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THE CASTLE, a story, part one

mountain cliffAnna’s feet ached with each step on the rough mountain path.  She had seen the top of the castle, white and beckoning, just before this curve. Finding a flat-topped boulder, she sat down, kicked off a shabby shoe, and rubbed her foot.

Oh why had she come here?  The castle hadn’t called to others.   No one else in the village had been plagued with compelling wonder.  They were content to sit in their small pomen’s and work their gardens year after year, and survive until old, and worn, and dead.

But from Cabon’s Point, just outside the village, the castle gleamed like a tiny gem in the distance, tempting her.  Old Jable, the cobbler, had said it was a bad omen, her being so curious, when the tales warned of such behavior.  No one who’d set out for the castle had ever come back to tell the story.  So when Oma Olga, the baker, drew back at Anna’s inquisitiveness, it was years before she allowed herself to even glance at her temptation again.  After all, Oma Olga knew everything about anything, including the secrets of Adjin and the Universe.  She knew why He created and where He went afterward.  If she was afraid, then everyone was afraid. Continue reading THE CASTLE, a story, part one

“The Kingdom of Heaven at ROSE ROCK” by Faith Living.

Coming Soon!

This is ‘slightly in the future’ fiction about a homeless father and young son – invited by an Angel to step into ROSE ROCK, a community operating in ‘heaven on earth’ dynamics of supernatural proportions.

Estimated publish date after the 1st of the year 2016!


This Side of Heaven

“We won’t know all the answers this side of heaven” is ‘the phrase’ I’ve received all my life in answer to many of my questions.  As a child, I concluded that no one had permission to ask questions.  Questions about life received short, pert sentences that inferred threat if this line of communication was pursued.  Questions about christianity were worse.  They received ‘the phrase’.

I reasoned that everything about christianity was secret and guarded by a God with a mean countenance, grouching out severe warnings about never asking again.

Today children question parents and receive an almost break-neck effort to supply answers, or at least tools to search.  Fear of questioning seems gone and thank God it is, because quite often my generation is still delivering ‘the phrase’. Continue reading This Side of Heaven



Can we talk a minute about Jesus and the money-changers?  He didn’t whip, or chase away sinners, nor did He judge them very harshly.  But the money changers brought on a whole different response than we see any other place from our Lord.

Lets think about this.  We are the temple.  This verse depicts a physical example of our hearts.  The money changers in Jesus day Continue reading MONEY CHANGERS