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A couple years ago Father told me to construct a sentence that described the best vacation to me. It should elicit in my heart everything that vacation felt like for me.
It took about a month to construct the perfect sentence because it kept evolving. The final result was this.
“I live in a tropical paradise of joy.”

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As I headed down the hill to work, my heart was full of joy and I was surprised at the Grace I’ve been given in this new era.

My first trial at this job had been extreme foot pain from standing on concrete floors.  But I found the perfect shoes in the first store I visited. Ahh, heaven on earth!

Next trial was long hours that were difficult to endure. I wondered how I would persevere then management asked if it was too much and quickly modified my schedule. Mmm, more heaven on earth! Continue reading SONS IN EVERYDAY

Paradise Now





Some time ago, I told Father in a chit-chatty and slightly silly conversation: “I want to live in paradise on Earth”.

Immediately He said, “OK, make it.  Right here where you are.”

So, I considered what this might mean.   Plus, if He wanted me to do this, then I must simply agree with Him.

It started by daydreaming of what paradise means to me and then making small changes to my little world, like solar lights on my deck.  I hung several strings of bulbs up high and placed yard lights down low. I also got a small gas fire pit and replaced the lava rock with colored decorative glass rocks. The fire danced on the glass and looked like water! Continue reading Paradise Now