ghosts-572038_960_720I was reminded today about the time I began inviting the Heavenly Host and the cloud of witnesses into my home.  It wasn’t something my husband and I discussed.  It was just something I did on a whim one day as I was visiting with Father, and contemplating the spirit realm.

Dark shapes and spooky movements have been evident now and then all my life.  They gave me creepy feelings and I hated to get out of bed at night.  I’ve done the rebuking thing and the commanding thing.  It works, but eventually there is movement again.

That’s when it occurred to me that there are probably an overwhelming number of entities around us at any given moment.  So, what if we simply invited the Heavenly Host and the cloud of witnesses to BE that crowd?

Isn’t that what we do with people?  We surround ourselves with people we enjoy.  We invite those we like, the kind who fill our atmosphere with enjoyable and interesting conversation.

So, I did it.  I simply looked around the room and said out loud, “Heavenly Host, you are always welcome in this home.  Cloud of witnesses, you are also welcome.”

From that moment onward there has been a whole new atmosphere in my home at night.  It doesn’t feel creepy when I have to get up.  It feels warm, and comfortable, and inviting.  It feels friendly.

But I’d forgotten to tell my husband that I’d done this.  So it made me laugh when a few days later he said, “I’ve been wanting to mention to you that when I’m up at night lately, there’s been some weird things going on.”  He went on to describe a moment when something bumped his leg.  Another time, he saw someone go across the room.  There were flashes and even a voice or two.

I asked him how they made him feel and he said, “I’m not afraid of them and they don’t feel scary.  As a matter of fact, I see them, wonder about it a moment, and go right back to what I’m doing.”  Once or twice he was sure it was his Dad in the hallway.

So I told him what I’d done and he simply said, “OK.  Sounds good.  Like I said, they aren’t scary.”

I recommend doing this if you experience spooky and creepy things around your house at night.  Or if you’ve done the rebuking and commanding thing, but they just come back.  Fill your space with the kind of visitors you choose, not just those who wander in from anywhere.

Be blessed. We are greatly loved by many of Father’s children, both here and there.


  1. Excellent! Relate to so much of this. While talking with HS one day about pushing boundaries out I had a whim to start praying a certain way. We now call it our last chance prayer. We have had several times of having creepy presence in homes. Then one time it was an outline of a person that was very tall. I was not afraid & simply said “do what you must but hurt no one”. A few weeks later the house caught fire and thru miraculous intervention, we were not there & no one was hurt. Black hoodie is a regular. No idea on that. Then in Hawaii, where we blew up our God box and went freestyle, we heard ” hello” three times yet no one there. It was a familiar voice I later realized was my oldest brother who was in a convalescent & had been on support systems for 13 yrs at that time. This is an incredible revelation. We just invited them in to our home too. We could use any extra help right now.

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