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I was up at 3 a.m, again at 5 a.m, and then finally at 7:30 a.m. I got up.  It was a busy night of dreaming.

In the first dream, I was a black man working undercover, smuggling black slaves out of a work camp in Africa. I hid one man in a shop vac with his face covered while I used the vac until the truck arrived.  When it did, I quickly unlatched the lid and we both scrambled into the truck which sped off to freedom.

In the next dream, a slave trader was telling me that he’d trade the current man I was smuggling out, for the 12 year old child I’d smuggled earlier.  They could get much more work for many more years from the child.  My intent was to defy him and take them both.

The last dream was much longer and more detailed.  I was in a small European country where the slaves were housed in crowded rooms and spied upon while they worked.  Their induction was through a door hidden behind the throne and that’s why it was so difficult to stop the practice.  Political pressure was being brought to bear, if only the rebellion could produce concrete proof.  Pursuing escape was full of intrigue like an episode of “Mission Impossible” (which by the way, was always “possible”).

In each dream, I was an undercover slave who had to find my own way out while taking other slaves with me.  It was serious work navigating the lies and intrigue.

My impression of being busy all night, had me tired and my muscles were achy when I woke.  I wanted to ask for a “do-over” so I could actually get some rest.

I know you’re expecting me to explain this in a highly spiritual way and talk about my mission to the world.  But I’ve never specifically thought I had a “calling” to run around saving slaves.

Years ago, Jesus gave me a pencil and told me to write for Him.  A few years later, Father told me simply to share my experiences in my words.

Last night I was strongly impressed that I was actually in these places, doing these things.  They didn’t feel like allegorical dreams, although the symbolism is very clear to me.

I was actually in these places because I am – every day.  You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

In each instance I became a slave in order to find an escape and then take others along with me.  I knew without a doubt that there was an escape, however it frightened us to pursue it.

Allegorically I believe each scene of slavery was the portrayal of leadership of emotional spirits like rejection, betrayal, and offence, and how cruel each one masters us with the strongest networks and connections.

The master in the scenes from Africa was a very powerful thug with huge mob-like connections.  The leader in Europe came from directly behind royalty.

These leaders speak to my belief that societies all over the world have been duped to accept slavery at the hands of strong, evil, emotional spirits and abdicate control to them.

Apparently I support the biggest conspiracy theory of all.

I don’t believe that we possess these emotions naturally.  They were not the way we were created.  They are not who we really are.  But our Identity took a beating when Adam ate the fruit and we’ve believed the lies ever since.

As long as we believe these emotions are a natural part of our nature, then our prayers for governments, economies, societies, and even personal healing, don’t have the miraculous resolutions that we should be seeing.  We aren’t challenging the real illegitimate culprits.

However, we can actually escape them and it doesn’t require years of therapy, psychotropic drugs or behavior modification.  It simply requires that we find out that we are free.  And that is where the dangers lay.

I’ve discovered that the more I talk about this, the angrier some people become because they believe thoroughly that these emotions belong to them and are a part of the natural order of their life.  They will fight to maintain ownership and angrily tell me that I’m cruel in my oversimplification of their tragic struggle.

On top of that, there is my belief that huge medical and pharmaceutical business thrives heavily because of the lies from these evil, emotional spirits.  That lands me squarely in the middle of the biggest conspiracy theorists. (sigh)

The problem is that I can’t prove any of this except through my own experience of being lead by Father to deal with these emotions myself.  And seeing how quickly they dissipate when I respond to them appropriately as illegal spirits not belonging to me.

Father keeps telling me that He didn’t create broken emotions, and broken health.  He keeps showing me the perfection of His handiwork and it simply doesn’t truly coexist with all the brokenness that keeps us in chains.

It is nothing remotely similar to cruelty that drives me to continue writing this way.  It is simply my experience that I must share.  I honestly don’t think I’m so much more highly favored by Father than you are, that He would show me these keys, make them work for me, and keep them from everyone else.

That is why I simply smuggle one slave at a time out of this regime.  My work is truly like sneaking around behind the scenes until I bump into someone who will believe my testimony.

And that’s OK with me. This viewpoint is simply a bit bizarre and hard to swallow.  I know it takes time to roll it over in our minds and ask Father for confirmation.

Yes, I believe these emotions are actually evil spirits.  But no, I’m not running around rebuking spirits.  I’ve never rebuked even one of them.  I suppose that action might work for a minute, but the spirit would simply return after some time.  I “resist” them most adequately through the restoration of my Identity.  They simply cannot stop me from discovering and experiencing who I really am.

But notice I said “experiencing” who I am.  That’s different than statements of affirmation which are only behavior modification techniques.  Experiencing means to encounter or undergo an event or occurrence.  It’s the same way Love works – it must be experienced.

I began to experience my Identity which was created perfect by Father and has never changed.  It is still perfect – especially so after the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus.

The truth is still the truth.  We have simply been believing a lie.


It was an interesting night for me, a confirmation that continued in many scenarios to repeat itself.

Thank you Father, that your Love has set us free.

7 thoughts on “SMUGGLING SLAVES TO FREEDOM – dreams”

  1. I believe! Thank you so much for obeying Jesus and helping others get to freedom. I’m totally with you on the big pharma idea. Starting to experience that love and freedom. Realizing that He is right here IN me and a part of EVERYTHING. New paradigms all the time. I can’t wait to find out the next thing that is needing to be shifted in my soul…what theology is slightly off (or largely off). It’s so exciting! Life is so much better! Hope hope hope is here. Thanks Faith!

  2. Brilliant as always. I need to ponder this some more when I am not so tired. I believe this is such a key to freedom.

    1. I’m so thrilled that the message came across. You are right, it is some huge keys to freedom. Bless you, my dear Sister.

  3. Faith – This post resonates with me on so many levels. The metaphors of this entire dream adventure being real work for Father in the world; the slavery analogy, and the masters who exploit them and diligently work to keep them in bondage; your movements in the background seeking those whom you can liberate. It’s all so incredibly powerful.

    I live as an Urban Monastic with Matthew 6 as Father’s model. He has me doing intercession, etc. in anonymity and autonomy. Hence the connection with your own, “My work is truly like sneaking around behind the scenes until I bump into someone who will believe my testimony.”

    Thank you for sharing this work you and Father are up to. I know this requires a certain level of transparency and vulnerability and I am nourished and encouraged by it.

    Lew Curtiss /

    1. Thank you, Lew. You are an amazing inspiration so often and I appreciate your words. Blessings, Brother. Onward! 😀

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