I’m seeing a shift in this new era.  It’s a shift into a new level of maturity.  Instructions are coming from the Father of Lights into each of our spirits and it’s speaking of a new level in the Power of Love.

I see all the ages of Man as steps of maturity after our Fall.  We lost our Spirit connection and became reduced to mere flesh.  But through the processes of time and Father’s careful guidance from baby to toddler, to adolescent, we came into youth and finally adulthood.  At adulthood we reach new freedoms and new authorities, but we also reach greater responsibility.

The Earth was given to us.  We are the caretakers.  But through our immaturity, we didn’t make the best decisions or govern unselfishly.

As selfish adolescents we used up our Earth carelessly.  We tossed her this way and that in favor of whatever whim was in sight.  We saw ourselves as little kings and the Earth as our plate. When our abuse caused upheaval and destruction, we stood and yelled at her “I HAVE AUTHORITY! I COMMAND YOU!” It was the time of a rather bratty prince who ate what he willed and stomped his feet at the resultant darkness.

Gradually we began to find that our screaming and stomping didn’tmountains-863474_640 work as well anymore.  The demons we have routed are still gone and we are screaming at the remains.  They are remains waiting for instruction.  Earth has nearly forgotten how to behave properly and screaming only addresses ‘what NOT to do’ rather than lovingly describing the perfection still existing inside her.

She has suffered while we grew.  Like the haggard mother at the end of her rope waiting for our maturity, she was desperate for the age of our finishing and our long-overdue ‘Coming-out’.

Coming into adulthood meant laying down our selfishness to learn the power and wisdom of Love.  It also corresponds to the time of readiness for marriage.  With Love as our new ‘center’ we find freedom from the rules and regulations needed as a selfish child, and discover that Love is the true compass of all decision. It is who our Father is.  It is who He created us to be.  And in His image we come.

It is now time to rule and reign through the wisdom of Love.  In His image.  It is time to comfort and love our Earth. She is still reeling and needs our reassurance that all is well, all is stable, and all is now being governed from the mature Authority of Love.  We are now able to lavish her with appreciation and respect so she can live in the perfection she remembers from before.

We no longer stomp our feet and scream at her in rebuke and condemnation as a child just learning his identity.  We know who we are and we know what real power is, and how it is wielded.  It is Love.

Now we can speak to her in Love.  “Earth, you are amazingly beautiful!  We speak healing into you resulting in manifest perfection .  Be perfect in peace, perfect in beauty, perfect in nourishment, perfect in order.  In this we appreciate and lavish you with love.”

Love is the power of Life, of Light, of Revelation.  It is the power that changes everything.  It is the most powerful Authority and this is the SHIFT that is taking place suddenly, powerfully and amazingly inside us.

Thank you Father for bringing us to this place where we can see Your image coming to maturity in us!

2 thoughts on “SHIFT!!!”

  1. as always, another post filled with insight straight from daddy’s heart!! i love your posts!
    it’s funny how just the other day me and daddy talked about this…hmmmm, i guess He’s up to something good!
    your words confirm that for sure!
    keep ’em coming, i love how He uses you!!! 😉

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