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Rejection&Identity2 Kindle

(an excerpt from the book)

Are there people who simply can’t see Father, can’t access their Identity, and can’t hear His voice?

I want to reply with a solid “no” and say that it’s not because they can’t … it’s because they can’t right now.

That might not sound very compassionate of me. I understand their struggle, I’ve been there, but I don’t accept the barrier because as I found, there is actually nothing there. It’s a mirage produced by misunderstanding because nothing can separate us from God. He said that. Continue reading ACHIEVING IDENTITY


Rejection & Identity Book Two

Available now on Amazon and Kindle

Rejection & Identity Boo


       In this second edition of Rejection & Identity, Faith Living adventures into our misunderstanding of Rejection and highlights the overcoming lifestyle of Resistance, a stance that doesn’t simply push our enemy away from us so he can one day return to taunt us again, but completely removes his effectiveness in our world.

Using Resistance through our renewed Identity, we reflect the truly victorious lifestyle of Jesus, and once again return our world to the garden that Adam & Eve enjoyed.

Overcoming evil is our purpose and our last battle.  It shines through clearly in this revelation.



emotions slaves

I was up at 3 a.m, again at 5 a.m, and then finally at 7:30 a.m. I got up.  It was a busy night of dreaming.

In the first dream, I was a black man working undercover, smuggling black slaves out of a work camp in Africa. I hid one man in a shop vac with his face covered while I used the vac until the truck arrived.  When it did, I quickly unlatched the lid and we both scrambled into the truck which sped off to freedom. Continue reading SMUGGLING SLAVES TO FREEDOM – dreams




Rejection & Identity book

Father unfolded a mystery.  

In our attempt to get rid of evil and cut it from our lives, we use Rejection.   But it’s a spirit who lies.  It won’t restore anything.  It destroy’s identity, and leave’s us in chaos unable to make decisions.  We’re lost.  And we’re desperate for rightness .


This was the context of my latest in-depth conversation with God bringing new revelation about our Identity going back to the Garden of Eden.

In a nutshell, Rejection is not a good thing, not even when we use it toward evil.  It is not a tool that helps us progress closer to God.  It is not the pathway to peace and righteousness.  And secretly you knew Continue reading REJECTION & IDENTITY EBOOK ON KINDLE – $0.99




Jesus asked Peter “Who do they say that I am?”  And now Father was asking me, “Describe yourself to me.  Who are you?”  It was almost the same question.

Instantly, I remembered the visions of my gown, my crown, my accessories, and gifts.   But I still think of myself as an individual. And apparently, I see that individual loved and accessorized by Father God.  But not deserving of the same answer Peter had given Jesus.  “You are the Christ.”

The word Christ generally means anointed one, or chosen one. And of course, we often think of it as meaning ‘Messiah’. So, of course, I couldn’t envision myself as the Messiah. But I also don’t see myself as Anointed or Chosen.

Even though Jesus lives within me, I still struggle with Identity. My gown and my crown and accessories are unique and surprising. I’m still wrapping my mind around that appearance.

And now He wants to know how I see myself fully?   Continue reading WHO DO THEY SAY THAT I AM?

THE CASTLE, part two

vineyard-986938_960_720Anna pushed again and again but the gate didn’t budge.  With hands on her hips, she stepped back and surveyed the massive iron monstrosity.

Inviting sounds and smells were still wafting plentifully through the barrier.  So she stepped forward and began digging through the thick vines in an effort to see inside.  But when she moved one vine, another blocked her view.  The heavy tangle won it’s victory when it drew blood.

Standing back once more in frustration, she covered her wound and stared at the stubborn contraption.  It wasn’t fair after taking such risk, that she would be kept from the final goal simply by not being able to open the gate. Continue reading THE CASTLE, part two


That was the label I heard from Father when I asked about his feelings on the subject of Halloween.  He said it with a wry grin and then my morning of learning began.

Within this period of learning how to administer the Earth as a Son (Daughter) of God,  I was struck this morning with the advent of Halloween and what my position should be.  I didn’t know.  Eek!

Father insinuated that it was an impending storm, but he did it with that knowing grin and asked me how I had learned to deal with storms.

So I dragged out everything I’ve learned about handling storms. Continue reading THE IMPENDING STORM OF HALLOWEEN

I Was Given A Secret Financial Key

Several years ago my husband and I faced an epic financial disaster and the miraculous story of our survival spans the 2 year period following.  During that time on my face before Father, He shared some important tips.  One of them I would have never accepted from Him except under these circumstances.

I know that sounds bad, but it’s true.  I would have rebuked Him and treated Him like a demon at any other time.  But because all my barriers, all my rules, all my everything was laying on the floor Continue reading I Was Given A Secret Financial Key

Weapon’s grade

Please don’t tell me you’re mad at God and can’t speak to Him because He let Great Aunt Suzy die and she didn’t deserve it.  You can’t keep up this attitude or you’re going to die wrapped up in the same ignorance that let Aunt Suzy die.

God was talking to you from the moment you were conceived but you got too big for your britches and began ignoring Him.  He wanted to teach you how to win the temptations and trials you were going to face.  He wanted to show you how to whip some ugly butt.  He knows all the secrets of the universe.  He created it.  And He created you to learn the secrets – if you want to.  But He’ll never force you to spend time with Him, or listen to Him. Continue reading Weapon’s grade


beautiful person


Thank you, Father, for this beautiful person You made me be.

What? No!  I’m sorry.   Father, forgive me but that isn’t what I see today. Today I want to know what’s wrong with me? Because honestly, there seems to be so much! And I can’t figure it out.

I know Your silence means this is the wrong question.  It’s not a topic that’s inside Your Heart.  You don’t have a section called “What’s wrong with me.”  And that’s because Your Heart only sees what’s right with me.  But I just don’t get that right now. You don’t comprehend being disappointed in me.   But I’m horribly disappointed with me.

You see only a beautiful grace, a smart wit, my complex uniqueness, that joyful spark and the tender heart – all the things I can barely write about myself at this moment.

You’ve shown me my robe, my crown, my sword, my scepter, and many, many gifts You’ve given me.  Their revelations have lifted my Identity higher. But here I am still sitting in the gutter as a worthless worm.

And I still ask what’s wrong with me? In earnest I ask, believing something mysterious, something hidden, something beyond my grasping – is deeply wrong with me.  I’m not quite right.  I don’t fit in.  I don’t follow appropriately.  Why am I so different and isolated?  Yes, I know I’m part of a set apart and peculiar people but I see myself much more peculiar than anyone.

My metamorphosis into Your Bride has been a process.  I see You doing the same to many of Your Children all around the world.  You teach us patiently. Change us internally. You show us the perfection of You that lives within us. And You want us to accept that perfection as our own. To believe that we are as You are, one.

I’ve seen how our sovereign words make a mark on the Earth, even when they are a question.  An immature question.

The answer will manifest as a result of our speaking it out.  Those words spoken into the realms move creation.  They become true.

My words took me to an ER on a beautiful weekend with severe chest pain whose source was never found, because I keep saying there is something wrong with me.  No one can find the answer to that question.  No one will locate its meaning because its source is not You.  Those words are simply my lack of fullness as I learn who I am in You.

Yes, I reaped the reward of my words.  I suffered some consequences of my immaturity.  But it was a temporary consequence. You even paid the bill in full (literally). And in the end, I have begun to see the Light.

So today I surrender. And I ask humbly that you take this immature piece of me and flood it with Your Truth. Wash it and fill it that I will never again ask what’s wrong with me.

But I will say, thank you, Father, for this beautiful person You have created in me.