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ear hearingOnce I asked Father how it can seem that His messages are so different from one person to another?  After all, He isn’t a different person and He isn’t actually giving differing messages.

He showed me how simply our perception is the problem, and He immediately gave me an example as I sat on my deck listening to a Continue reading WHO IS REALLY HEARING GOD’S VOICE?

Hearing God’s Voice



Watching a show about hearing impairment opened my eyes to a spiritual reality.   Without hearing Father’s voice, we struggle through life misunderstanding context, meaning, and purpose much the same as a hearing-impaired person struggles.

The Cochlear implant device creates hearing and when the device is turned on for the first time, reactions are profound.  Sound conveys more than words.  It conveys heart.

We cannot convey heart inside written word alone.  Words are one-dimensional, emotionless and heartless.  We, as authors, search for ways to incorporate the missing emotion through descriptive words, but can never truly touch the depth of a sob, a sigh, or exhilaration expressed in a voice. Continue reading Hearing God’s Voice