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Father said to me, “My people are Passionate.” And along with His words came illumination. I saw Passion birthing ‘the fantastic’. I saw a dream turning into reality through Passion.  I saw Passion lifting a car off a pinned child.  I saw Passion speaking the Spirit of Life into large groups of people.  I saw it walking across the country to honor a loved one.  I saw it refusing to let a husband die when he hadn’t breathed in many minutes.  I saw it healing, blessing, building.  It was like pouring the oil of Love into a bowl and touching a spark to it.

I could tell that Father loves Passion.  He sees Himself in our Passion because it is His characteristic. It is through His Passion we were brought to life. Passion changes everything.  It rotates fact at a molecular level and changes the results. We don’t ‘create’ passion. It is born of love. It is love with flames on!  We feel it burning deep in our chest like liquid fire.  It is life at a crescendo. Continue reading LET PASSION FLY

Paradise Now





Some time ago, I told Father in a chit-chatty and slightly silly conversation: “I want to live in paradise on Earth”.

Immediately He said, “OK, make it.  Right here where you are.”

So, I considered what this might mean.   Plus, if He wanted me to do this, then I must simply agree with Him.

It started by daydreaming of what paradise means to me and then making small changes to my little world, like solar lights on my deck.  I hung several strings of bulbs up high and placed yard lights down low. I also got a small gas fire pit and replaced the lava rock with colored decorative glass rocks. The fire danced on the glass and looked like water! Continue reading Paradise Now