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Father said to re-post a word from 2013.  He said “I am doing a new thing in the earth.”  And this Word is what he’s talking about.  He’s teaching many to rule and reign.  It happens from our Seat.

The world is waiting for us to sit on that Seat each day and do our job.  It is what changes the world and brings heaven to earth.

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Weapon’s grade

Please don’t tell me you’re mad at God and can’t speak to Him because He let Great Aunt Suzy die and she didn’t deserve it.  You can’t keep up this attitude or you’re going to die wrapped up in the same ignorance that let Aunt Suzy die.

God was talking to you from the moment you were conceived but you got too big for your britches and began ignoring Him.  He wanted to teach you how to win the temptations and trials you were going to face.  He wanted to show you how to whip some ugly butt.  He knows all the secrets of the universe.  He created it.  And He created you to learn the secrets – if you want to.  But He’ll never force you to spend time with Him, or listen to Him. Continue reading Weapon’s grade


As I headed down the hill to work, my heart was full of joy and I was surprised at the Grace I’ve been given in this new era.

My first trial at this job had been extreme foot pain from standing on concrete floors.  But I found the perfect shoes in the first store I visited. Ahh, heaven on earth!

Next trial was long hours that were difficult to endure. I wondered how I would persevere then management asked if it was too much and quickly modified my schedule. Mmm, more heaven on earth! Continue reading SONS IN EVERYDAY