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There are obvious and not-so-obvious stages of maturity in The Kingdom.  And they cause a lot of friction because we are looking for unity of the faith and expect to see it inside our doctrines.

But that can’t happen when our faith is such a uniquely personal thing to each of us.  After all, we created denominations so that like-minded people would worship together, and still the understanding within each member is different.

No one is the same.  We grow at different rates and in different directions. Continue reading OUR STAGES OF MATURITY and ELITISM


I saw things last night. I saw the way it is becoming for us – for all the peoples of the earth.  We are becoming creatures of the spiritual AND the physical. (We always were, but we didn’t believe it).  We are morphing into beings that see in both places at once.  We are hearing with different ears and seeing with different eyes.  We can’t comprehend it, but it is happening all around us right now.

We know our neighbors opinion before we see him, but even more than that.  We know when to go visit because his attitude is good, and we know when to stay away because he’s in a bad mood. Continue reading WE ARE ALL EXPOSED!