bad weather

For years I wasn’t comfortable commanding and rebuking stormy weather, but it’s what I was taught to do.  I’d feel angry and
fearful reacting this way, and it didn’t seem completely appropriate.  Even in the worst weather, I saw amazingly beautiful cloud formations, and awe inspiring power.  Weather itself, didn’t  seem evil.  It felt like a child, with bad direction.

So when Father explained that the entities we call “weather systems” have been around since the beginning of creation, and that they weren’t created for evil, I began thinking about them differently.  I saw them as simple receivers listening for direction, and the only instruction they were getting was from our mouths.

As weather forecasters we like to put a dramatic flair into our words.  Sometimes that flair is unnecessarily negative.  And that forecast is translated even more negatively in our conversation to each other, “Well, it’d be my luck for a nasty storm to come just when I planned a day off!” Or in warnings like, “Hey, Buddy, don’t plan a picnic.  An ugly weather pattern is brewing.”

Another habit we have acquired is talking negatively in our religious groups about weather systems.  For instance,  we’ve turned out a lot of doom and gloom into our world for the last hundred years through comments like, “You can certainly tell it’s end-times by the Killer Storms around the world.”

Hmm, imagine how children would turn out if we told them they were ‘Killers’.  Is it any wonder we see storms displaying the very things we say about them?

Even earth-lovers talk about how we have damaged the weather irreversibly and created chaotic, out-of-control weather systems.  And if that isn’t bad enough, Believers are binding and casting out weather systems as though it were possible.  Casting out weather would be like casting out dirt, or water.  Where would it go?

I understand that our intentions were to bind and cast out evil entities from dwelling inside the weather systems, but I think we might have accomplished that feat when we first starting binding them a hundred years ago.  Continuing to bind and cast out something that is already gone, simply looks like we are shaking our fists at a child.  It’s quite a lot of negativity and loud yelling.

Sure, the storms turn and leave us when we shake our fists at them.  But they come back, again and again, worldwide.  And we stand watching for the next one, primed to deliver our meanest command in the name of authority.

I don’t believe Adam was that kind of caretaker in the Garden.  I don’t think he bound and cast out anything.  And please don’t say that’s because there was no evil in the Garden.  Sure there was.  The snake was there before Adam ate the wrong fruit.

Don’t get me wrong.  Certainly there is a place for binding and casting out, but we forgot what it was somewhere along the way, and began using it for everything we don’t like.

Meantime, I see the weather systems as unruly children who have been incessantly told how horrible they are.  Therefore they behave that way.  They run and hide when they see our fists waving, only to come back tomorrow because there is really no place for them to go.  They live here.

Father told me that if I wanted to actually make a difference in the behavior of our weather, then I should begin reminding the systems of their creation and purpose.  He said to stir up their original mandates which were to nourish the earth and it’s inhabitants.  He also said to erase and void our previously mean proclamations and see the systems as they truly are – beautiful, marvelous and amazing.

So my words toward weather have drastically changed.  Some of you have seen this in my weather prayers on Facebook the last couple years.

When Father showed me how to talk to weather systems, it resonated in my heart and I understood.  These are created beings.  They have been around a long time and have a destiny just like we have.  They thrive on love and honor, just like animals, and plants, and children.  They respond to creative direction and gladly prefer it over destruction.

My hope is that my journey speaks to your heart and opens doors of understanding.  I have no intentions to insult, offend, or otherwise upset anyone.  I’m simply reporting my revelations from Father.  I adore Him with all my heart and sit with Him often.

We are already in a new era and it is one of thrilling new lessons, and manifestations. Our first step is to move on from the old.  It was perfect for it’s place in our development.  Now, it is time for new wine.  Heaven is invading Earth, and we are learning to rule and reign correctly.  After all, Father intends a New Heaven and a New Earth.   He will accomplish it. The old has passed away.



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