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going down


It’s a scary thing to watch someone go headlong down into the pit of hell. You probably know that place as well as I do. And it’s not been so long ago since I was there.

The last time I went, I shrunk to the floor in a heap. Tears were coming in great floods and I had no hope at all. There was not even one point of light shining for me in the distance. Nothing was left.  And Fear screamed into the darkness which was blacker than any black.  Death waited with open arms.  And pain was worse than any known.

I was shocked at my arrival because I hadn’t known there was an actual place of burning and torture for us in this present existence. Continue reading GOING DOWN INTO HELL



dangling feet


I sat by the river of heaven today and dangled my feet in the water -while wearing my new shoes. Yep, I got some new shoes, and no, the water doesn’t damage them. And they’re gorgeous.

At first, I thought they were burgundy silk, but as they fit themselves to my feet, they came alive and morphed into magenta and then deep purple, and back again, depending on which way I turned.  They massaged and caressed my feet as though I had laid them in a bed full of squirming kittens. Continue reading DANGLING MY FEET IN THE RIVER OF HEAVEN


As I headed down the hill to work, my heart was full of joy and I was surprised at the Grace I’ve been given in this new era.

My first trial at this job had been extreme foot pain from standing on concrete floors.  But I found the perfect shoes in the first store I visited. Ahh, heaven on earth!

Next trial was long hours that were difficult to endure. I wondered how I would persevere then management asked if it was too much and quickly modified my schedule. Mmm, more heaven on earth! Continue reading SONS IN EVERYDAY






There are some people who believe that our soul lives in a place touching both Heaven and Earth and that we are the only created beings who can dwell in both places.

If this is true, then we’ve been reacting to our world all wrong if we want to fix its brokenness and evil.

We’ve been using Earth’s systems to fix Earth and that’s like using imperfection to fix imperfection.  It’ll never work.  And it hasn’t.

Perfection exists in Heaven, so wouldn’t it be logical to go to Heaven, see how it operates and then do that here?  And that opens a whole new problem.  If our soul can access both places then how does that work?  We didn’t really know exactly.

So we use prayer and ask God to intervene and fix our world.  And He can, certainly, but so far He hasn’t?  If we are the only beings He created with access to both realms, then shouldn’t we cross over and bring Heaven here?

When I looked to see how Jesus changed the Earth, the biggest piece of His sojourn here appears to be His sacrifice on the cross.  It gave us free access to Father God.  But how did that fix Earth?  It still looks as broken and evil as it ever was.

Jesus talked mainly about The Kingdom of God.  But what is that exactly?  Some people associate it with the church.

So, if the church is supposed to fix our world, then they have failed for a very long time.   And no matter how many revelations or revivals occur, only small sections of our population are changed.  And our world continues mostly broken and evil.

My question when I first began hearing Jesus speak to me, was how do we get the perfection of Heaven to come to Earth?  I was convinced that we are the key, but that we aren’t “getting it” somehow.  In all our theology and study, we’re missing something huge.

So, Jesus began showing me with small lessons.

At the time I was a courier in Denver and from the privacy of my vehicle, I began going to school with Jesus as my instructor.   The city was my training ground and it was full of practical life-exercises and on-the-job training.

My first lessons were about parking spaces.   I needed access to quick parking in front of each business where I had a delivery.  I’d run inside, make the delivery, get a signature, and leave for the next one.  But parking spaces are hard to find in a big city.

I’d say, “Jesus, I’m going to need that loading space out front of this next stop when I get there.”

And He’d reply, “You must say the words to create the thing you need.  There is power in your words because you are created in Our image.”

So, I thought, OK, I will.  After all, what do I have to lose?   And I said, “There will be a parking space when I get there.”

Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to the business and UPS was just pulling out of the loading space.  It was mine!  Wow.

Well, it’s easy to think it was simply a coincidence, a fluke and it wouldn’t happen over and over.  But it did.  And it happened so many times that I was beginning to think I was doing something like witchcraft, or positive speaking.  It certainly wasn’t something I was taught in church.

But it wasn’t either of those things because I began noticing a few things.

If I got nervous or anxious, then my words seemed to fall flat on the ground and didn’t produce much.  And things would go wrong causing me more frustration.  The stops wouldn’t flow and the traffic would get congested causing me delays.  I’d push harder and it was as though the job pushed back.

It only worked when I was feeling complete peace.  That’s when my words were weightier than I’d ever known before.

During my first week on the job, I got a speeding ticket.  And after I stopped crying and calmed down, I asked Jesus why.  He pointed out that the fear and panic I’d been feeling because of the deadlines, had caused me to speed.  Fear was actually faith in my failure.  And it produced what I believed.  This was how evil worked.

When I realized what I’d done, well, I was a little ticked off at myself.  I had let fear take charge in my heart and it was wrecking my job.  I would never succeed this way.  I would only be a victim.  And, in that moment of revelation, I said, “Oh, no you don’t!  I will NEVER get another speeding ticket again!”

Well, that was certainly speaking out results, but it was done in a bit of anger or something.  Would it work that way?  Or had I just done something terribly wrong?  So, I asked Jesus, “What did I just do?”

He said I’d taken my ground back because my spirit knew a lot more about the situation than my brain did.   My spirit had kicked in and claimed what was mine from My Seat.

I’d never heard anything like this before.  This was uncharted territory and I was unsure about the whole thing.  So, I paid more attention to my speed, but I also paid more attention to my fear levels.

Peace was imperative and I had to be able to tell immediately when I was letting it wane.  I had to recognize when nervous anxiety was rising inside me.   And if it was, then I’d pull over to the curb and ask Jesus to help me get it back.

It isn’t as hard as it sounds.  It’s the same thing as remembering what lilac smells like.  I’d remember what Peace feels like and focus on it until it filled me.

I haven’t had another speeding ticket since then and I honestly don’t expect I’ll ever get one.

I’m not arrogant or naïve about how life works on Earth.  I’m simply learning another system.

It’s not about speaking positively, although that is certainly more productive for good outcomes.  This was about speaking as though I actually know Jesus lives inside me.  And it’s His power coming through when I let it flow through Peace.


Picking Diamonds in Heaven (vision)

October 2012
While listening to a ministry online and worshipping along, a vision enveloped me.  It caused the sound of the ministry to fade into the background as a different kind of adventure unfolded.

My body began growing taller as though I was stretching upward farther and farther.  And as I stretched, I looked down to see sand pouring from my belly onto my feet.  It created a base like that on a statue, heavy and firmly planted on earth. Continue reading Picking Diamonds in Heaven (vision)