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All creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God.  It is the one thing that will unequivocally change the way life on earth functions and display the qualities we so deeply desire.

No matter how godly this nation can become, it will never be The Kingdom of God on earth.  It will never be God’s expression of Himself on earth.  And our President can never lead us into that fullness.

Only we can do that by individually pursuing The Kingdom and our Continue reading ARE WE PRACTICING THE KINGDOM ON EARTH?


There’s a group that believes our soul lives in a place touching both Heaven and Earth, and that we are the only created beings who can dwell in both places.  I can’t prove them wrong.  Heck, they might be right.  It would explain a lot and if it’s true, then we’ve been reacting to our world all wrong.

We’ve been dealing with Earthly issues by utilizing Earthly means which will accomplish little to nothing in these parameters.  The point would be to access Heaven in order to effect the Earth for better.  We don’t access Earth to effect Earth with the same as it already has. That would just add more heaven-less-ness on top of already existing heaven-less-ness.

Life is perfect in Heaven and since life is imperfect on Earth, our purpose would be to bring more Heaven to Earth, not more Earth to Earth.

THEREFORE, the only way to truly right the wrongs, fix what’s broken, heal what’s diseased, beautify what is ugly . . . . and overcome evil . . . . is to bring Heaven to Earth.  That can only be done by visiting Heaven.  Therefore, if you are not visiting Heaven, would you mind getting on the ball and CATCH UP PLEASE!?

Next, you must go there regularly and absorb it into yourself.  You must absorb it in a way that you can come back here and release it into Earth.

For instance, if we want to grow Honeysuckle Sherlite, then we must go where it is and acquire a cutting of Sherlite to bring home. Plant it and carefully nurture it into adulthood until it ‘takes off’ and begins to run the perimeter.  Now we’re in business.  It will spread, take over, run amok and create beauty and fragrance wherever it goes.  Wha-la!

This is the same way Heaven on Earth works.

So running for office of President of the USA without going into Heaven, will not help you change this country into a Heavenly nation, it will only put you in an office that will probably tear the life out of you.  It may make you a rich man/woman, but you may not know where Heaven exists anymore because you will have lost touch with reality.  😀

The same for picketing, or protesting, or any number of other resources we have acquired that only turn us into obnoxious politicians along with everyone else: annoying people, causing more anger and disunity and solving nothing in particular.

Therefore I submit for your approval the “Visit Heaven Daily” campaign.  We’ll make up signs and bumper stickers and such to push the program forward.  OK?  Everyone with me?

Ha, ha!  Ok, I was just joking.  I don’t want to start a campaign anymore than I want to join an existing one but hopefully you’ll see my point and we can all smile smugly in the face of those other picketers because we know the REAL secret to changing life in our country and on Earth.

AND if we are right, then we can do it anyway and not annoy everyone.

(please accept this as a bit of tongue-in-cheek about a serious topic).