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Getting Healed By Goofy Methods

Today I’m sharing a funny, strange healing that happened to me a couple years ago.

It started with my husband getting the stomach flu.  It was awful. For one full day he threw-up and the next two days he was in bed wiped out.  We prayed and prayed for him and nothing happened.  It was a terrible experience and my heart broke to watch.

Then two days after my husband was healthy again, I was hit.  It came on like a ton of bricks and knocked me onto the bed holding my stomach, rocking back and forth in terrible pain. Continue reading Getting Healed By Goofy Methods

“The Kingdom of Heaven at ROSE ROCK” by Faith Living.

Coming Soon!

This is ‘slightly in the future’ fiction about a homeless father and young son – invited by an Angel to step into ROSE ROCK, a community operating in ‘heaven on earth’ dynamics of supernatural proportions.

Estimated publish date after the 1st of the year 2016!




new maturity


Apparently,  I have new freedom as the result of some new maturing.  I have changed.  I don’t believe anymore that it’s necessary to search the past for the open doors to demonic damage.  For one thing, I don’t recall Jesus looking into anyone’s past before speaking their healing.  But just like most Christians involved in healing (emotional and physical) I’ve concentrated on doing it this way for a long time – seeking through the past to find all the open doors so I could close them.

My change began when I prayed for a situation after seeking all the open doors where damage had entered.  Later, I discovered that there were more and more open doors.  They went on and on, time after time, and there was never a completion. Continue reading NEW FREEDOMS OF MATURITY IN HEALING