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sadness-451917_960_720I was puzzled by the lack of logic which made Obama president,  and now I’m amazed at the similar response making Trump popular.  Then I heard Father tell me not to stand in wonder, amazed.  And this is what He caused me to see.

People are desperate for radical change, but don’t know what that Continue reading OBAMA AND TRUMP – GOD’S TAKE ON OUR POLITICS

KNOWING GOD, without being taught



I have a friend who got saved and filled with Holy Spirit at 14 years old and was then forbidden to ever go to church again.  Relationships in her family were torn apart by this incidence as she was punished by one side and ostracized by the other.

When I met her, she virtually hated Christians and had never gone to another church, or read a Bible.

We were regularly thrown together because our husbands were co-workers and in the natural course of our conversations, I revealed my Faith to her.  But her cold reception was enough to tell me not to push. Continue reading KNOWING GOD, without being taught

Eyes that Percieve Darkness?

In the last few days I’ve noticed posts despondent about the darkness, and prayers begging Light to rise up and win. The feeling is that these writers have taken a huge uppercut to the jaw of their faith.  In asking Father to bring judgment to this issue, their battlefield then moved into the courtroom. While praying for Light to overcome the darkness, new avenues of freedom opened up for their opponent. None of this looked like victory and appeared to be a terrible defeat. Their hearts were broken and their faith was wounded but they continued down the same path. They see their prayers bounce off the ceiling bringing opposite results but still they hold on and pray even louder and longer.
Even though the answer to their prayers are happening right before their eyes, they don’t see it.  As they proclaim the death of darkness and the advance of the Kingdom – it comes, but they would only perceive it if they took the glass they are looking through and flip it 180 degrees.

Continue reading Eyes that Percieve Darkness?

YOU! – must write!


I watched the movie “The Book Thief”, which was about a girl in the middle of WWII who discovers the immeasurable value of words. And I considered Prophesy.  Prophesy is words.  Were there no prophecies to warn the people about that war?  Why did 6 million Jews and 10 million Christians die when our God of Miracles was very much alive?  What did the people miss?  And what’s to keep us from missing it again?

Then Father reminded me that escape from any catastrophe comes in believing and those who don’t believe find little opportunity for escape.  He reminded me of the hundreds of stories from that era.  They were stories of people who smuggled others out of Nazi Germany at risk of their own safety.  And stories of those who escaped in miraculous ways.  There were a million miracles during that time.  Therefore, I concluded, there were a million believers. Continue reading YOU! – must write!