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I had a dream about the aftermath of my battle with religion.

I was in an abandoned section of the house where I live. It was like an attached apartment. In the kitchen was a lot of canned and packaged food sitting on a big table inside the oversized pantry. A visitor came through, someone I knew, and he needed dinner for his family. I invited him to help himself and he chose 3 items that would make a complete meal for him and his family. He was pleased and I was happy that I could be generous.

After he left, I began going through the apartment shadow boxing evil entities as I saw them. I’d say out loud “Ka-pow! Ka-pow!” as I punched them. And they were cleared out one at a time. After they were gone, there was movement in the corner which I attributed to Angels and let them be. Continue reading SABBATICAL FROM THE BATTLE



family trouble


Family trouble is heartbreaking enough, but when I was facing another visit from them, Father showed me a different way to pray. It involved understanding that I have a kingdom. He’s shown me this scenario several times now. Continue reading WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH FAMILY TROUBLE?


without manipulation

You know the manipulation that draws you into Offence and then accuses you of having a problem with Offence?

Yep, we’ve all been there.  And to top it off some of us have had someone try to teach us how to do this, saying it’s biblical.  Their reasoning involves scriptures out of context and motive out of Spirit.

Well, hallelujah, we’re learning and we’re doing it quickly.  Holy Spirit is pouring Himself out all over the world and Manipulation is being exposed along with Offence and his brother Rejection.  Every one of those ugly guys rub against Holy Spirit within us and we feel the prickling sensation shiver down our arms. Continue reading HANDLING FRIENDLY MANIPULATION


ghosts-572038_960_720I was reminded today about the time I began inviting the Heavenly Host and the cloud of witnesses into my home.  It wasn’t something my husband and I discussed.  It was just something I did on a whim one day as I was visiting with Father, and contemplating the spirit realm.

Dark shapes and spooky movements have been evident now and then all my life.  They gave me creepy feelings and I hated to get out of bed at night.  I’ve done the rebuking thing and the commanding thing.  It works, but eventually there is movement again. Continue reading SPOOKY SHADOWS IN THE HOUSE


We spent the day with a Christmas angel.  I’ve never seen one before but I’ve heard of them appearing to people when they are lonely and sad.  I’ve heard of their marvelous acts of kindness and love.  But I’ve never experienced one myself, until this year.

It began a couple weeks ago, when our plans for Christmas Day crashed and burned, and we were going to be spending the day alone. Continue reading OUR CHRISTMAS ANGEL!


A couple years ago Father told me to construct a sentence that described the best vacation to me. It should elicit in my heart everything that vacation felt like for me.
It took about a month to construct the perfect sentence because it kept evolving. The final result was this.
“I live in a tropical paradise of joy.”

Continue reading LIVING ON VACATION!


Did I tell you, when Father was teaching me REST, there came a time when He actually told me to sit still for very long periods.  I felt condemnation for sitting still.  Lazy was a word that kept bombarding me.  I had a very hard time for a bit.  The drive to be doing something all the time; of being responsible for so many things around me; kept popping into my mind.

I believe we’ve been taught “idle hands are the devils workshop” so thoroughly, that we don’t know how to stop.  Busyness can be the enemy’s way of keeping us from the REST that Father wants to make the foundation of our lives.  And breaking off that busy constancy requires sitting; staring it down; without a book in our hand, without a hobby before us, without the computer, and without a companion.

The REST that Father talks about doesn’t mean sitting still; it is a place of our spirit.  We can be very busy and still be at REST.  But if we haven’t experienced REST fully, and what REST feels like, it may require some drastic measures like mine.

I had to sit a lot for about a year and believe me it was pure torture sometimes.  But when I finally began to enjoy the REST unconditionally, then He moved me into busyness and told me to take the REST with me.

That transition was interesting too.  Even though I’m very busy at this time, I know immediately when I’m losing the REST.  And I stop for a moment, or many moments until I’m back inside it.

All the promises of God are inside His REST and if we don’t know it fully, all our busyness will not help us acquire the promises.


Rippled Water




I turned to Jesus because my heart was breaking.  He came immediately and cupped my teary-eyed face in His hands and touched my cheeks with His lips.  Then He embraced me and nuzzled His face into my shoulder.  I could feel His breath against my neck, warm, comforting.

I breathed of Him deeply and asked, “Is there something wrong with me?  My heart is too fragile.”

He again held my face in His hands and looked into my eyes speaking in tongues which I didn’t understand. But it felt like He was instructing my spirit in a way that it would understand.

Then He slipped His arm around my waist and led me through crunching leaves to a dry wooden bench beside a still lake.  And we sat down under rusty colored trees.  He picked up a pebble and skipped it across the glassy water and each skip touched the surface, creating ripples.  He continued speaking softly in tongues which I began to understand in my heart.

“Words spoken out of disunity are moments empty of Love.  They break the peace in your soul like the pebble broke the surface of the water.  Sometimes those words are spoken repeatedly when people are intent on asserting a conviction of faith and continue to belabor a subject.  This breaks the glassy surface like the pebble skipping.  But have patience, my Love.  The water is deep and the pebble will sink.  The ripples will fade and die.  The lake is not damaged in the end but returns to its silken peace.  This is your heart.  Its depth is full and will nourish Life for a long time to come.”