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music notebook 2

My Momma had a notebook that assisted her in following Holy Spirit.

She took it to church stuffed with lyrics, choruses, hymns, and worship songs.  Some pages are from old hymnals, but others are typewritten sheets or handwritten scraps on the back of old browned pieces of paper.

You see, Momma played the organ and was often called out of a congregation to play without prior notice.  She didn’t like being Continue reading MOMMA’S NOTEBOOK FOR FOLLOWING HOLY SPIRIT

Paradise Now





Some time ago, I told Father in a chit-chatty and slightly silly conversation: “I want to live in paradise on Earth”.

Immediately He said, “OK, make it.  Right here where you are.”

So, I considered what this might mean.   Plus, if He wanted me to do this, then I must simply agree with Him.

It started by daydreaming of what paradise means to me and then making small changes to my little world, like solar lights on my deck.  I hung several strings of bulbs up high and placed yard lights down low. I also got a small gas fire pit and replaced the lava rock with colored decorative glass rocks. The fire danced on the glass and looked like water! Continue reading Paradise Now