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without manipulation

You know the manipulation that draws you into Offence and then accuses you of having a problem with Offence?

Yep, we’ve all been there.  And to top it off some of us have had someone try to teach us how to do this, saying it’s biblical.  Their reasoning involves scriptures out of context and motive out of Spirit.

Well, hallelujah, we’re learning and we’re doing it quickly.  Holy Spirit is pouring Himself out all over the world and Manipulation is being exposed along with Offence and his brother Rejection.  Every one of those ugly guys rub against Holy Spirit within us and we feel the prickling sensation shiver down our arms. Continue reading HANDLING FRIENDLY MANIPULATION


There’s a huge difference in a question asked in sincerity and a question asked with a motive.  The first wants your honest input.  The second has an agenda to change your mind.

I’ve been on the receiving end of both types of questions and been the perpetrator of both.  It is common strategy throughout most religions.  Something I learned unwittingly.  But recently I’ve become keenly aware that I want nothing to do with the agenda-type.  It requires a mind of premeditated manipulation.  It has nothing of Grace and Love to share.  It’s like a closed box where no Light can shine inside.  Nothing Lives there.  It’s a stagnant pond without breath.  And I reject it now with prejudice. Continue reading QUESTIONS ???