost.  And we’re desperate for rightness .


This was the context of my latest in-depth conversation with God bringing new revelation about our Identity going back to the Garden of Eden.

In a nutshell, Rejection is not a good thing, not even when we use it toward evil.  It is not a tool that helps us progress closer to God.  It is not the pathway to peace and righteousness.  And secretly you knew this, too.  In some quiet, flash-of-a-moment when you were contemplating the way the universe works, you sensed that something wasn’t quite right about using Rejection, even in the face of its apparent necessity.  It felt like having a foot on each side of a fence. One moment we’re operating in Love and the next, we’re sternly Rejecting something or someone.  Suddenly we are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  We become the judge and the jury putting everything in its appropriate box – labeling it good or bad, and then taking out the trash.  Or we become the “trash” and are being ushered to the trash heap.

Rejection is a spirit that’s been around since the Garden of Evil, whispering false promises in our ears, and making itself appear to be the solution or the wise choice.  We are all guilty of listening to its lies.

There truly is a better way. Follow me on this journey of discovery and find a  new level of Overcoming and healing.