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How many times have I been asked, “can you back it up with scripture?”  And then I have to explain that I don’t require that from Father.  Whoa, that annoys them!

I’m completely aware that it’s been done this way for a hundred years, but like so many other traditions, Father eventually tips them over.  And then I stand in fear and amazement at what He’s done.

Some years ago, when Father showed me a new insight or revelation, I’d put my hand up and stop Him from going too far.  Looking back I think it was a horrible response.  But, He didn’t seem offended. He waited patiently while I scoured scriptures and commentaries for confirmation.  Only then could I embrace His gift and experience the thrill of receiving it.


The Scary Building

Years ago I got a new job that required I walk through a very scary building twice a day.  At first, since the light bulbs were out, I ordered those changed, but that took a few days.  Meantime, I had to go through the building.

Friends told me, forget it until the lights are fixed, but I felt compelled because it was my responsibility and because I couldn’t risk my job.  So I searched for comfort and grasped the Christian concept of memorizing scripture.

Mine was: “God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a strong mind” and I mumbled it over and over until I had it.  Then I yelled it over and over while I ran through the building twice a day.


You might ask if that made the fear go away.  Not really, but it gave my mind something to focus on besides fear, and my mouth something to say rather than screaming.

And gradually I learned some things from that verse.

First was that I wasn’t crazy.  Even though I was convinced that this experience and life in general was literally driving me over the edge, God said I wasn’t crazy, but rather I had a strong mind.  My impetus of fear changed somewhat to adjustment of my self-image and I began saying the verse every morning while I put my make-up on.

Next it said God gave me power.  Since I hadn’t felt one ounce of powerful in the chaos of my life, this was a revelation I wanted to absorb, so I began saying it during lunch and breaks.

And of course love was in that verse.  He said I had love and that meant it came from Him, so it was a good kind of love that could make a difference in people’s lives.  I began looking at my customer’s differently, through eyes of love, finding ways to lighten their load and brighten their day.  It was thrilling to discover I could be a blessing, an asset in people’s lives.

Yes, I stopped being afraid of the building, and of life.