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Anger & hatred


I stood in the shower seething with anger and hatred almost as though it had jumped on me when I read the blog article by one of my friends, Praying Medic, “Learning to Love Your Abuser“.

He had described with much humility, how he felt anger and hatred sometimes toward abusive people, and that we need to learn to love them because it is their only cure. Continue reading ANGER & HATRED OVERFLOW

This Side of Heaven

“We won’t know all the answers this side of heaven” is ‘the phrase’ I’ve received all my life in answer to many of my questions.  As a child, I concluded that no one had permission to ask questions.  Questions about life received short, pert sentences that inferred threat if this line of communication was pursued.  Questions about christianity were worse.  They received ‘the phrase’.

I reasoned that everything about christianity was secret and guarded by a God with a mean countenance, grouching out severe warnings about never asking again.

Today children question parents and receive an almost break-neck effort to supply answers, or at least tools to search.  Fear of questioning seems gone and thank God it is, because quite often my generation is still delivering ‘the phrase’. Continue reading This Side of Heaven


Someone I love said something cruel to me today and I didn’t respond.  I let them walk away and I didn’t run to a corner with a sob. I didn’t chase them down and confront them. Without emotion, I wondered if my heart was hard.  I wasn’t wounded and out of control.  But I also had no clue.  I said “Help me here, Jesus. Help me with this situation.”  He immediately gave me a message and a vision.

The message was “Ignore it.  Don’t give it attention.  Walk back into the relationship as though nothing ever happened, but see it this way.”  The vision was of a continued relationship in love without cruel, bad behavior.  The disappearance of bad behavior wasn’t the result of confrontation or discussion but because I didn’t believe in it.  It wasn’t Truth.  It wasn’t how Father created this person.  Therefore it was a LIE. So I called it a LIE and refused to accept it as part of them. Continue reading CRUEL, BAD BEHAVIOR

PRUNING FRIENDSHIPS (taking out the trash)

Here’s a topic that rears its head and usually elicits an “ewww” from me.

Yep, it means cutting away the people who suck the life out of you.  I have a huge problem with this regardless of the fact that many ministries have large teachings on it designed to help you know when and whom you should perform this surgery upon and thereby rid your life of them. Continue reading PRUNING FRIENDSHIPS (taking out the trash)