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In several ways lately, Father has highlighted the peculiar struggle that only women encounter in their lives on Earth.  One way or another, men take authority over us and we don’t always give that authority freely but rather it is forced upon us.  Either religiously, through the misuse of scripture, or physically through overpowering.

Women’s hearts are made to nurture others, not defend ourselves.  So, when it happens, we suffer first from the knowledge that defense is necessary and secondly from being forced to acquire a trait that is against our nature.

I asked Father what He was trying to show me, and He replied, “Can you see the difference in The Kingdom?”

Then I looked from My Seat over my kingdom and saw that there was no difference in male or female. The Kingdom is spiritual.  Yet it is where we sit while we rule and reign on Earth. Continue reading WOMEN IN THE KINGDOM


I made a drawing of a staircase I saw in my imagination a few years ago.  It doesn’t do the staircase justice of course.  And that’s because it doesn’t reveal the silky medium caramel color of the wood with its swirling grain.  Or the carved and perfectly fitted parts.  A drawing can’t share how velvety the staircase is to touch or how inviting it is to a barefoot or tired bum.  And the drawing doesn’t have all the many cupboards, some secret, which create the fascinating journey upward.

But if I could take you inside my imagination, you’d see and understand how it might take a week to finally arrive at the top landing.  Not because it is so high, but because there’s a world inside each captivating crevasse and hidden compartment.  And you’d be drawn to recline in the seat and turn on the light.  There you’d lean back and read one of the books, or close your eyes and nap.  I imagine fairy tale worlds emerge in naps taken there. Continue reading THE MARVELOUS STAIRCASE

What Name Shall We Be Called? (a rose by any other name) or- Still a Christian After All.

a rose

Church pews left behind, exciting conversations began to spew from my many progressive friends.  We took our faith and ran with it.  Over hill and dale as we hit the dusty trail, in our mostly peaceful exploits of freedom with Holy Spirit as our only guide.  We set many old friends on their ears spitting forth mouthfuls of dirt and explosions of panic as our journeys find no barriers or boundaries before us. Continue reading What Name Shall We Be Called? (a rose by any other name) or- Still a Christian After All.